Saturday, April 28, 2007--- ♥7:42 PM

Everyone, meet MY MAN, Tobey Maguire! :P

Isn't he the cutest? Oh, and he's so sweet too, saying "I love you N.K." infront of y'all (Take note: N.K. for NADINE KRISTEL and not M.J!!! Grr!!! I HATE that poser missy!!! Haha)

- Oh, you know I love you too my Itsy-Bitsy-Spidey! :D -

Haha, OKAY, enough!! Sit, Stay... Good Nadine! :D

I just can't help it! I have been sooo looking forward for the next installment of Spiderman! And now, I can't believe that it's only just a few days away (it opens here on the 4th). Please, someone come watch it with me!!!! :D It's sad enough as it is that it's our monthsary that day and we can't even watch it together! Rawr. I really, really, really wanna see it, WITH YOU, B! I know I've mentioned it to you a lot of times already but grrr, walang magagawa eh! Kung may web ka lang ba ala Spiderman edi pwede ka sanang maka swing-swing mula Phil. hanggang dito. Haha. I WISH!!!! ♥

I dunno why but I really, really, really like Spiderman! He's the super-kadooper-bestest-best Superhero of all, for me ha! :D

Superman, nah, Gwapo lang un! :P

Wolverine, BALBON, eww much! HAHA :D

Batman, BAT-MAN? Okay, a superhero based from a BAT, no thanks! :P

Sino pa bang iba? Hmmm...

BASTA, Okay! FOR ME, He's #1! If you have other questions, opinions or snide remarks whatsoever, I will respect them... So please respect mine also. :D

Oh, here we are! :D Support my Hunny's film ok? :P

Haha. OO na! Desperada! Haha. Hindi kasi ako marunong mag edit via Photoshop, so, no choice- Paint nalang! Haha. Sorry ah! Gawd, sa sobrang poor ng resolution, hindi na makita yung mukha ko! Haha. Basta, ok na yan, pagbigyan nyo nalang ako! :D

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Friday, April 27, 2007--- ♥12:23 PM

It's raining and I'm B-O-R-E-D!!!

So here I am browsing through other people's blogs and I came across this... :D

(Credits to:

Fashion Fix 01 - Backviews the World Can Do Without.

How you look from the front is only as good as how you look from behind. Imagine walking in a mall turning heads with your stylish look only to be laughed at by people you’ve passed by as they see tissue paper stuck to your behind.
Let’s make the world a better place by ridding it of unwanted sights.

1. If you’ve got love handles, please avoid wearing tight, dark coloured belts with low-waisted pants. The area above and beneath the belt will look huge and accentuate your lovehandles. It will also help if you wear pants that’s not 2 sizes smaller than your correct size. Also avoid tight, tummy-baring shirts.
2. Choose the right bra size. Bra sizes usually have this standard format: width followed by cup size. Example: 75B where 75 is your torso’s width and B is your cup size. Wearing ill-fitting bras are not only a sure-fire way of showing off ugly bulges, it prevents proper blood circulation, too.
3. If you are blessed with an unusually padded behind, avoid wearing tight-fitting pants with loud patterns and colours. They will not disguise your lumps and bulges, as you hoped they would. They will only draw attention to your hips and make it seem even wider. Your best bet would be either dark, solid coloured trousers or jeans. If you really like colour, go for stripes.

4. There’s nothing that catches more unwanted attention than visible panty lines. When wearing anything remotely fitting, wear a thong. If you can’t do thongs, boyshorts will do. Those “seamless” knickers advertised today only work for very slim women. If you’re a bit on the chubby side, those “seamless” knickers would still give you unwanted bulges.

5. Seeing one of these makes me want to stick a pen right where it’s asking to be stuck in. It’s not sexy, it’s trashy. It’s not “in,” it’s bad taste. If you have seen Britney Spears display her coinslot, it’s because she’s Britney Spears and you’re most definitely not. It’s bad enough when it’s intentional, it’s even worse when you don’t mean it to happen. So when you have really low-rise pants, wear one of those hip belts. you can tuck it in the pants so whenever you sit or lean over, the hipbelt will show and no one would have to see what isn’t meant to be seen.

6. No one needs to know you’ve just bought new underwear. This one is similar to #5. If you’ve seen Lil’ Kim don this style, it’s because she’s Lil’ Kim and you’re not. If you’re not a hooker, a strip dancer, trailer trash or anything along the lines of that, and if you’re not walking on a fashion runway or posing for a spread in a fashion magazine, this style isn’t for you. Wear low-rise knickers with your low-rise jeans. Knickers with a v-shape rather than an even round curve shape will be better since it will stay under your jeans where it should be.

Remember, your mirror isn’t there for nothing. Check your behind before going out. Ask for a second opinion if you’re unsure. And remember that trashy is not fashionable.

>>>AMEN, I absolutely agree!!!<<<


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Thursday, April 26, 2007--- ♥1:11 PM

Yes, Mary, THANK YOU for forcing me to join!!!! It really "connects" people together! Haha..:D

After 7 long years, I finally saw Margarette & Kimberly Tadeo (twins) again! They were my former batchmates/busmates during my Elementary days in CSA. It was soo much fun!! :D After exchanging messages and phone calls for about a week, we decided to finally meet up!

