Friday, March 9, 2007--- ♥12:45 PM

baby. :D

Funny, as I was looking through my files, I found pictures of these adorable tots! :)

Just wanna share them with you.

kalbo baby.. isn't he like an angel? :)
fat cheeks baby..hmm..sarap sarap i-kiss..
sarap sarap kurutin..hmmm.. :)
chinito baby... ang cute db? :)
wala na ciang mata..heehee.. :D

and the cutest baby of all...*insert drum rolls here*
isn't he just the sweetest cute!! i wanna eat him na!!haha.. :D
Funny because sometime last week Earl and I were just talking about our baby names. I mean, what we would probably name our children when we have kids of our own. Pag boy daw junior nia or E.N un initials, pero pag girl naman N.E un initials. :D
Hope the pictures of "our babies" made your day, because they sure placed a smile on my face.:)

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