Tuesday, April 29, 2008--- ♥12:31 PM
And the best boredom buster goes to...


Rate this performance at The Sims On Stage

Sample, sample, sample! Haha!! =P
(I hope you'll still love me after this!)

I have been karaoke-ing online this weekend, everyone. Haha!!
Try it too, guys! Mag-feeling singers tayo together!

No need for those Magic Sings, they cost an arm! LOL!
Haha, endorser much? =P

Anyways if you do try it, check out my profile there! Let's be friends there too, if you make an account... add me and be my "fan." Woohoo!! Haha!

Here it is (Click!).

Wahaha! I'm not proud of any of the songs I've recorded there because at that time, I had the sniffles. Haha! But hey, all for good clean fun right?

And hey, if you do want to hear me at my "best" listen to my version of Smile (Lily Allen) or
Don't Know Why (Norah Jones) 'cause my friend told me it was one of my nicer ones. Haha.

(Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.. maybe he was only pulling my leg to get to my good side.)

Whatever... I liked my Yellow (Coldplay) and Here, There and Everywhere (THE Beatles) rendition better!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008--- ♥10:27 AM
Visual Artist nga ba? =P

It has been practiced that during Senior year in CSA, we get to choose the class that we want to be a part of. They let us pick during our Junior year and the choices are as follows: Research, Computer, Accounting and Visual Arts. I didn't like maths and computers so obviously Accounting and Computer where no-no's. Because there were 10 sections, we were divided like this.

A and B- Research
C and D(Pilot class)- Computer
E, F and G- Accounting
H, I and J- Visual Arts

I remember choosing Visual for my first choice for a number of reasons. First was because of the feedbacks that has been passed on to me by my upper batch friends. They told me that Visual was the most fun since we're gonna be getting lots and lots of free artsy-fartsy stuff (which turned out to be true cause I got a lot of Faber-Castell colored pencils, calligraphy pens, sketchpads, clays, paints, etc).

I also chose it because I knew that my teacher was gonna be Sir Nacion-- which had been a fave of mine when he taught our class in Freshman year. So can just imagine how happy I was when I learned that not only was he gonna be my teacher, he was also gonna be my adviser as well. Haha. =)

I was in Section J by the way, and no, the arrangement of sections weren't ordered from smartest to bobo-est. Haha. Defensive? No naman, I just want to explain.

Anyways, since Visual Arts was what was "labeled" as the funnest class, almost all the maloko's and the *ehem* "jocks" signed up there. Haha. Needless, I could tell you that my fourth year classmates were comprised of the more happy-go-lucky ones in the batch, and in my 13 years of stay there, I'd rank it as my favorite. Haha. ♥

***Shoutout's to my 4-J Cool classmates. Nyahaha! 4-J Cool is an inside joke, but I'm sure most of you are gonna get it 'cause hello, wag na tayo maglokohan, hindi tayo inosente. Haha!***

So yeah, this got long na when all I really just wanted to show you were some "artworks" we did in class. Haha.

My friend Toni was our adviser for that day because it was STAP (Student-Teacher A Program) week.. LOL! I forgot na what the A stands for! Arg! And so yeah, we had this activity... and based from the drawings you'll see later, we didn't really put much effort into it since it was one of those laughtrip class moments.

Read all about what happened in Toni's Multiply and look at the complete collection of the drawings there too.
Click HERE.

(I don't really remember who my partner here was 'cause both Leslie and Martin chose me as theirs. But I'm guessing it's Martin since I drew him as well. Haha, sorry Les!)

(3rd and 4th: Les and me in real life at a sleepover during our nene days.)

(By Les. Haha, kamukang kamuka ba? Pero atleast diba, pursigidong Nursing na talaga kami 4th year palang! LOL!)

(Arbul and me in real life, after graduation.)
(Sorry, blurred pics due to camera phone's stupid night mode.)

(Drawn by me. Oh diba, kuhang-kuha ko yung lips ko! At yung bridge ko.. antibay nyan for sure! LOL!)

(By Arbul. Tsktsk, may HD talaga yun sakin eh. Tingnan mo maski drawing niya nakatingin sakin! Haha!)