Nadine Kristel Arraiza (no network) wroteat 12:54pm on April 17th, 2007
MARGE!!!!!!!!!:DI thought I'd never find you!!!!!!!Haha..Facebook lang
pala kailangan to see you again!!!I'm gonna be studyn at LaGuardia din for the
fall sem..I really hope I could see you!!I'm in Elmhurst btw!!:)Keep in touch,
ok?mwamwa..take care..NAMISS KITA SOBRA!!:)
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 2:04pm on April 17th, 2007
I CAN'T BELIEVE UR HERE!!!! hindi mo alam kung gano kita katagal na isend ng mga mail n den we lost touch. IM SOOO XCITED!!! we shld definitely meet up n catch up or somethin. i'm actually takin nursing sa la guardia so maybe we can take classes together. i misss u sooooo much
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Nadine Kristel Arraiza (no network) wroteat 6:33pm on April 17th, 2007
KIM!!!!!!!!!!:Dkamusta na!!!!!!!grabe, salamat nahanap ko rin kayO!!!!haha..:Dpromise, pgdting ko palang dito iniisp ko na kng makikita ko pa kayo!!!ang galing!!natutuwa talaga ko!!:Dmiss you kimmy!!magkita dpat tau!!!!haha..:Dingat!!!!:D
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Maria Kimberly Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 8:04pm on April 17th, 2007
sure!!!! meron akong pasok 4rm mon-thurs. so, kung kailan ka hindi busy, just col mi!!!! 6462517384
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 9:28am on April 18th, 2007
hahahaha... remember DIMAFRANAKIM, d group we mde in CSA. damn itz rly been a longggg time. i bet ur still pretty, huh? if u want we can tke BIO in september. my kuya took dz teacher last term n he sed dt he wz gud. i'm still in awe, i can't believe ur here, wen dd u come here? i told my dad bout u n he wz maddd surprised. i can't wait 2 see u.... i really really am excited since i been here for 6 years n i been feelin really homesick. i wz actually telliin my bf bout u, n i jzt kept ramblin bout our bus rides wid mang jun n dt girl we hate hu takes d bus wid us. WOW NADINE, we shld rly link up soon.
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Nadine Kristel Arraiza (no network) wroteat 1:12pm on April 19th, 2007
oO naman!!haha..DYMAFRANAKIM..haha..those were the days..haha..:D sana mgka reunion nmn!!haha..cno ung kaaway natin nun? c n*kka ba?cia un db??bsta aun, kakdtng ko lng din dito,nung feb 5,pero oo nga, na homesick na ko..haha..ako din may bf na,kso nga lng nsa phil nmn cia..sad..:( hehe..natutuwa tlga ko marge!!:) san ba kau d2?maybe pg weekends,may pasok kc c momy kaya ndi cia n22log d2,ako lng mag1 sa bahay,so gs2 mo mag sleepover tau!!!:D hehe,.buti naalala pa ko ng dad mo!!:D
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 2:10pm on April 19th, 2007
hahahaha... so u do remmber d group. yea i wz talkin bout n*kka. so it was u n ur mom hu moved here, dtz wz really recent? in a million years i never thought u would move here pero im really really really happy ur here cz now i fil lke i have someone from the phil. if anythin... yea we should def sleep over there n catch up. can't wait 2 see u, if ur free n u jzt wna chill hit mi up (646) 250-2249. wt u doin rite now 2 pass time?
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Nadine Kristel Arraiza (no network) wroteat 2:37pm on April 22nd, 2007
MARGE!!!sorry di ako nkreply agad!! ndi ako nkpg net for 2 days eh.. cge,nkuha ko n un # mo!!pati un kay kim din!! call me din at 7184294270 if ur not busy,,landline namin yun!:D ndi ko kasi memorize pa yung cell # ko dito eh!!:D mwamwamwa!!
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 10:01pm on April 22nd, 2007
nah don't even wori bout it... i rly hope we have classes together cz kim n mah bestfriend (mercida) are n i get soooo lonely. im rly thrilled about this comin semester. if u want n ur available lemme know cz my kuya's really dyin 2 c u. so please i insist if u wna chill especially this week, fil free 2 call mi n i mite just come over or u can come over. we cn even take u 'round n see d sights.
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 10:53am on April 24th, 2007
hey... i'm sori i kip writin 2 u, i fil like such a loser pero mi, kim n one of our closest friends r goin 2 d city tom n i wz wonderin if u wld wna go wid us so u cld roam d city 2. if netin, hit mi up @ mah cell.
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Nadine Kristel Arraiza (no network) wroteat 12:10pm on April 24th, 2007
marge!!nkakainis!!nag msg ako sau kgbi pero ewan ko kng bkt ndi na post dito!!!grr..un nga,pupunta dpat ako sa laguardia ngaun eh..tpos aalis din pla kau!!pwede sana ko sumama kaso namn bglang c mom gs2 mag laundry kmi ngaun!!grr..kainis!!bka tom pmnta ko sa laguardia!!!nagtry ako tumwag sa fone mo ndi m nmn nsagot..pero nagiwan ako ng voicemail..:) un,ttry nlng ulit ako 2mwg later ha..:) tcee!!!
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 1:39pm on April 24th, 2007
nah... bukas kami pupunta sa manhattan. tawag ka ulit sa kin.
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Margarette Tadeo (LaGuardia CC) wroteat 2:20pm on April 24th, 2007
o yea... i tried callin d number u gave mi pero it ended up bein a laundromat so just call mi on mah cell. i don't classes tom n kim n nercida ends @ 10:30 so if nethin we can meet up earlier. it wld be rly good if i see u.
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And the rest was history. :D Yesterday was "THE DAY", I met up with them at the Queensboro Plaza (subway station) and from there we went at Manhattan Mall. They brought along their friend, Mercida (Dominican), and while eating lunch at Subway, Marge's bf, Rico (Spanish but grew up in a Black community), came too. Lunch was great! We talked and talked and talked. There were a lot of catching up to do! I mean, 7 years is really a looong time! We reminisced about our "younger days" (we were in the 6th grade since I last saw them), talked about our then pre-teen years and the "boylaloos" from way way back. It was really fun! :D

After eating, the girls went over to look for some shoes. But since I just got myself two pairs the week before (and what I really needed were some flip flops anyways), I was left with Rico. We talked. He's really nice and funny. He told me things about College & Highschool (i.e. things shown in the movies about highschool are not COMPLETELY true!), told me stuff about the city ( NewYork), explained to me the "N" word (Nigga vs. Nigger), and even taught me some slang, yo! Haha.. :D I learned a lot from him! After the girls found their pair, he kissed us all goodbye cause he needed to meet up with his cousin. Marge also badly needed him to go too since she still has to buy a birthday gift for him. :D

Next we went at Strawberry ( a girl-y store). :D This was where the madness started! Haha. It was so much fun, especially inside the dressing rooms! But, my lips are sealed! Heehee. These were the "what happens in the fitting room, stays in the fitting room" moments. :D Haha. Go figure.

