Monday, January 28, 2008--- ♥1:42 PM
Hush now baby, don't you cry.

There will come a point in your life when you'll get tired of trying to fix everything and chasing everyone.

It's not giving up.

It's just a realization that you don't need all those you went after because what you need are those who stood by you even if you never needed them.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008--- ♥7:06 PM
Can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?

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Monday, January 21, 2008--- ♥7:47 PM
Trick or treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!

(Me and my bloated face!)

Yesterday I was watching some movies online with my friend,-- yes, we're friends now!, Earl. Nyahaha! It was supposed to be Cloverfield but I didn't like it so I stopped it midway. Then he recommended Battle Royale... I've never heard of it before yesterday but it turns out it was pretty good! It's this Japanese flick wherein a class of high school students inside a school bus were kidnapped and taken into an abandoned island which later on turns out to be some kind of battleground. You could only get out of there when all of your other classmates are dead, so basically you're gonna have to kill for survival 'cause only 1 person gets to leave. It's a cool movie if you're like into gory stuff like me... So yeah, try to watch it! =) Then after Battle Royale, I watched 27 dresses... which was... soo effin' bad, it puts the B in Boring!!! Haha! =P

Anyways, since this blog is dedicated to all things silly and yummy... Yes, that is me after eating half a pint of my current addiction, Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream! Arrr! Imagine?? Half a pint?? I was outside the bathroom that time 'cause I was trying to do a Blair Waldorf, which was to stick my finger down my throat... I was successful at doing that but nothing came out! Haha! I wonder why?? Maybe I'm not fit to be bulimic! Haha! =P

I've always had crazy food cravings which usually lasts for more or less one month. It's an addictive cycle wherein once im fixated on something, I eat it over and over AND over again until I get sick of it... Yes, over and over again, meaning everyday (or at least every other day!).
Here are some them:

Cheesy (the chips!) and chocnuts during recess and lunch when I was in high school. --(My BC babies can totally attest to this!)

Hershey's Cookies 'n cream chocobits, those pink and purple colored Nerds and "mixed" flavored fries when I was in Grade 4. --(which me and my busmates would buy and eat on the bus on the way home!)

Mango float --(also during high school!! Oh, how I miss CSA!!)

Taho!!! --(*and with a shy smile* "Manong, padami nung matamis, please!")

Food from Fiat and Lolo Claro's and the "bahay-kubo"-like-place right outside Nicasia when I was in LaSalle! --(Oh, I miss my BSN28!!)

YEMA!! --(Eman!! Red!! Migs- the poem!!! Haha!! =D )

Lays' cheddar and sour cream! --(my comfort food when I came here!)

Reese's peanut butter cups --(which only lasted for a week.. two at most!)

Salad from the school's caf. --(and from Seattle's!)

McD's friesss!!! --(This one never went away.. till now!!!)

and right now, it's the one I was telling you earlier (B&J's Phish Food Ice Cream), and just so you know, it's not "fish-food" flavored (YUCK!), it was named that way 'cause the chocolate bits inside were shaped like cute little fishies. =)

There are tons more I'm sure, but I just couldn't remember them already! =) A lot of my friends have scolded me (Karla!! Haha!!) for eating just for the sake of munching. I know, I'm a pig! Haha!! =D But what can I do, food makes my tummy happy!! =D

You know you love it too(food!),

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Sunday, January 20, 2008--- ♥7:53 PM
Promise that you’ll love me. Love me like you’ll never see me again.

( -And also cause I'm not in the mood to write anything! =P )

It's the voicemail Ben, the number-giver, left me a few hours after he gave me his number.
(Sorry I replayed it cause I thought the 1st recording didn't work!)

(Haha! It's NADINE, not "Neydeeen!!!")

Anyways, replying to the tags and comments tomorrow since we have no classes-- Martin Luther King Day.

K? Bye!! =D

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Friday, January 18, 2008--- ♥5:37 PM
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about. And she's got everything that I have to live without.

I'm depressed! =(
It's finally confirmed!
Why writers, whyyyy???


(Random photos from class.-- While we were watching this super cool video about Child Development!)