And here's just one of my most fave ones.
It's from my classmates, Mayo and Jul.

Scenario: After 10 years
Mayo: "Hi, musta?"
Jul: "Asenso nako pare!"

Haha! Laughtrip talaga to eh! =)

Haha. So ayan. Ayan ang product ng pagiging Visual artists namin. I'm sure proud na proud samin ang adviser namin! Haha, LOL!!! =)

I MISS Highschool!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008--- ♥2:53 PM

My week-long Spring break was so... blah!
Haha! I don't know how else to describe it! It's just so boring and predictable.. It could basically be described in 3 sentences.

Phone calls and Y!M's with my friends from here and back home.
Watched not only one, but two crappy movies. (Well in a way this was nice since the person I was with wasn't crappy!)
Ate pizza and subs for dinner.
Pigged out and couch-potatoed at the house. (Hmm, well this was also nice because of the laughtrip moments.)
Went to malls but sadly, just window shopped.

Oh, my bad, I made 5 sentences. LOL.
Well, okay, I guess it wasn't really THAT bad... It just wasn't THAT good either! I mean, 'cause last Spring break I made a promise to myself that I would really have fun this year to make up for last year's lame ass-excuse of a vacation. Atleast last year I was at the beach this time of year! And so, yeah, I was really looking forward to this but whatever. Haha. I still had fun. Atleast I got to spend some quality moments with.

Haha. =P

Anyways, on others news... Have you guys heard or read about this?
The paparazzi people really are pervs!

I mean hello, it's very evident.. very obvious infact that poor Emma was trying her best to keep her legs together!
These stupid pap's just keeps on shoving their cameras in between every woman/girl's private parts. And she's how old? 16? 17? Pfft! Freakin' phedo's! I just want to Sectumsempra them all!

Arg, I still want to share a lot of stories with you but I just don't feel like sitting down anymore.
Haha. It's the second day of my 5-day womanly cycle and the cramps on my lower abdomen are freakin' annoying me so I just want to walk them out. Haha.
It's really soo much fun being a girl, no?
Pfft. Sarcasm.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008--- ♥11:57 AM
Still hungover from the passover.

I just don't understand why--

... YOU would every now and then still check on me (which would be awesome if you did that to me when we were still together, but YOU didn't), when in fact it was YOU who told me to leave?

... YOU would call me a "Whore" when in all honesty (and YOU and I both know this), it was YOU who cheated?

I just don't understand how--

... YOU could compose a message, insinuating that it was me who started it, when in fact it was YOU who plops in every now and then on my "people who viewed me" list.
-- And no, I didn't check your guestbook... my good friend did.

... YOU could act that way, being superior and all, still having your pride intact when it was YOU who made an ass out of me, and not forgetting to mention, fooled me.

I just don't understand what--

... happened to YOU.

... made YOU like that?
YOU were so nice to me, before...

I guess I really shouldn't care anymore.
It has been almost half a year for goodness sake!

It's just that your ghost keeps on coming back. YOU keep showing up in the most unexpected places... And whenever YOU do that, every tear, every memory, every emotion, everything, just suddenly comes back to me.

I have gotten over this.
I swear I'm okay now!
I've been really great for months now... but the thing that happened this weekend really placed a frown on my face.

I guess all my "Why's" would never, ever be answered in this lifetime.
And I'm not expecting or do I want any response from YOU.

I just want to let everything out.
Tell the whole world what really, truly happened because I'm sick of being thought of as the bad person.

I have forgiven and somehow forgotten all.

But the fact still remains, YOU made a douche bag out of me.
And for that, I could never trust nor respect YOU again.

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Monday, April 21, 2008--- ♥11:08 AM
At 8 tonight, the whole world stops.

Oh My Gosh! O___o

Can you spot who's beside our Queen B?
Can you spot our little Dan's manboobs?
Can you spot Jenny's almost Double D's?

See you all Upper East Siders tonight at 8!
I'll be there, I'll be watching... and so will Gossip Girl.