After that we went to a WHOLE LOTTA other shops, I couldn't even remember the names already! We literally shopped till we dropped,--or were bankrupt for that matter. Heehee.. :D

At about 7pm we just had to have our break! Haha! :D We ate at Cinnabon! *YUM!!! :D While eating, we totalled all our expenses. Haha, turns out we spent, tadah, a grand total of more or less a thousand bucks! Goodness! And we were only there for 6 hours! We were BROKE!!! :D

Too bad though, cause after an hour, they really needed to leave since they still had classes the next day. Plus, they weren't even allowed to go to the city during school nights! Heehee. :D I too needed to go anyways since me and my mom were going home together. Oh-

-Here they are. (THE GIRLS. Kim, Marge & Mercida. That wasn't taken yesterday though, I just got them from Marge). :D


After reading this...

"miss you bitch, you know what, i was thinking bout everything we did last summer, yung super nakakapgod na picture taking natin sa neo-print, hehehe,
everything, i just miss you so much..sana, consistent yung pagkekeep in touch
natin, siguro, kapag ikaw pa ang nawala sa'kin, iiyak na you
chichay..pakilala mo ako sa Boyfriend mo, parang hindi tayo

I miss you too, Eman! I miss you soo soo much... :(

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Monday, April 23, 2007--- ♥4:09 PM
The Perfect Resume, kuno... :D

Haha, I'm "borrowing" this entry from the one who really made this. I dunno you but you're a friend of a friend of a friend in Multiply, ergo, friend narin kita, right? Hehe. :D
Just wanna share these to y'all. Benta kasi sakin, sobra!!!:D Kaloka!!:D

+63927654321, 0922putukutu, 0910uteten
Fluent in englis, tagalog, bisaya, ilocano, isfanish,jafanese,mandarin..etc..
Can work if you’ll help me…
Basic knowledge in cooking, cleaning ,dancing, singing and sleeping
Hard working and trustworthy but snobbish
Well adjusted and can cope-up easily in different environments except on dirty places… kasi it’s so kadiri naman diba?
Age : Secret??
Height : Look at me
Civil Status : Married and still looking
Date of Birth : December 22, 1969
Name of husband : Joselito Sanogal
Hobbies : Poker, Casino, KTV, Drugs & Shopping
Crush : Narding –taho vendor
Miriam College
Katipunan Ave.Diliman, Quezon City
De La Salle University
BS Sex Education major in Blow Job
Taft ave. Manila
Ateneo de Manila University
BA Robbery major in Snatching
Katipunan Ave. Diliman, Quezon City
International School Manila
BS Sosyalera major in Social Climber
Kolehiyo ng Mayayaman
BS Mistress major in Adultery
Richville, Q.C.

Socialite and Elite Philippines
Position: Sexytary
Member: Since birth
Awards: Shoppaholic Girl of the Year
Monster Inc.
Position: monster of greed
Awards: Scary Face of the Century
Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
President of the Philippines Corruption Society
Malacañang Palace
Mrs. Grace Magno
Araneta Center Vice President
Araneta Center, Cubao Q.C.