(Good Morning, sunshine!)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008--- ♥12:43 PM
This is my calling! *Covergirl* =P

(Got these from Kat! =D)

Now I know what my real calling is! It doesn't have anything to do with Nursing, Teaching, or becoming a Flight Attendant. It is this...


Bwahahaha!! =) Putting my cam-whoring skills to good use! =P
Visit my other profiles: --

Friendster- to see my MAXIM photoshoot []
Multiply- for my SEVENTEEN cover []
Facebook- my ROLLING STONE ad []

Bwahahaha!! Sorry, feelingera post!! Just feeling pretty... PRETTY UGLY lately!


P.S. Will reply to the tags & comments tom!-- (Wala akong pasok!!) =D

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008--- ♥1:28 PM
I say, "Brr! It's cold in here!"

Haha! =D Some guy gave me his number while I was walking at 6th Ave. yesterday. It was soo funny! I searched for him in Facebook and found his account! Haha!! =D Lookie, lookie (his pictures!)...

This maybe the most normal shot you can see of him! Because...

Wahaha!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE??? I think he might be a pornstar! Haha! Watchuthink??? =P

Too bad, if only I've met him when he was younger...

Sayang! Pero pwedeng pang puppy-love nun! Haha! =D (He's the one on the left.)

Anyways, I won't be calling him to "hang-out and stuff"(his words!). So, call him if you're interested.. duh, you already have his number! Haha! =P

Celebrities are really lucky they have their winter homes in 'freakin Dubai or some hidden island in God-knows-where during this kind of weather! I hate winter! I abso-effin-lutely hate it! =)

I hate it because--
- it makes my kulot, salot hair all frizzy!
- it makes me miss my Havaianas and shorts!
- the sun is only seen from 7-something to 4pm-ish! (I miss it!)
- it causes my skin dryness.. and my lips, chappyness(if ever there's a word?).
- it spells innerwear, sweaters, turtlenecks, tights, leg warmers, jeans, gloves, bonnets and jackets (YES, all at the same time!).
- it makes the hair on my legs grow faster(I don't even know why!).
- it takes forever, and I mean, FOREVER to get dressed even if you're just gonna go grab something at the deli!
- (this is funny!)-- a friend once told me it reminded her of Shakespeare's, "to be or not to be"-- but in this case it's "too pee or not to pee", since you have to go through this whole process of undressingANDredressing just to let it out! And yeah, it really is no laughing matter being stuck in a cubicle (with used tampons, boogers and whatnots!) with like a ton of clothing on.
- and don't even get me started with SNOW! Ughhhh!!

I hate it! I just hate it! Bwahaha!
Winter is evil I tell you, eviiiiiil!!!

This was during our 15-minute break. We weren't hungry so we didn't leave the room. I was sleepy and bored too, soooo...

Sinong may crush dito??? Haha!! Potpot, is dat youuuu??? =P
I like his laugh! It's really contagious! I hate his hands though! Parang pang construction worker! =P

This guy's story naman is, he has already taken our class (DevPsych) last Session (with the same prof!), pero he got an F from her so he needed to take it again. What I don't get is, why did he take it again with the same prof? What if she gives him an F again? Weird! Oh well...

Anyways, I need to do my paper now! Yesss, I know, another one!!!-- (Pero sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa yun gagawin ngayon, sa Tuesday pa naman ipapasa eh..) Magbabasa lang ako ng GG!! Haha.. So, byeeeee!! =)


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008--- ♥1:08 PM
Nothing in this world can stop us tonight. I can do what she can do, so much better!

Don't you just hate wannabe pimples?
Pimplets, that's what I call them!

Seryoso, what's their purpose ba in life?
Ugly, nasty little bumps!
I mean, really!
Hello, I wash my face 3x a day na nga eh, sometimes even 4 (in between classes!).
What more do you want from me, ha?!?
At isa pa pala, itong mga singaws!

Pimplets and singaws!!

Hindi talaga pwedeng hindi sila isa-isa lang kung tumubo eh, diba?
Motto kasi siguro nila talaga eh, "No man is an island!", kaya yan kung nasan yung isa nilang friend eh jumojoin din sila!