N. ♥

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Sunday, April 20, 2008--- ♥8:24 PM
So call your shawty and tell him you found a new man, the one who’s so so fly, the one that keeps you high.

I just finished watching Degrassi's newest season! I'm soo darn happy!! =)

I missed watching my Degrassi! It has been one of my faves way, way, wayyy before Gossip Girl (new episodes start tomorrow at 8, woohoo!) started. I haven't been able to watch much of it on TV since The N Network switched their home channel, so watching it almost half the day yesterday gave me my much needed fix! Haha. =)

Heyyy, is this a sign of what I'll be doing for my 1 week Spring break?-- Staying home, being a couch potato, blabbing away on the telephone???

Noooo.. I don't like! Haha!! =P

I want to go to the beach, take my top off and pose for the camera while shouting,
"SPRING BREAKKKK, 08!!!" (insert planting a frenchy on some random, preferably French guy here) "WOOHOOO!"
Jokeee lang. LOL! =9

--But the beach part was true. I seriously want to go beaching. Haha! Someone please take me? =)

Anyways, I'm soo excited for my Mom is gonna be taking her DMV test sometime this week. Gaaah!! I can't wait for her to finally get her license here! She was a great driver back home (na hindi ko namana dahil oo, more than 5 times ko ata nabanga yung kotse namin!), and I'm soo looking forward to driving around the city with her... just like we used to. =)

Haha. Old school Mother and daughter picture.
Lavlavlav my Mommy. ♥

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Saturday, April 19, 2008--- ♥11:49 AM
Here I am pimpin' my cousin--

-- (cross-posted this from my Multiply.)

My cousin can make KevJumba or Nigahiga run for their money. Haha! =)

(It really doesn't have an audio till you get to 30+seconds, but trust me, it's worth the wait!)

I can't believe my cousin's a You-Choob star now! LOL! =)
KevJumba, Nigahiga??? Tss, soooo last year! Now world I present to you, Gene Paolo. (*insert audience claps here*)
Chinito boys, unite!!! Attack! Haha! =)

I don't know the guy he was with in this video, but he told me it was his bestfriend. (My cousin's the one wearing the blue top, btw.)

I guess they shot this in their dorm room.
I mean, in our dorm rooms.. I was in the same dorm before (not room though, just the building!) when I was still studying back home. It's the one in front of the DLSU-UMC-- De LaSalle University Medical Center (Only DLSU-D people can relate to this! Haha!) and we would call it Deerland or USA because the owners of the building were literally raising deers inside. Haha!

Who would have ever thought that from USA (usa), I would be typing this from U.S.A (United States of America) ??? LOL. =P

My cousin never fails to make me laugh with his silly-ness. Haha! He's one of my closest that's why I miss him so much. I'm glad that now I could see more of him because of his videos, and hopefully really see him (as in flesh and bones) when they come and visit this December. Yey! =)

*I couldn't embed it from their account so I just recorded the video while watching it-- that explains why it was shaky, 'cause I was ROFL-ing myself while recording it! =)

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Friday, April 18, 2008--- ♥1:15 PM
Always be my baby. =)

I was rooting for Jason (just because he is oh-so-hot!) before, but after watching David's performance last Tuesday, I changed "chickens" (my manok.. Haha!).

I love, love, love his version! It's even better than Mariah's, in my opinion. Haha. It's just superbbbbb!!! Nalaglag talaga yung panty ko!! =P LOL! =)

And I don't really care if he wins or not ( but it would most definitely be better if he did!), American Idol or no American Idol, I'd say he's on his way! =)

I'm currently LSS-ing on Rihanna's song, Take a bow. It's like, Riri had me on her mind when she made this! LOL. I think I like it more than ela, ela, ela.
Don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not,
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught,
But you put on quite a show (oh),
You really had me goin',
But now it’s time to go (oh),
Curtain’s finally closin',
That was quite a show (oh),
Very entertainin',
But it’s over now (but it's over now),
Go on and take a bow, ohh ohh.
And the award for the best liar goes to you (goes to you), For makin' me believe that you could be faithful to me,
Wahaha! Sapul, sapul!
At naka-bold talaga, diba! Lakas maka-bullseye nito!
I sooo freakin' loooove!!! =P

Oh, and I'm loving Hell's Kitchen right now too! Chef is so evil, I love it!
I love how he makes the other wannabee chefs cry! I love how he just throws the food when he sees it's not too rare/cooked. Haha! I love the angst! =) Woohoo!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008--- ♥5:30 PM
Hell's Kitchen.