Oh diba ang taray ng lola niyo diba?? Sino ba naman hindi tatanggap sa ganitong klase ng Resume… yan kasi yung binigay niya na Resume nung pumasok siya na kasambahay sa Hacienda namin… nagtataka nga kami kung bakit naisipan niyang mag-yaya… eh ang yaman yaman ng pamilya niya… sinabi niya pa nga sa amin na ang Papa niya raw ay nagmamay-ari ng napakadaming tambakan ng basura at marami daw silang business.. may franchise daw sila ng JALIBI sa may Divisoria.. yun nga daw gusto niya raw makaranas kung paano ang mahirap.. oh di ba? Ang joray try try na lang..
Yun nga.. agad na siyang tinaggap ng aking Inang Reyna.. At nagsimula na rn siya agad magtrabaho… Dahil nga natuwa rin ang aking Amang Hari sa kanya, agad siyang hinirang bilang isang mayordoma ng kaharian naming... masipag nga talaga siya..ang aga aga niya magising.. nakikipagtelebabad agad siya ng madaling araw pa lang.. minsan nga eh.. hindi na siya natutulog kasi busy siya kakanood ng mga DVD ng aking Amang Hari n puro tungkol sa pagtatanim ng UBE..
Talagang mapagkakatwalaan siya..minsan kung hindi na niya kayang gawin eh.. inuutusan niya kami.. hanggang matapos na ang lahat ng gawain niya… Lagi ko rin siyang ka-jamming sa inuman at yosi.. mejo maselan siya pagdating sa inuman at paninigarilyo… Ang iniinom niya lang ay tequila at ang sigarilyo niya ay Capri… gabi-gabi rin ay ninanakaw niya ang cellphone naming para lang makatawag at makatext ang mga boylets niya..
Pagdating naman sa pagkain eh.. maselan din siya.. ayaw niya kumain ng MEAT and PORK. Gusto niya palaging Fish or Vegetables… favorite niya ang KANINGBABOY galing kanila MANANG LORY…
Masaya talaga siyang kasama… madalas nga eh pinagsisilbihan namin siya… Ako at ang isa kong kapatid ay Pinapaypayan siya gamit ang mga pamaypay na binili niya raw sa japan.. yung isa ko namang ate ay kinakantahan siya ng “MY HEART WILL GO ON” ni Michael Jackson.. yung isa kong ate eh.. sumasayaw.. grabe… ramdam ko ang kasiyang nadarama niya nung mga pangahon na iyon…parang nagbabalik sa ulirat niya ang kanyang pagiging mayaman..
Minsan ay sinasamahan naming siyang magshopping sa mga ukay-ukay .. sawa na daw kasi siya magshopping sa GREENBELT at POWERPLANT… grabe.. ang dami talaga niyang binili mga 70 na damit 30 pants and 1 pair of bra and panty.. yun na daw ang gagamitin niya..
Isang araw nahuli siya ng Ate ko na nagpaplantsa ng buhok… Ayun.. nagalit si Ate.. kasi hindi daw niya sinasabi na gusto niyang magpa-straight ng buhok.. kaya Isinama ni ate si Madamme Cristy sa Menage Salon sa gate-way.. Si Madamme Cristy na ang nagbayad ng pang-parlor nila.. treat na daw niya ito sa ate ko kasi…ginamit niya yung load ni ate kanina..pantawag sa asawa niya.
Unti-unti na siyang tumaba… mula ng mapunta at magtrabaho siya sa kaharian namin... naging malusog na ang katawan niya at sabi niya pa sa akin eh.. “Grabe ang tambok na ng P*** ko… pwede na ulit makipagK******* sa asawa ko at mga kabit….” Natuwa ako sa sinabi niya.. kaya simula noon ay lagi na akong nagpapakwento sa kanya ng mga nakakatakot.. at experience niya bilang isang Monster..
Matagal tagal na rin siyang naninilbihan…sa amin.. mga one week pa lang..pero simula ng dumating siya eh.. nagsimula na ang kalbaryo sa kaharian naming.. na ikinatuwa naman ng aking Amang Hari..
Sa totoo lang eh.. sa kanya ko pa lang sinabi na may iniirog ako.. si Don Faelito na galling sa planeta ng Tralala.. hindi pa kasi ako handa sa sasabihin aking mga magulang… baka hindi nila ibigay sa akin ang inaasam-asam ko na trono.. ang maging isang prinsesa…
Mahal na mahal ko talaga si Yaya Cristy.. alam kong magtatagal siya dahil.. nakatagal nga siya sa bahay ng Lola ko.. Tito ko.. yung isa kong Tita tapos dun sa isa kong Lola sa ilo-ilo.. ang dami na niya talagang pinag-daanan at hanging-hanga ako sa kanya.. dahil kahit isa siyang mayaman eh.. hindi siya tumatapk ng ibang tao… lagi niyang sinasabi sa akin ito..
“Some times the feeling is right... you’ll only love for the first time… heart
beat and kisses so sweet... summer time love in the moonlight..
aypiyaiye.. aypiyaiyuaah..” –Dr. Jones

naantig talaga ang psuo ko nun.. kaya nga laggi ko siyang pinapayuhan tuwing nalulungkot siya..ito ang lagi kong sinbasabi sa kanya..
“if the stars is blind how come Paris Hilton is also a Rich Bitch like you and
there’s a fishing man over the rainbow beside the oald oak tree?”

Sa tingin ko naman ay tatagal siya sa amin dahil nakikita ko naman na masaya siya sa ginagawa niya…
Oh ano?? May Yaya kayong tulad niya.. meron siyang kapatid.. si Merlinda.. Bata pa.. pumapatol din sa may asawa at magalaing din magpa-ikot ng pera…magnanakaw din siya tulad ng Ate Cristy nya.. masipag at mapagkakatiwalaan…
Contact niyo na lang ako.. o mag-email sa kaniya..
Thank you and we love you so much… taking care of you always..

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Sunday, April 22, 2007--- ♥2:32 PM
And this day just keeps getting better and better...

Ha, ha! :D
I missed blogging!:D
For the last 2 days, I haven't been able to sit my lazy butt infront of the computer. This is because my mom took a 2-day break from work and we had "bonded together" for the last 48 hours. Fun, fun! :D

>Had facial done, with her ofcourse!
Facial included an upper body massage - *heaven!, and eyebrow plucking. Although the massage was soooper good, I still had a BF-("bitch fit" :D) with the derma person. Kasi naman, she kept on persuading my mom to buy bottles and bottles of anti-acne astringents for me, and guess how much it costs, 132 effin' dollars!!!! I could buy a whole lotta other stuff with that!!! Besides, I wouldn't wanna waste that much on some acne face cream stuff since I don't even have pimples anyways!!! St. Ives' facial wash is already more than enough for me, thankyouverymuch!

>Went at Manhattan Mall to buy spring outfits for me. :D
I didn't pack light clothes kasi nga I arrived here during winter time, so the stuff I brought with me was already inappropriate to use since the weather is getting pretty kinda heavy already. I'm even starting to sweat especially if we walk long distances! The sun's still up even if it's 8 pm already and it's heat is blinding na!!!! And it's not even summer yet! Oh, Philippines, I could already feel you here! :D

>Ate at a Jap Resto!!! YUMYUM!!! SOOPER LAMON!!! :D

>Took the TOEFL exam! I'm telling you, 4 full hours of sitting down taking that stupid exam was not fun!!! My mom and her friend were so sweet though, they just waited for me outside the testing center. Talk about patience! :D

>Since the testing center was at Jersey City, Tito Nestor picked us up and we headed over their house for lunch. New Jersey's environment pala is soo different from New York! It's so quiet over there and there aren't a lot of mixed cultured people, it's just mostly pure white Americans and some Pinoys. Hehe. I liked it there, it's like Cavite for me, a province but not uber-rural naman. I got to buy my favorite Taisan from Red Ribbon too, meron kasing Red Ribbon branch dun! Hehe. Fun pa kasi all the people inside R.R. were Pinoys (from the costumers down to their staff), and when you enter everyone just kind of says "Hello, Kababayan" to you. :D

>Went home and ate Thai food via delivery. Sooper YumYum din!!! :D


I'm not generalizing okay, but I really hate the way MOST, NOT ALL, African Americans talk especially when inside the subway. They're WAY TOOO LOUD! It's like they don't care about the other people inside the cart who are trying to get some sleep. It's really irritating because I think they're just trying to piss people off 'cause they know they can get away with it. Why they can get away with it, you ask? Well, it's because if someone tries to correct them, they'll say it's outright discrimination immediately - Racism. Again, I'm not generalizing, I'm just stating my opinion.