Aba, talaga naman, magaling, magaling, magaling!


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Monday, January 14, 2008--- ♥4:20 PM
I can make you nice and naughty, be the devil and angel too.


I'm on a GG-high! Woohoo!! =D
OMGosh!! My wish came true!!! =D
Oh, you just don't know how happy I am right now!! Thank you, Mid-Manhattan Library!! =)

The one I bought at Atlantic City.

A week ago I went there(at the Lib, not at Atlantic City!) and made some requests. Then last Friday, someone from the Library called our house and told me that out of the 10 books I've requested, 3 were already ready for pick-up. I went to get them a while ago, but surprise, surprise... almost all the books I've requested were there already(only 1 was missing)! I really wasn't expecting all of them and geez, I only had my schoolbag with me so how the hell would I be able to get them all inside, right? It's a good thing I stopped by Express first to purchase the $15 giftcard they sent me(I don't even know why they sent me one, but hey, I'm not complaining!) so I had their plastic bag with me. By the way, this is what I bought

It kinda looks like a belt-bag, but it's really not. And eventhough it doesn't look that great in the picture, it's actually pretty cute when you see it for real! Bad, lighting, bad! =P
Pink, O-ye!! =D

And here are the books!!!

=D I'm soo happy, I could eat a horse! Yey, me! =D

And oh, I forgot.. While on the way going there, we passed by the Serendipity Cafe! It was actually my first time to see it! I was expecting it would be somewhat grand-looking or whatever, but it was really small and ordinary. I guess it's just the movie that made it famous. But, I still wanna eat there someday... Just to take some pictures and stuff...

Anyways, I got these from "Gossip" there is just soo funny that I couldn't help myself from posting some of my faves here! =D
Black dude #1, eating ice cream: My priorities in life is my family... Ummm... Food... And, ummm... Pussy.
Black dude #2: Yeah, I love pussy!
Black dude #1: I know, man. Me, too. I'm addicted to it.
Black dude #2: I wish it tasted more like Häagen-Dazs.
Black dude #1: Word!

Bag lady: Don't you call me no grandma! That ain't right. I'm a 'nana,' not a 'grandma.'
Hobo: I ain't call you no grandma -- I called you a old lady.
Bag lady: Oh, okay. Yeah, that's right, 'cause I ain't no grandma!

Guy: Don't you get embarrassed carrying a Discman?
Girl with Discman: I don't get embarrassed... Except that one time I farted in high school. But it was only embarrassing because I sneezed and farted at the same time.
Guy: What?

Bus driver: No phones on the bus. I don't care if you got problems with your mother, or your brother, or girlfriend got a problem with boyfriend, or boyfriend got a problem with girlfriend, or girlfriend-girlfriend, or boyfriend-boyfriend, or just you got a sad, pathetic life, because other passengers do not like to hear those things. And if you sleep, leave your shoes on -- people take their shoes off, it smells like fish market.

50-ish lady on cell in stall: Hello? In the bathroom... I had to pee-pee, so I'm in the bathroom at Barney's... Yeah, so the doctor said she might have cancer and she'd have to get a biopsy... Hold on while I wipe.

Lady approaching friend and her child: Well, hello Sabrina! What are you going to ask from Santa Claus for Christmas?
Little girl: Look, lady -- I'm eight, not ignorant.

Chick #1: So, what happened with you and that guy from the bar last night?
Chick #2: Oh, him? We went back to my place and had sex.
Chick #1: Oooh... How was it?!
Chick #2: Eh, it wasn't the best. He wanted to do anal, and I was tired and drunk, so I was like, 'Whatever...'
Chick #1: Oh my god, really? I would never do anal...
Chick #2: Eh, I thought so, too, but turns out it's really not that bad. It's just like shitting... only in reverse.

Ookay.. So I was supposed to only copy-paste like 2 maybe.. 4 max! I got carried away, sorry! =P But aren't they just soo funny?? Haha, I give 'em 4 and a half stars.. and a muffin! Why a muffin? Well, why not? =)

Let's answer some questions this time! =D
Visit my VOX page (look for the link at the left side of this page!).
I can't believe that I've completely forgotten about this thing here-- my last update has been months ago, July 9 to be exact!
Sorry, Vox. =)

♥ Have you ever done anything out of pure spite? What did you do?

