Thursday, March 13, 2008--- ♥7:07 PM

One sizzling update coming right up!
--After 2 days, that is. =S

Don't forget about me, mmkay??
I promise to post something over the weekends.
Explanations regarding my "absence" will be dealt with there. Haha!!
Blog visits will also be done on the weekends, on Saturday to be exact.

I miss you all, and I do hope you missed me too (kahit konti lang?)!
Hahaha!! See you soon! Mwa! =D

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Sunday, March 2, 2008--- ♥10:31 PM
True love is the soul's recognition of it's counterpart in another.

We run back to each other when it's convenient.
We know that in the end, we're meant for each other but not for right now.

So we play these games, and act like we're okay when one of us has someone else;
When in reality it tears us apart to know that we can never be happy with someone else.

It's just that slight hope that we will end up together that always keeps us running back for more.

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