I got to watch GameKNB? and Wowowee over Tito Nestor's place via TFC. Si Edu na pala yung host! Haha! I like him better! Hindi niya pinapahiya yung contestants plus nakakatawa pa yung mga hirit nya, hindi scripted eh, sobrang natural lang! Ha, ha. Katuwa talaga! :D Wowowee is still the same, pero si Mariel ang ikli na ng hair! Sayang, ang pretty pa naman nya nun! Hehe, chismis ba? Sorry ah, miss ko na talaga eh! :D


We got to eat Filipino dishes pala over Tito Nestor's pa rin. Boneless bangus, Spag with shrimp, Fried pusit, Crispy pata, Lumpia, Turon, Mango cake (RedRibbon) and Ginataan. Haha, nostalgic yung feeling! :D


Bati na kami! :D See, YOU can't break us! Wag ka na kasing epal eh! Wag ka ng magulo! Bato-bato-sa-langit! Peace!! :D

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007--- ♥3:09 PM

This happened last Monday, April 16, 2007. This news is just so devastating. Please, let us all pray for the souls of the 32 innocent people who have lost their lives due to this very unfortunate event. Let's pray for their families as well, that they may find strength amidst all these turmoil. :(

Another sad, sad event, the Columbine Massacre which happened April 20, 1999. :(

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007--- ♥1:22 PM

What is your problem?
Why can't you just accept THE FACT na, "TAPOS NA KAYO!"
MOVE ON, girl!
There are a lot of other FISHES IN THE SEA, I'm sure you'll find yourself another one, no punintended.
Don't blame me for him breaking up with you! First of all, I wasn't theone who flirted with me. I wasn't theone who said he had feelings for me.Lastly, I wasn't the one who broke up with you. He did!
So why don't YOU talk to HIM!!!!
I REALLY appreciate you adding mehere. Thank you for spending time to look for, not ONE, but all my three other accounts as well. But really,why'd you have to do that? Do you really believe that were FRIENDS now for YOU to ADD ME on YOUR FRIENDS' list?
Seriously, I don't want anything to do with you, and seriously, he doesn't either.
I'm not fighting with you okay, I just think that it's improper naman that you judge our feelings for each other.
Do you know what we've been through all this time?
I don't think so.
Don't you believe that love can still work despite the distance?
Thats what we call LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS, my dear. So please, just stop your bickering!
After all, you're not part of our relationship.
God is good!
I totally agree with you, and I know that HE has other plans for you. I'm sure HE wants you to be happy and spend your time over some other things more important rather than you mopping over your FINISHED relationship with him.
AND YES, just like you, I believe in KARMA too.
I wish you find your happiness soon, I still believe that you can have your own FAIRYTALE ending if you just learn to LET GO.
Go find your rightful PRINCE ERIC, I'm sure with him you can have your own HAPPILY EVER AFTER ending.
Good Luck!

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Monday, April 16, 2007--- ♥12:55 PM
CSA MEMOIRS + 1 Boring Day = THIS! <3


Memoirs Of An(A) Augustinian(Geisha)... *winky :P

1. Favorite tambayan?- School Bus!!!:D CR!! :P or sa classrooms and hallways.. :D

2. Usual people na kasama mo?- Bedos!!:D + Classmates or Busmates

3. Usual food mo pag lunch?- Chicken sa Rotisserie... Grr, kalimutan ko na yung name!!! XD

4. Lagi ka bang late nung hs?- After recess, oo!!! Iksi naman kasi e, 15 mins lang ba yata yun.. :P

5. San ka usually nakikita pag morning? - School Bus, natutulog pa!! Naman, aga kasi ng trip namin no! 4am alis ng bahay kasi from Cavite pa!!! O__o

6. Sinong teacher ang laging kausap mo? - Mrs. Chan!!!! Haha.. Busmother!!!:D

7. Fave coach mo in csa? - PE teacher nlang! Ms. Seba (THE BEST!! <3>

8. Usual drink mo in csa? - Medium Lipton, *bigay receipt sa guy, *guy=punit ng receipt, *me=get the drink. And they teach us to keep receipts!! Labo. LOL!!

9. San makikita table ng kada nyo? - Aww memories.. :( The table nearest the stairs papuntang Juniors' classrooms... WWAAAYYY DULOOOO!!!

10. Usual candy/chichiria that you buy? - Pillows & Cheezy!!!! YumYum talaga!! <3

11. Was there ever a time na umiyak ka sa cr? - NO. Yata. Hehe.

12. Did you ever enjoy your fairs? - Yeah, 'twas ok naman, we can let outsiders in kasi...

13. Best math teacher you ever had? - Sir EBS!!!! Sooper sweet, promise!! :D

14. Fave subj during your first yr? - PE Swimming = FREETIME kasi!!

15. Fave subj during your second yr?- History, I miss Sir Soc!!!

16. Fave subj during your third yr? - Fil!!! Ms. Agor, bait!!!

17. Fave subj during your fourth yr? - Visual Arts & Eco (Sir AndrewE kasi eh!!! Tsaka Sir Libao!!!)

18. Did you ever run for council? - nope. :)

19. Nalate ka ba for flag cem?- Yes, 4th year!!! May punishments pa after! Happy Birhtday starjumps! Haha...

20. Fave year & Sec mo in csa? - IE, 2D, 3B, 4J - buong highschool, 'yo!!

21. During mornings how do people see you? - ka chika si Les na sinusundo ako everyday sa bus.. Aww... :)

22. Was there ever a time that you left your id? - Yes, pero nakatakas parin. *We have ways..:)

23. Was there ever an event in csa na bawal suot mo? - wearing make up yata, or too much of it... Haha... Oh, improper pants for ACP, kasi naman eh, wala kong straight cut nung first meeting no!