I don't think I've ever had!-- See what a lovely girl I am? =P

But I know SOME people who brushed someone's toothbrush inside the toilet bowl, peed inside his shampoo and toothpaste container (even on his perfume, I think?), infested his chips by putting random things in it, jumped all over his sheets (with their shoes on!), and used his pillows to kill a cockroach!
Haha, so dorm people... Be afraid, be very afraid... for you never know what your roommate(s) might be doing to your stuff because of pure hatred! Ahaha! =P

P.S.I'm not telling who, and if you quote me on this, I'm just gonna deny everything! =P

♥ If you could create your own National Holiday, what would it be and when?

It would be called the Nadine Day, and all A-list designers would be mandated to send me a pair of their newest shoes or their newest handbags! =P Calling Manolo Blahnik!!! Hello, Hermes!!! =D I know, materialistic me.. Ugh! Jokeeee!!!

♥ If you haven't noticed yet, the titles of the boxes (over at the left side!) has been after the titles of the Gossip Girl books!
La lang, just some useless information. =)

♥ EXACTLY one month till thee concert! Yey! =D

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Sunday, January 13, 2008--- ♥12:39 PM
V-day at MadSquare!!!

OhMyGosh!! =D
Guess who's gonna be at the Madison Square Garden, watching Matchbox 20, on Valentine's Day??


Joseph asked me to go with him! I actually have had those tickets for quite some time now-- (like a month or so?). He dropped over here (at our house) to give it to me, but I only got excited about it right now--(or more like, a while ago)!
Yey, concert!!! Haha! =D
I'm soo weird! =D

14th's gonna be the last day of my DevPsych class (last day of Session 2-- SPRING SEM, here I come!). And oh, the day after the concert (15th), I'm gonna be babysitting from 2-6pm so.. goodluck to me! =P

( Fugly-fake smile!! =P )
Anyways, as promised, here's the sleeveless hoodie I got from Roxy- (remember one of the giftcards I got for Christmas?).
It makes me super warm and the lining inside is just... too soft.. soo divine!
I ♥ Roxy!! =D


P.S. I still can't get over Xiaxue's blog!-- ( =P

"I'm scared of not being with you."
"Oh baby that'll never happen!!!..."


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Saturday, January 12, 2008--- ♥11:53 PM
That's a secret I'll never tell.

I can't sleep. Rar!!

My night light got busted and... oh well, I might as well admit it! Yes, I have a "problem" with sleeping without the lights turned on... I know, I'm old! =P But in all fairness to me, I too can sleep in the dark, given that I have someone beside or someone inside the room with me. But right now, I'm alone so.. tough luck!
"I'm sorry dilim, it's not you.. it's me!! Haha! =P


Oh, and I noticed that everytime I post something here, it shows up in my Multiply too! At first I didn't know why that was happening, but then I remembered that during that time I was having problems with Google, I enabled the cross-posting thingy there. So yea, if anyone is viewing this via my Multiply account, Hello to you!! =D
(Just visit my blog-- CLICK HERE -- so you could understand what I would be talking about in the next line.)

So anyways, since I can't go to thee dreamland, I decided to just change my lay. Well not exactly change CHANGE, cause as you can see, it still kinda looks like the old one.. I just tinkered with a few things. If the former lay was Gossip Girl-ish, this one naman(WHAT IS THE FREAKIN' ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THIS WORD??) is inspired by Sophie Kinsella's, Can You Keep a Secret?-- and yes, the "secrets" at the topmost part aren't mine (they were from Chapter 1 of the book!).


Haha. I just LOL-ed myself over here! =D While typing this, I was viewing this girls' blog-- have you heard of her? If not, then you're like me too! I just "discovered" her a while ago! Oh, and she has videos in YouTube too!

(Checks the videos out!)