My last post was my 143rd! =)
Wow, 143... I love you!
Haha, isn't that just sweet? ♥

I just came back from Manhattan. I just feel so sad now. Haha. It's nothing major. Actually kababawan ko lang talaga kung ba't ako sad. Haha. Kasiiiiii... we went there to buy some last minute padala's for some of my relatives back home. So while looking for various items in different shops, edi siyempre ako nagtitingin tingin din for myself.
I saw a lot of things I wanted to buy... I liked a lot of stuff, lalo na puro sale na sila ngayon kasi pa-summer na, kaso naman I didn't have enough moolah to buy everything I wanted. Huhu.

Nakaka-frustrate kaya yun! Yung gustong-gusto mo na bilhin kaso wala ka namang mapangbili. Haha! May nabili parin naman ako, Aeropostale sunnies... kaso isa lang yun. Huhu. Haha. LOL! Ano ba yan naloloka na ata ako, huhu tapos haha, kamusta naman yun.

How I look like when I'm gutom. Bleckk!

He leaves on Friday. I will miss him! Huhu! =(
But he will be back on December.. so yey!

Other pictures to follow nalang, natatamad na ko eh.
Namiss ko tuloy mag babysit! Namiss ko magkaron ng money every Friday (sweldo day). Haha. Tapos half nung ni-sweldo ko ilalagay ko sa piggy bank. Waah.
Now tuloy yung piggy bank namin si Mommy nalang naglalagay, ubos narin yung mga nalagay kong pera nun dahil parin sa pagshopping-shopping ko. Haha. =P

At bigla ko din tuloy namiss si Michelle. Haha! Kahit makulit yun, love ko parin yun. Namiss ko yung pagsabi niya ng pekpek (one of the few tagalog words she knows-- and no, I wasn't the one who taught her that!). Haha! With an accent pa yun ah! Peyk-peyk. Kapag pala may accent medyo nababawasan yung bastos factor niya. LOL!

Ang ayos ng kwarto niya no? =)

Just two of our many happy moments. =)
I miss na talaga!!! =(

Okay, tama na, next time na talaga yung ibang mga pics.
Anyways, napaka stupid nitong post na to. Haha, ganun pala yun, pag sad ako tagalog ako magbalita. Haha! Ah ewan, hindi ko na alam pano tatapusin ang post ko, kaya ganito nalang bigla nalang mawawala...

(Woohoo, benta ba yung last line ko? Parokya ni Edgar, FTW yun!)
Byeeee!! =)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008--- ♥4:07 PM
Socks are not stinky!

I just found out that my phone can convert *(whatever) files and store e-books! =)
I'm soo happy!! ♥
I wonder what else this phone can do? Hmm.
I'm really soo smart you know. I mean, I've had this phone for more than a year already and yet I'm only discovering it's other functions now. Yay me, not. =P
(Note: *whatever 'cause I don't really know what they're called, sorry!)

I'm currently DL-ing Book 1 of The Series of Unfortunate Events.
I know they're ancient but I've never read them... Haha! I have seen the movie version though and I just fell in love with Violet's character.

I think I might stick to light reads for the moment.
I'd love to DL some of Paolo Coelho, J.D. Salinger and Dan Brown's work but I don't think I could concentrate on reading them since Anatomy takes up most of my time, especially now that it's Midterms week. I think I might also get an e-book of that Twilight series sometime soon since almost everyone in the Philippines keeps on talking about it. Haha. I just wanna know what all the buzz is about! =)

I'm soo soo looking forward to reading this tomorrow on the Subway! Haha! =)
I always get bored especially when I'm alone, and yeah, I know I can count on some good old music to entertain me but...
psssh, sometimes music ain't enough yo! Haha.