24. Did you wear make up in school? - Haha, too much nga ata e.. Not everyday naman eh... But no, mas marami pa kong nakikitang mas makapal sakin ah!!! Daya!

25. Usual thing that you borrow from people? - Haha.. hingi ng 1 whole sa mga seatmates.. :P

26. One thing you will never forget about csa? - Mala LRT Station na canteen!! Kami lang meron nun.. Haha!!

27. Fave events in csa? - CHEERING!!! :D + "Lakwa" to G4 every week since pwede lang lakarin from CSA to there (Friday moments with Kulluh bebe!! Miss you dearie!!). Halfdays like Teachers/Valentines Day = free munchies & CHOCOLATES!!! :D Christmas parties = GIFTS!!! "Practices" kuno days, tapos lakwa after.. Haha.. Kakamiss, really!! :D

28. Was csa the best thing that ever happened to you? - Not THE Best, but definitely it was part of it.

29. BR's received? The most grave offense? - Oh NO!! Dami! Worst one was cheating. MY GOD!!! :(

30. In your whole stay in CSA, name all the sections and advisers you've been. - KinderF, PrepA, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4D, 5H, 6K, 7B, 1E, 2D, 3B, 4J-cool... Haha.. :D *wag na advisers, forgot some names na eh, sorry!! :P

Waah.. O__o Tapos na! Bored parin ako! Walang magawa!!

Rain, can you go away please! I wanna go out!!!!


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Sunday, April 15, 2007--- ♥9:22 PM


Staying home ALL ALONE led me to do some pampering for myself. I have been feeling down lately 'cause of ALOT of FUDGIN' issues happening around here. I really needed a break!!!
Hence, a makeover!!! Haha, feeling fresh and clean is the best cure for all problems, really! :D

  • Took a looong, loong, long shower. Complete with Loofahs for scrubbing, St. Ives' Apricot body wash, Lavander soap, Ivory shampoo, Bath &Body's Vanilla conditioner, minty toothpaste, mouth wash, St. Ives' facial wash. HEAVEN!!!
  • WAXED: Wahahaha, yes, oh yes, my first time!!!:D It's not so bad after all, the pain is very tolerable! Got rid of all the unwanted hairs on my legs, ____ and _____ (Haha, I'm not telling where!!! I'm sure y'all know that already!!) Now my legs, ____ and ___ are 100% hair-free!!:D I love it, I swear!!!:D I feel soo much lighter, promise!!! Haha.. :D
  • Skin care: Vaseline lotion, Sothys Paris' moisturizer, J&J Lavander & Chamomile baby powder, Cherry Chapstick, Clinique's hand lotion, Infonie's perfume. Now I feel good and smell good. Haha.. :D (Yes, no make-ups whatsoever - I didn't want to put any "foreign" color on my face today. Just all natural for my now soft, smooth skin. Wahaha, landi!)
  • Lit up 3 candles with different scents: Apple, Peach and Vanilla. YumYum smell!! :D
  • Did my nails, but only colored my toenails with Satin White. (Pa-conservative look(",)
  • Plucked eyebrows!! :D I didn't know how to wax them, kasi.
  • Had a nap while listening to the radio.
  • Watched some movies while eating chicken balls dipped with cream cheese. YumYum taste!! :D
  • Is currently doing this. (",)

Haay, nice. I'm loving my zen mood now!!:D It also helps that the weather's with me, bringing slight rain, I am in my own paradise. :D

Some more reviews:

  1. Dead Silence- Scary... I've never been more scared of "silence." :D It's a good thing I was watching it while talking with Mary. She had watched it already and she told me about the story so I wasn't surprised with some of the scenes anymore. We both didn't get the ending though. So if you happen to have watched this and you got it, please do explain it to us. :D
  2. The Pursuit of HappYness- Aww.. I cried.. :( It was soo nice. Since I was feeling down nga, I 'kinda "felt the essence" of the story. It made me miss my Daddy... :( It was based in real life din pala.
  3. Meet the Robinsons- CUTE!!! But, I cried again since it was about families too. :( I'm a real sucker for these family-inspired animations yet, I love watching them. Hay. :(

Waah, hope things turn out better SOON. :(

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Saturday, April 14, 2007--- ♥11:36 AM
Ms. Culkin =P

Home Alone.
Yup, yup.
Weekends = Home Alone days for me!
A. I don't fix the bed for 2 nights.
B. I don't have to cook "healthy" meals: I can eat anything I want.
C. I don't have to do the dishes: I just use our paper/plastic utensils.
D. I can use the computer the WWWHHHOOOLLLEE day.
E. I get to sleep with the radio turned on. (my mom can't sleep with noise).
F. No adult supervision for 2 days. * Woot-Woot! !
G. Weekends are "quality time" with Earl. ♥
A. I have to sleep with the lights turned on. (I can't sleep in the dark alone).
B. Our next door Mexican neighbor always, ALWAYS plays Mexican songs IN FULL VOLUME!!!! I can bear with that, yes. What I can't stand is why they play it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Yes, the freakin CD for over two months now! I swear, I got LSS with one song already, yet I can't even understand what the song is about, 'cause I can't understand the 'effin language. Goodness!
Well, 7 beats 2... So, I STILL LOVE IT! :D
You know how kids today have those rubber shoes which has little wheels on them? I like those! I wanna try them. I wanna know how it feels like to glide!!!! I swear, kids nowadays are just soo lucky.
In my "younger days", ehem, I'm 20 (twen-teen.Ü) palang ha! But yeah, when I was younger, cool kana if you have those shoes that light up when you walk. Now, it's baduy na. Haha. How time flies. :D

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Friday, April 13, 2007--- ♥4:02 PM
NO TO PIRACY!!! *wink*


Thank You, Mary for telling me about this site!