Haha. OMGosh!!!
This is soo funny!! I love her accent!! I can't stop laughing!! This is soo crazy!! She is soo crazy!! =P
"But if I'm a flea, I wouldn't choose a sheep's like.. fur lah, it would be like way too thick!... I guess fleas don't really have opinions."
Panaloooo. OMG!! Winner!!! =D

Anyways, I'm gonna end this now cause I'm gonna go watch this girls' videos! Bwahaha! =D
Bye, bye! =D

P.S. I'll reply to the tags and comments tomorrow, okie?
Me loves youuu!! =)

P.P.S. I've been too used to getting hurt, but it still makes me cry at night and bleed inside.---
If everything was just designed to end up.. then who am I to let things happen the way I want?
People come and go. Love starts sweet, and ends bitter. The trust once strong, now has weakened. One day he's sweet, the next he'll turn into someone else. He told me he loves me, and then takes it back by showing me he can move on and be better without me...
--AND be a lot happier with someone else.

(Wala lang.)

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Friday, January 11, 2008--- ♥5:59 PM
Don't CRY because it's OVER. SMILE, because it HAPPENED.

I've posted this at my Friendster Bulletin Board on New Year's day. Just wanted to share it with you guys! =D

MY 2007 AWARDS for the following
categories goes to:

-- POTPOT!!! Bailey's at Atlantic
Ocean!! Ahaha!! Memoriesssssss..=)

-- Karla =) Babyyyy!!! Grade 5 pa
tayooooo!!! =) IMY, ILY!!!!

-- Shawn!! =P Cause once you go black,
you never go back! =P

-- Migrating here. =) Being reunited
with my one and only-- Mom. =)

-- Thee Breakup.. Oh well. =)

-- Thanksgiving! Turkey Day is happy
day! =P

6) YOUR SONG FOR 2007?
-- Umbrella, ella, ella, ey ey ey. =P

7) MOVIE FOR 2007?
-- TRANSFORMERSSSS!!! I love you, Shia!

-- Nothing. But I was dressed in skulls
and hearts. =) Oh, I came as Paris for Pot's bday! =P

-- MY THAI! Thai food-- THE BEST!!! =D
Yum, yummmmmm!!!

-- Haha. Past is past. =)

-- That's for me to know, and for you to
find out. =)

-- Get a JOB!!!!

-- How am I supposed to remember when
I'm wasted?


-- Aww... =) Bedo's, BFF, Migs, Red,
Potskyyy. =)

-- Change in location, I guess?? =P

21) BIGGEST douche bag AWARD?
-- *arl.

-- Just to simply be happy. =)

Let's be friends in Friendster?!?
Give me your emails, I'll add you! =D

P.S. Check out my ANSWER BLOG, here! I've updated it already and made some minor changes-- If you want to be linked, just go there and if you wanna see my Twitter updates, give it a visit. Go now, GOOO!

P.P.S. You know I love you. XOXO.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008--- ♥4:33 PM
I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer!

Sorry about the byline which you'll see later. It's just the frustrated writer inside of me typing! Lol! Anyhoo, here's my 3rd entry on the "What's inside your..." posts.

To view the first two, click here and here!!!

By: Nadine Kristel Arraiza

So, the festive season came and went... Were you happy with the gifts you got? Did you "recycle" some of them? Or were you at the nearest malls the day after to get them exchanged? Haha! =D

I sure wasn't expecting the gifts I got this past year... I even thought I wouldn't get any (well except maybe from my Mom, since all my other ninongs/ninangs/close friends are back home!). But yeah, thankfully, I did! =) I would really have loved showing ALL of them to you, it's just that some of them have already gone-- in my stomache(chocolates and cookies!), others are currently in the laundry basket and the rest I guess are just to personal to share. Heehee. I know it's kinda late posting Christmas-inspired entries but hey, shouldn't everyday be like Christmas Day? =P

Sidenote: This was taken at a photo booth inside the moviehouse the weekend before Christmas. We watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets. A movie wasn't really part of the plan. We were just supposed to eat at Pot's house for a Pre-Christmas party. It was just one of the spur-of-the-moment moments. Haha!

Skulls! Skulls! Skulls! Yey! Scarf, lipgloss and slippers from Claire's. (The top was from H&M though-- I bought it for myself!)