...Besides we all know iPods are soooooo last season,
e-books are the in thing nowadays.

Anyhoo, I just loved what I wore to school today.
It's actually my Mom's so I'm guessing it's vintage?
Haha! You can really get good finds whenever you snoop around Mommy's closet. =)

Ooh, time check: 4:44.
Make a wish! ♥

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Monday, April 14, 2008--- ♥3:08 PM
Stuff it, bird legs! =)

I'm having such an uber productive day! ♥
(...and it's only 3pm! Snaps for me! Woohoo!) =D

I wasn't able to sleep well a while ago 'cause it got really cold at around midmorning, and our dumb heater didn't turn itself on. You see, our heat system here automatically switches itself open when the temperature drops below 40degF. So yeah, I was freezing my ass out and so I decided to just get up early.

I fixed breakfast for me and my Mom so we could eat together while watching the news-- Today (our favorite morning program!). I was thinking of making my ever-famous French toast, but apparently my Mom wanted to eat rice so I just made my 2nd ever-famous dish, scrambled eggs with sardines (Haha, trust me, they're gooohoood!!!).

Then I went to the laundromat to wash 3-weeks worth of laundry. Woohoo! I don't know why but I just have a fascination of doing the laundry on Mondays! I love laundry Mondays! Haha!!

Soap, powder, bleach, towels, fabric softener, dollars, change, pants, socks...

Whenever I go to laundromats, I always remember Nivea's song, Laundromat. It had been a favorite of mine long before it went mainstream. I always catch myself thinking about it's music video... Haha!
Wouldn't it just be totally hot to have flirtation moments with a Nick Cannon-ish kinda guy while doing laundry?
Oh, and check out their outfits from the video! Me likey!!! Hmm, maybe I'll try that sometime this summer. Haha!
Okay, what the hell, that was sooo random.

Anyways, after the laundry me and Friend watched a movie. We were supposed to see Prom Night but the cinema near our place didn't have it yet so we ended up just watching the Superhero Movie-- which totally sucked. BOO! =(

I'm tired of typing already! Haha!!
Let me just share (again) with you some of the pictures I edited while doing this-- Oh ha, multi tasker! =POh diba? Lakas maka- eye bags nung last two pictures! Haha!
Anyways, am I getting better?
I'd like to think so.
Haha! Kaya sige na, please, oo nalang kayo. =P Joke!!
(You can edit your pics too! Just go to!)

So ayun, sige na I'm getting hungry na... We have pepper steak with onions and I think it's calling my name already. =P
Hmm, yumeeeh! =)


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Sunday, April 13, 2008--- ♥6:23 PM
Signal to the JEEPNEY, pick me up! Take me to the place where, I grew up!

I got tagged by Cams a few days ago and since I'm home-- alone and bored, I decided to do it! =) Wahaha.

But you know what, I really shouldn't be bored right now... I should be busy preparing for the Anatomy midterms we'll be having this week.
But yeah, you know me... procrastination girl.

Anyways, I think I might be back on blogger sooner than I expected! I miss blogging here so much! =)
I miss all the blogger friends I met (Yes, YOU who's reading this!) here!
Haha!! So yeah.. Fcuk Anatomy and hello blogger! =P

♥The Rules:
I. Each blogger starts with ten random random facts/habits about themselves.
II. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their then things and post these rules.
III. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
IV. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward for something this Friday. =)
Eeeh, just thinking about it gets me all giddy! Haha!!
I don't want to reveal it yet cause I'm afraid I might jinx it! But trust me, when it DOES happen, you'll be the first ones I'd share it with!

I learned how to make French Toast by watching PBB's Teen Edition! Wahaha!! =)
OMGosh, I'm such a fan!
I'm really missing tagalog shows... you know it's really irritating to have to watch American shows all the time! It's a good thing YouChoob was invented!
I love you, YouChoob!!! =P

I have been hooked on for days now! (Your fault CINDSSS!!!) Haha! =P
I have always been sooo jealous of people who are really good with digital make-up edits and since poor little old me doesn't have an Adobe Photoshop installed on my computer, I was really happy when I read about this on Cindy's blog!
Check out my not-so-nice edits!