For the last 3 days, I have been watching movies from the net. It's just soo addicting! Not spending money at the theatres = spending more money on shopping! AYLABIT!!! :D

My Movie Reviews: ( reviews kuno... :D )

1. 300-
ABS MEHN!!! :D That's pretty much just everything. I mean,

yeah, it's good... A lot better than a whole lotta movies, but I just don't get why people say it's like sooo incredible, or sooo spectacular or soooo a must-see. It's like, yeah it's good, but it's not THAT good. Gets? Well, atleast not for me anyways. Although I really had fun seeing the ABS!!! And it was funny the way they kept on chanting "AWOO-AWOO." :D Plus, I liked the gorgeous Spartan boy... I dunno who he is, but he's the only good-looking Spartan boy I saw. And again, drooling here... ABS!

2. Brokeback Mountain-
Haha... Sorry, but I just watched it 'cause I wanted to see the BROKE-BAKAN action! Haha. It was soooper GAY, I swear. Haha. After that scene I closed the window immediately! Haha! :D

3. Blades of Glory-
FFFUUUNNNNEEEEHHHH!!!!! Haha... Me likey-likey it!!! :D I liked the stunts they made... Haha, it was so funny watching them "HOLD" each other!! :D 5 STARS!!! Haha.. :D

4. Premonition-
UGH! The worst movie ever! I don't get it though, Sandra Bullock's a pretty decent actress but this movie is just sooo bad. I didn't even wait for it's ending. Hell, I didn't even get the story. Too bad. It's trailer looked good though. I wanted to watch it in the moviehouse pa naman. It's a good thing I didn't, 'cause I sure would've just wasted my money. BAD, WORSE, WORST!!!

5. Night at the Museum-
It was okay. Quite entertaining as well. Just your typical Ben Stiller movie, I guess.

6. The Breakup-
Okay, I just watched this 'cause I like Jen. It was okay too. Some parts were funny, but overall, it was boring. The story was dragging and sooo predictable. I didn't even finish watching it 'cause I fell asleep, I swear, It's my first time falling asleep while sitting in my comp chair. *zzz-zzz-zzz*

7. Eragon-
10 minutes and I clicked the X button right away. It's like the LOTR series, -which I really don't get by the way. Not bad for me though, since I only wanted to watch it 'cause I liked the theme song anyways.

8. Pet Semetary-
Eww.. Not scary! I hate how the cute kid turned into a monster! And I don't get the trucks part.

9. Silent Hill-
Nice. Full of blood, death and gore. Not scary though, just BARF-ish.

10. Initial D-
It's good! It's a Chinese movie, but it has subtitles. It's like a Chinese version of the Fast & Furious movies. Funny too!! :D

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-
I liked this one! Kinda takes me back to the 'old-school' days of mine. Hehe :D I remembered watching the cartoon series with my cousins, waaaayyy waayyy back... Hehe..:D Cute cute turtles!!! :D

I really need to be studying for my TOEFL exam, which is gonna be next Saturday already. But, I don't feel like it. Haha. Procrastination, here I come! :D

Now I'm bored. What to do, what to do? *snooze*

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Thursday, April 12, 2007--- ♥6:50 PM
Elle "Nadine" Woods.

I AM LEGALLY...BLONDE!!! Hehe... Errr, LEGALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP pala... :D (nyork,nyork)... :D

Whoop-dee-doo!!! The title says it all. Haha!!! :D My mom already knows and she's A-OK with it. Okay, at first she was yelling and all but in the end, she just accepted it. After all, "it's just normal." And those were her exact words.

But now, I'm feeling weird around her. Like this morning, she wanted me to make kwento about everything! How we met, how he courted me... And my gulay, she never runs out of things to say! She's also asking me all these crazy questions like, "did we have sex already" or "bakit mo tinago sakin, kung ikaw nabuntis nun ano nalang mangyayari ngayon sayo?" Oh mommy dearest, don't you worry... After all, I'm a good girl... (*wink*) :D

During lunch, Chel and her boyfriend, James, asked me to eat with them. It was super fun! It was my first time to meet James, whose sooper cute by the way.. Haha.. Blue eyes mehn!:D
So we went at the Queens Mall, which is sooper near our house pala!!! I swear, I will go there everyday na!!! (Or, everytime I have money that is.. :D ) We ate at Applebee's - my first time to eat there!!! - and James ordered, ehem, alcoholic drinks for us. I know, it's lunch right, but he wanted to celebrate, I guess... Haha..Ü And since he was past 21, we got them! Haha, so Chel and I split the Mudslide and James got 2 drinks, one was beer and the other one was... (methinks)...oooh I forgot the name but it had strawberries on them.
So while eating, James chipped his tooth!!! Haha.. It was funny but then, he looked kawawa too. :c He had to go to the dentist immediately and so he left Chel and me.... And then we shopped!!!! :D

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007--- ♥2:48 PM

Last night, my mom asked me if I already have a boyfriend. I swear, my heart stopped beating talaga.
You see, I'm still illegal to have one. I too don't know why she still wouldn't let me, she doesn't give me any reasons naman.
Oh yeah, I forgot, her reason pala is that she would allow me after I'm done with my school na. Gawd, e I'm turning 21 na nga this October eh.
My gulay, I'm sooo not a minor already, yet she still treats me like a child. Some girls I know have already had kids when they were 21, but I'm still not allowed to have a boyfriend. Eh kung nabuntis pa kaya ako, pano pa? But anyways, I'm not like that. I know my limitations. Okay, that's definitely not part of this topic na.
So the reason why she found out is because someone told her about my cellphone bills. I didn't even know that text messages could be tracked here. I was sanay in the Phil. where the only things listed at the bills were the calls, but apparently, here in America they list down everything!!!. . . Even the games you download!!! GRABE TALAGA!!!!!
Last night when she asked me I easily said "NO, I don't have one." But after waking up, I decided to tell her already- through text... Talk about being duwag!!!
I still haven't heard anything from her since, cause when she called me, I was too scared to answer so I just let the machine pick up. Hahahahay...
Wish me luck everyone! I'm praying that by tonight, when she comes home from work, we could talk, and I could be LEGAL na.
I hope...