Shirts, shirts and more shirts! Those are just the three ones I still haven't used. They still even have their tags on them! The other shirts I got were, like I said, at the laundry basket already. I love getting clothes! They really are useful, especially for school! Haha! See, I have a rule... Not to wear the same outfit twice in one month. =D

I got a new school bag too. It really came handy cause my old bag's really big for me now since I'm only taking 1 subject this session. So there. (Notice that it's also brown.. it's just the smaller version of the one I have!)

Mom gave this to me. You know I've always wanted a Tokidoki one, right? But Mom checked and saw that Macy's and Lord&Taylor were out of them. Since I don't know any other store with a LeSportsac boutique, she opted to just buy this. She also got one for herself but hers is black. It's Guess' too so I guess it's a perfect replacement for TD.

This is one of the more personal ones. Haha! You're lucky I even showed you the box! Jokeee!! =D

I also got gift cards from Roxy, Lord&Taylor and Macy's. I'll show you the other clothes I got from them some other time. =D My Tito Ramon also gave me a D&G perfume. We also got an entertainment system (complete with speakers and subwoofers) from Tito Nilo. There were also the almost endless supply of chocolates, truffles, cakes and maybe all the sweets you can imagine from various people! But above all these, I guess the "gifts" I really enjoyed getting were the ones from my friends back home. They're not material things but they mean the most to me! All of their messages in Y!M, in Friendster and in Multiply really made my year! Special thanks to Eman and Migs for even calling! I was really touched, not to mention shocked because hey, long distance calls costs money y'know! =) I love them boys! =D

New Year? Jan 1st here is done way differently from the way we do it in the Phil. For one thing firecrackers aren't allowed here so it's really quiet-- well except maybe for the clappers and little trumpets the children have. We welcomed the year by just watching the dropping of the ball on TV and going to the 2nd and 6th floor to greet some friends. We didn't eat media noche anymore because earlier that night we ate out at my all-time fave Thai resto, My Thai. =D

P.S. Have you seen the trailer for Meet the Spartans? I think it's funny! Anyone agree with me? =D
P.P.S. I also wanna watch Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo! Will someone please upload them in YouTube already? =P


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008--- ♥12:59 PM
When he cries at night, and he doesn't think that I could hear him.

I can't believe that a lot has already happened this week (and it's only Wednesday!). I think God has given me THE sign! Yey! I think Santa's gonna be droppin' my long overdue gift anytime this month-- It's okay Santa, better late than never! =D Oh well, here are some tidbits.. =P

*First day of Session 2 classes.

*4 new Filipino friends!-- 1 can understandANDspeak tagalog... while the others just can understand.

*MOVIE MARATHON TO THE EXTREMES!!(All of them in ONE day!)--
Beta House (BOO!),
The Number 23(YEY!),
I am Legend(NAY!),
Jenny&Juno(Korean film)(YEYYEY!!),
Shallow Hal(OK!), Enchanted(HMM!),
The Perfect Holiday(SoSo)
The Girl Next Door(the new one.. not the Elisha C. pornstar thingy!)(OMGosh!Winner!).

*Shopping, ofcourse!-- Maybe sometime this week I'll share the pics with you. I swear, one day I'll bombard you with pictures, it won't be funny! Bwahaha!! =D

Hmm.. Methinks.. The other ones are kinda personal already sooo... END.--
And there are still 4 more days remaining. I wonder what else would come up. =)

I'm also planning on changing my layy.. It's not because I'm tired of GG already, it's just that I wanted to do the new year, new lay thingy! LOL. But I don't know.. I don't have the "drive" yet. Haha! I'm gonna be updating my links though, AND my question box! See, I have a lot of time in my hands right now.. cause today, just this once, I'm finally free... from everything! =P

P.S. And that means you have to ask me again! Go, type something in the box now!!!! GO!