Pardon me, I'm still a noob! =P

(Check my title!)
I badly, badly, badly want to go back (home) to the Philippines already!
I'm sooo homesick! Huhu!!!
I admit.
I don't want to stay there for good... I just want to visit, like for maybe a month or so.

I miss my friends! I miss my room! I miss my cousins! I miss the malls! I miss driving! I miss the pollution!!!
And I wanna see Greenbelt 5! I wanna go to Embassy! I wanna swim at Boracay! I wanna eat isaws, dugos and kwek-kweks again. Waah!!!

Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong...
(LOL, Virgina yun eh!)

I miss being a child again!!! Waah!!!
While reading my soul sister, Scarlet's blog, I felt nostalgic after seeing his post about TV shows from our childhood years.
Haha, seriously!
You see, the only anime I ever watched in my whole life was... tentenenen..

Ghost Fighter!!!

Haha!!! I love, love, loveddd Vincent there!!
I loved the 100 porsyentong kapangyarihan ni Taguro! Bwahaha!!
I loved Eugene's Ray-gun(?) and I love, love, loveddd the pacifier-sucking kid, Jericho.

I was such a tibo back then!
I played with tex and all the street games you can imagine, with kids that lived 4 streets away from our house!
That's right, I used to "travel" (hey, 4 streets is long for an 8 year-old girl, itching to run around, okay!) just to play with kids from the other side of our "Village." Haha!!

(Kasi naman, all the other kids in my street were KJ's, and during that time, they were making our street into a main street na so all cars and public transportations were passing non-stop to and fro which made it unsafe for us younglings to play.)

Although I'm missing my Bedo brothers and sisters, and my BSN2-8 friends, I'm happy I'm meeting and gaining new friends here.
Yay, me! =)

I believe Blair Waldorf is trying to imitate me!
Pano ba naman kasi, I saw on one of her pictures, her wearing a pair of shoes looking exactly like mine!
Poser, much?
Haha!! LOL!
You don't believe me?
Here's proof...

Oh, diba? Tsktsk, I hate her!! Haha!! =P

If you don't catch me here, you can always find me in Multiply.
Let's be friends there!
Click THIS to view my account.

Oh, and you really can't see my full profile unless you add me because I've made some stuff there (the more personal ones) for contacts only. Okay, okay?

And please do follow me on Twitter too!
Click THIS.

I'm such a boyband lover!!
Wahaha!! My first "celebrity" crush ever was Mark Feehily (from Westlife)-- which I recently found out was gay.

Forgive me for being so cheesy but back then I would write him fan mails and make fan fictions of him and me being together forever. ♥ Bwahaha!!

Diba? How can a 6th grader me resist that boy-next door charm? =P LOL!

And finally,
I still haven't showered and it's already almost 9pm.
Stinky, me! =P

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Friday, April 4, 2008--- ♥7:47 PM
Happy Jollibee! =)

I miss blogging here. Huhu.

I have been over at Multiply a lot so if you guys have accounts there, feel free to add me up!
Ok, ok? =)
Check out my account, it's over at my "me" section on the sidebar.
Okay, I know you're too tamad to look for it so here's the link anyways... CLICK ME!

Anyways, we're almost halfway done with this Semester.
It's gonna be only 6 more weeks, then bye-bye Anatomy, hello Blogger again!!
(Can I get a yehey??? LOL!) I LOVEEE!!
Haha!! So yeah, see you guys after 6 weeks, mmkay??

Anyways, just wanna share...

They're gonna be opening a Jollibee branch 2 subway stops from where I live. (That's like 15 streets away). Woohoo, I effin love!!! Oh, diba? Jollibee East Coast talaga nakalagay? Soo posh!! Haha!! =)

And, pa-plug lang...
Don't forget to visit my friend's blog too!
It's (Click the URL)
She's new in blogger so let's welcome her ah! =)
Oh diba, totoo nga yung saying; "Pretty Pinoys in New York, flock together!"

Okay, that's it... XOXO!
You know you miss me,

N. ♥

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