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Sunday, April 8, 2007--- ♥9:11 PM


(Get it? Cause of the EASTER BUNNY, and


Anyhoo... Update Update!!!:D

It so feels like Christmas today! I swear, I got A LOT of gifts, not A LOT lot, but it's A LOT-considering that it's not even my birthday...

1. CLINIQUE make-up kit from my Aunt. (HOP-HOP-HAPPY!!!!!:D)

2. An Easter Card from my Uncle.

3. Easter Eggs and chocolates from my Ninang. (YUMYUMYUM!!!)

4.Dinner + take home food from Tita Charo and her anak, my new friend, Kyle. Ü

5. M&Ms Easter pack from myself-HAHA, I can't help not buying them, their colors are sooo cute! PLUS, no BROWNS!!!! Haha-cause I hate the BROWN colored ones!!Ü

6. Bagel, muffins and churros(spelling?) from my Mom...Aww... Haha, atleast we got to spend Easter together-eventhough it was only for 2 hours.Ü
7. Cashmere scarf with matching gloves from Tita Charo again. Whatta sweet woman!Ü

HAHA!!! All in all, it can be summed up as Cholesterol Galore!!! Haha!!:D


And yeah, as us Catholics know, during Easter masses, we get to renew our baptismal vows right? For every question, we answer with an "I DO." I dunno, cause while saying the I Do's, the image of my wedding just popped out of my mind... Heehee.. Ü

Also, Tita Charo rented Shake Rattle & Roll today. So, I got to watch a Pinoy film. Hehe. I miss the Pinoy artistas!!! :D I also got to watch THE BUZZ at Kyle's room while Tita was preparing dinner for us. Haha! Got updated with the chismis at the Phil! It was nice! I miss Tito Boy!! Haha..:D It's just too bad for us since our building doesn't allow TFC... Unfair!!!

Will go to the mall tomorrow with Kyle, since tomorrow's gonna be the last day of their Spring Break.

Must return DVDs to the Lib tomorrow, or else get a $6 fine!!!! Gawd!!!

Must get the package from the Post Office tom. It's my Grandmas video of her burial. SAD.


And since it's Monday in the Phil already, I must do this...


My baby's all grown up already. Dalaga ka na loka!!!:D

Happy Debut!!! :D

I miss you so much!!!!

I really hope she gets to see this since I can't text her. Hay.

I love you dear!:D


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Saturday, April 7, 2007--- ♥10:38 AM


It's kinda old since this news was aired about a week ago, but I never get tired of watching it. It always gives me goosebumps plus I always get teary-eyed. It's just so sweet. The little boys' reaction upon seeing his dad is just so priceless. . . I can really feel his longing for his dad. It's just SERIOUSLY HEARTMELTING.

Another news clip:



Happy monthsary to me and my blog!!! I hope you liked your new skin, bloggy.


my ♥ is B.r.o.k.e.n. :(

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007--- ♥7:05 PM

I know I'm not perfect. . .
I know I'm not the best.

I get jealous at times,
We fight over stupid things. . .
I hang up then you call me right back.
I say I won't do it again, yet I still do,
But you always forgive me.

I may act immature at times,
But there's ONE THING that I'm sure of. . .
I have no idea where I would be,
without your PATIENCE AND LOVE for me.

I may not be the perfect girlfriend. . .
I may not show how much I really care for you. . .
I may not be your dream girl. . .
But there's ONE THING that IS AND ALWAYS
will be true,

LOVE YOU - with all my heart.
LOVE YOU - with all my soul.
LOVE YOU - with all of me.


you are my better half

you taught me things that i need to know

and you made me realize

that life is not just a simple song.


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Sunday, April 1, 2007--- ♥9:29 PM

Haha!! Laughtrip to sobra!! O baka mababaw lang ako... Pero funny talaga!!:D
English Movies You Should Never Translate to Tagalog:

1. black hawk down - ibong maitim sa ibaba

2. dead man's chest - dodo ng patay

3. i know what you did last summer - uyy... aminin!

4. love, actually - sa totoo lang, pag-ibig

5. million dollar baby - 50 million pisong sanggol (it dependson the exchange rate of the country)

6. the blair witch project - ang proyekto ng bruhang si blair

7. mary poppins - si mariang may putok

8. snakes on a plane - nag-ahasan sa ere

9. the postman always rings twice - ang kartero kapag dumutdot laging dalawang beses

10. sum of all fears - takot mo, takot ko, takot nating lahat

11. swordfish - talakitok

12. pretty woman - ganda ng lola mo

13. robin hood, men in tights - si robin hood at ang mga felixbakat

14. four weddings and a funeral - kahit 4 na beses ka pangmagpakasal, mamamatay ka rin

15. the good, the bad and the ugly - ako, ikaw, kayong lahat

16. harry potter and the sorcerer's stone - adik si harry,tumirang shabu

17. click - isang pindot ka lang

18. brokeback mountain - may nawasak sa likod ng bundok ngtralala /bumigay sa bundok

19. the day of the dead - ayaw tumayo (ng mga patay)

20. waterworld - basang-basa

21. there's something about mary - may kwan sa ano ni maria

22. employee of the month - ang sipsip

23. resident evil - ang biyenan

24. kill bill - kilitiin sa bilbil

25. the grudge - lintik lang ang walang ganti

26. nightmare before christmas - binangungot sa noche buena

27. never been kissed - pangit kasi

28. gone in 60 seconds - 1 round, tulog

29. the fast and the furious - ang bitin, galit

30. too fast, too furious - kapag sobrang bitin, sobrang galit

31. dude, where's my car - dong, anong level ulit tayo nag-park?

32. beauty and the beast - ang asawa ko at ang nanay nya

33. the lord of the rings - ang alahero


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