Anyways.. I also wanted to share my paper for my GenPsych class last Session with you guys. I really don't think it's THAT good since I only did it for less than a day. But considering that, I still got an A so whattheheck!
Here you goooo.. =D

December 5, 2007
Mr. Blake Eastman-- SSY101

Psychology Term Paper
(Topic: Eating Disorder- Anorexia)

21-year old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston is only one of the thousands in the fashion industry who has suffered from the eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. Sadly though, she was also part of the ones who died (November 14, 2006) because of having such sickness. Ana was only 40 kilos (or 88 pounds) and was diagnosed dehydrated the day she passed away. That time last year, she had been the second model who had succumbed to the disorder- 3 months before her, co-model, Luisel Ramos also died while doing a fashion show. Because of such events, the Madrid fashion community, along with other big-time designers, decided to ban severely underweight models in their future runways.

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder which had been very rampant in females (particularly in teens) for the past years. Yes, there were also some males who have been diagnosed to have this, but they can only be seen in small percentages. Anorexia is essentially starving yourself- which can be done obviously by not eating food or in severe cases, not taking in liquids- including the one our body needs the most, water. It can basically be described as a “fear” of putting something in your mouth. Some physical symptoms of having this disorder includes: Significant weight loss, Depression, Change of Menstrual Cycle or complete absence of Menstruation (for females), Mild Anemia, Growth of Lanugo (baby-fine hair covering the body) and Having brittle nails and hair.

According to my research, doctors have yet to find the exact cause/s of Anorexia. Their main theory is that there are varieties of factors involved such as Genetics, Family Behavior and Culture. There are a lot of treatments available for Anorexia- from Medications to Nutrition Education, and even Family Counseling- But since almost all of those who suffer from this are in denial that they have such disorder, they refuse to be treated. Anorexia Nervosa is just one of the many eating disorders out there. Although it’s considered as one of the deadliest, there are still a lot of unhealthy practices that we are being exposed to right now. Some examples of the most common are Bulimia Nervosa (forced-purging which can lead to Anorexia when not stopped) and Binge-Eating (non-stop eating which causes Obesity or other cholesterol-related problems).

In my opinion, it just all boils down to this:

Acceptability in Society = Popularity and Money.

Popularity and Money = Celebrities and Models.

Celebrities and Models = Stick thin.

Stick thin = Anorexia.

It is our nature to want to belong. Whoever came up with the saying, “No man is an island” knows what he’s talking about. Human beings generally have tendencies- We crave the feeling of being wanted, being known by the masses, being important, being SOMEONE. Media and Society play very big roles in why we think we need to conform to this. Have you ever noticed the famous paintings during the Renaissance & Medieval Eras or the sculptures that were made in the Ancient and Classical Periods? How different do the models then look compared with the models we have now? It was because a long time ago, being big was what was socially accepted. Voluptuousness meant that you were part of the wealthy ones because you had money to buy food and stuff. This is also what is happening right now. Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan are just some of the many well known celebrities that are talked about right now. We always see them on television and in print-ads. The younger ones look up to them for fashion and style. But what do they all have in common? You decide! Modern media sends us this message. We were fed with the message that being thin is what is attractive to the eye. That having the stick figure is what you need to be “in.” Picture this- A young (14-year old) girl, standing 5feet-4inches is medically considered healthy if she weighs 110pounds (average weight per height). But because of what sees on T.V. or maybe because suddenly some kid at school picks on her for being “healthy”, she comes to believe that she has to drop down to just 90pounds. So then she starts to skip meals, a little at a time- depriving her body of the nutrients it needs for her to grow and develop normally. She gets thinner and thinner, but she still believes she’s fat. Eventually, her body rejects anything she takes by mouth. She becomes very undernourished and she now needs to be admitted in the hospital or if worse comes to worst, in a funeral home. Sad, but then that’s reality. That is what’s really happening right now.

The thought of wanting to be like someone or wanting to be a part of something glamorous isn’t bad at all. It, in some way, in fact gives us a euphoric-kind-of-special feeling. Who wouldn’t want to be well-known, right? Who wouldn’t want to have their pictures taken in exchange for large sums of money? All of us dreams of that kind of life. What makes it not good though is if we still continue to follow something that we know is not right to begin with. It’s if we still patronize the kind of attitude when we know for real that it’s going to be harmful for us in the long run. Being a fan of someone famous or some celebrity, like Lindsay Lohan for example, is normal. But why don’t we, instead of following her negative traits (like her being Anorexic before), focus more on the positive things she had offered- her powerful singing voice or her flair for acting. As I’ve said earlier, Media and Society do play a great role on how we perceive things. They are correlated with how we choose to live our lives. But, it does not mean that they are the main causers of why some of us are thin, average or fat. In the end it’s still up to us to decide on whether who or what to follow. Now who would you want to be? Pin-figured Olive Oil, Spinach-eating Popeye, or Glutton-man Brutus?



