Tuesday, September 11, 2007--- ♥11:22 AM
Confessions of an Heiress.

(BTW, I've always wanted to buy that book! Heehee.)

Sorry for the nonsense blabbing! I'm just so excited in going back to school again (I know, I know, like I've said that a million times already)! =D

By: Nadine Kristel Arraiza

Most classes had already opened in as early as the last week of August for some of the students here... But for me and my fellow schoolmates, school just started last Monday (and will start tomorrow for me). Well here are some of the things I'm gonna be bringing now that I'm going back to the classrooms again.

There ya go, here's my bag. I love it simply because it's very spacious! It's exactly what I need!

The cluttered mess. These are gonna be the things that I'll literally be carrying on my shoulders. LOL! See the Eclipse gum? Syempre essential yan! You'll never know when you're gonna need to freshen your breath diba? =P Oh, see that blue pig cellphone holder? It's for my Nokia phone which I used for my Globe Roaming Sim before. But now that I'm not on roaming anymore, I just use my Nokia phone as a camera. Heehee. I actually used it to take these pics that's why there are no pics of it there. =)

Theee Books. Oh, the orange one is my notebook! I only have 3 classes! (5 credits all in all)
I still haven't bought my Psych book. I'm still thinking if I should buy it, or I should just borrow from the lib and photocopy the pages. Cheap, I know! =D

My cellphone and my sunglasses which I bought from the Phil pa for only 150 pesos, I think! I know, how cheap right? But I don't really care for sunglasses anyways, as long as it keeps my eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, okay na! I'd rather spend more money on clothes kasi. So there. Although if someone gave me really nice aviators, I wouldn't mind! =D

My Bestfriends! The NY Bus/Subway Map and my house keys.
If you're still quite new here in NY like me, I'm sure you too have this with you (the map, I mean). During the first months that I was here, I always relied on my Mom for directions. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I just consult my map. Hehe. =D

My Organizer! =D I got it from Barnes & Nobles. Cute noh? But I've always wanted the Starbucks' Planner. Hmm, maybe next year? (I don't even know if they have it here!)

The Wallet, "Kikay" (make-up) kit and my most favorite scent of all- VANILLA. =D

There ya have it!
Oh, ikaw? What's inside your school bag? =D
So remember, boys and girls! Stay in school, because


Altogether now! Because SCHOOL IS COOL ( and it really is!!)!
And that is the moral lesson of this days' entry.

Till next time!

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