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Monday, January 7, 2008--- ♥6:21 PM

Ugh! But before that, let me just say.. This is my first entry everrrr for 2008!
Fwakamollyyy, hiatus!! =P

Mmkay! A few days ago Cindy, my dandaa( maganda!=D ) friend, wrote something on her blog about Koreans. I admit! I'm guilty of being a "wannorean"--Naks, Cindy! Ikaw nagpauso nito!-- too! =) I absolutely love everything Korean-esque. From their Han-Bok(?)-- the national costume down to their own version of Hollywood, "Koreywood"-- (I know, I made that one up!).

I have always liked watching their movies and soaps AND have always enjoyed listening/singing along to their songs which I can't really understand/pronounce properly. (Refer to THIS entry!). Just last night I spent almost half the day watching/searching for K flicks. Also, sometime last month I spent one whole day watching Full House(my most fav!)-- Yes, the whole season!From the very start down to the credits!-- which took about 18 hours to finish!-- including bathroom and kitchen breaks! Haha! =)

So yeah. (Going back to the title.) I've always wondered what it felt like to date someone K-- or even be close friends with one! We had a foreigner's class at CSA before, and yeah I've had some K acquaintances during the 7th grade--(I was in Section B, and the foreigner's class was Sec.A). I mean, cause obviously I've had my fair share of Pinoys! And I guess I already have some knowledge with Americans and Espanols since I've been around them for pretty much almost a year now. But Koreans? (I Love You, KEVJUMBA!) Never.

I guess you've noticed that I haven't been updating "well" that much. Part of the reason is cause I have been nursing a broken heart. No, scratch that. I'm STILL nursing that said heart. I guess what I really just want now is closure-- from him. Yes, him! Too bad Santa didn't give me my Christmas wish. I guess I hadn't really been a good girl last year. Umm, but okay enough of that... Arg, I don't know anymore! Hmm...

What I'm trying to say is I hope I could find my very own "Justin"... He who would teach me how to ride a bike, who'll make me chicken porridge whenever I'm sick and who would choose me over all the "Lorraine's" in the world. I would also love to have a "Juno" whom which would wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to get me my octopus craving or marry me in our school gym.

Fukc! Anlabo nito!

Anyways, sorry about that disgusting post!
Just some quick updates..
Our computer has been reformatted..
School has started yet again..
Newfound friends..
I forgot the other things already.. =P

I'm gonna visit your blogs tomorrow, okie? I'll be out of school by 12 so I'll have time. =) Thanks so much for all the tags! But for now..


P.S. Just wanted to share these.
Just venting out...

From JANNA (
Why did it have to end like this? This year was supposed to be happy and the thing we had was supposed to be the cherry on top. Duh? I'm so stupid. After posting an entry about being okay and talking through things with my mum, here I am hurting and trying to get over it once again. I guess the healing process will take more than two days. Give me till next week, I promise I'll end this loser streak. I'll be the old sane me. He just lost someone so sweet and caring. So HAHA to you mister. I don't even know if he felt the same way. I guess not. Torment me now please. Anyway, it's DAY ONE of moving on. Yesterday was the fake DAY ONE because after I wrote that blog below this, I went back to being the stare-at-the-ceiling gal ready-to-stay-in-bed-for-the-rest-of-the-week. He is effin up. I mean it. Ack.

Screw you Disney for making me believe in happy endings. No, I take that back. I love fairy tales.

From Reckless, An It Girl Novel (Cecily Von Ziegesar)--
It really kind of sucked to be close for someone for so long and then suddenly not be anything anymore.

From Jessie (Full House)--
Sabi nila pag mahal mo ang isang tao, inaalagaan mo ito. Kaya sige, alagaan mo na siya. Wag kang mag-alala.. aalagaan naman kita eh.

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