Tuesday, September 25, 2007--- ♥4:15 PM
I remember the boy, but I can't remember the feeling anymore.

Happy Birthday, stranger!
You know who you are.

mmmm.. gets mo na yun =)

"It's not the distance that matters for a relationship to fail, it's how we make the distance closer for a relationship to work."

Walahhhh langgggg!! =D

Aylaveetttt!! Kickboxing and Bellydancing classes yesterday, PLUS, heart to heart talks with Pot! Hehe.. I love you, Potpot!!=D

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Sunday, September 23, 2007--- ♥1:11 PM
Something's Gotta Give

We didn't have classes last Thursday because there was something going on in our school. I went to the gym with Marge. We attended some classes.. I forgot the name of the first one but we used these exercise balls. It was soo fun! That was my first time to use those. The next class was Salsa, which was fun-ner. =P Haha! I love it! We were there for almost 3 hours! Now you know why my muscles were sore! It was because of that.

I'm looking forward to this coming Monday because the classes are gonna be Yoga and Belly Dancing. I bet they're gonna be cool! ♥

So after the gym, I went to Marge's house to get the Psychology book I borrowed from her. It was a good thing that she had the exact book I needed for my Psych class 'coz I didn't wanna spend $120+ for that one book! I'd rather use the money for shopping, no! =D Haha. We ate lunch (Chinese food delivered), watched Norbit-- (funny!), and played with Almira and Ivory (dogs-I don't know their breed, sorry!).

World, meet Ivory! Isn't she a darling! Soooo cute!!
=D I wasn't able to take Almira's pic because I'm scared of her. She didn't wanna come near me AND she kept on barking at me.. She looks just like Ivory though, but she's black.

I wanna have a dog too!! =) I'm gonna get one and name her Tinkerbell. Yes, just like Paris'! Haha. =D

FudgeDarnIt, you know what else happened? I got my period that afternoon! I didn't know that it was my time of the month already so I wasn't ready! When I became "aware" that I had it, it was too late cause blood was all over my undies already (Eeep, sorry, too much info na ba? Hehe) . It was so nice of Marge to lend, I mean give me one of her undies! I said give cause I wouldn't wanna return it to her again! I'll just buy her a new one in exchange. Haha. It was soo embarrassing, really!!!! But well, what could I do? It's not like I could fight Mother Nature, right! So there. Effing period!


Friday was fun! I had 2 classes that day AND a 5-hour break(interval) in between. It was okay though because the break was fun! I ate lunch with Pot and Karen.

BTW, they're my classmates in my first class--MAT:Math Medical Dosage. Our teacher is Indian (I think!). At first I had a hard time understanding what he was saying because he kept on speaking softly AND I wasn't familiar with his accent. But towards the end, I got the hang of it.
The class was okay. My seatmate was really annoying though! Feeling gwapo! He kept on shouting the answers when our prof asked us to compute for something! Geez, some of us weren't even done with our solutions yet! How rude was that! Hello, sige na, matalino ka na!

My second class--Psychology101 was the bomb! And can I just say, my teacher, Mr. Blake Eastman, is da*n HOTTTTT!!!! I looked for his profile in Facebook and I found it! Haha. Stalker much? I didn't add him though, that would be retarded! But, look at him! That pic doesn't do him justice! He's soo much yummier in person! =D He's a great teacher too! But what I really love is he's only 4 years older than I am. Someone asked him how old he was but he didn't wanna say his exact age. He told us he was younger than 25 though so... Pwede naaaaa!!=D Haha! Ayayayay! I love it!! =D

Oh, so going back.. I had lunch with Pot and Karen at our caf. We saw Kim and Nercida there too and they sat with us. FUN! =D After eating we stayed at the "garden", the garden's where students can smoke (it's still inside the school).. No, I'm not a smoker now (Pot is!), we just stayed there because it was too cold inside! Going to the garden turned out to be a great idea afterall because apparently, that's the place where most of our Filipino schoolmates went to. We met some new "potential" friends there. Hehe. Yoko, Adrian, Emil Carlos(the guy I met during orientation), Shimmy and there was another guy--I forgot his name though cause he was the only one who wasn't a Filipino. I saw Chel there too! Chel is my cousin, btw, but she didn't stay that long because she only had a 10-minute break.

The nicest one was Adrian because when Pot and Karen had to go to their next class (I only had them as classmates for 1 subject), he stayed with me. He also went with us when I had to go to the other building for my Psych class. Bait. =)


I'm really loving school right now!!! It keeps my mind (and heart) off USELESS things (AND PEOPLE). I love it, love it, love it! =D

Kisses everywhere!*

P.S. It's the first day of Fall today!=D

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Saturday, September 22, 2007--- ♥10:44 AM
I might as well take a gun and put it to his head, get it over with.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

You know what really sucks?
People from your past trying to have contact with you once again. After everything that has happened.. After weeks and weeks of crying yourself to sleep.. After thinking and regretting "THE" decision you made.. After having your heart broken over and over and over again, you wake up one day and you tell yourself, "This ends here.. Time to move on." Then day by day you learn to face the world alone.. You meet new people.. Experience new things.. Have fun.. Enjoy being the single person you are now.. Slowly, you realize that there were days that you haven't even thought of him, not once. So you say to yourself, "I'm ok now, I'm over IT."

Then this 'fuckin day comes...

You open your Y!M, and then you see multiple offline messages coming from THAT person. You try to ignore them but the messages still keeps on comin' (you're online now). Then you check your tagboard, and miracles of all miracles, you see 3 "tags" coming from You-Know-Who. The Fuck! You try to ignore the "buzz" from your Y!M but somehow, you can't help it. Hard as you try, you succumb. You reply. Hi's and hello's were said.. Then you think, "This is nice, maybe we could be friends afterall." In the middle of the conversation, he asks for something. Something unexpected. The nerve! So you quickly make something up and then sign out. But then the damage has been done. AGAIN. You once more are hurt. Just when you thought that tears wouldn't fall anymore, they do. And then you're back.. Back from where you once were, right back from the start.

Fuckin Sucks!


This is the last time that I'll be posting something like this.

I just really need to get it out of me.

Out of my system.

After this, I swear I won't ever think of (insert name here) again.

But for now, please just let me be...

Forget his name, forget his face, forget his kiss and warm embrace.

Forget the love that you once knew, he loves someone but it's not you.

Forget the love that you once shared, forget the face that once cared.

Forget the times you spent together, remember now he's gone forever.

Forget him when they play your song, forget you cried the whole night long.

Forget how close you two once were, remember now he's close to her.

Forget the thrill when he walked by, forget the times he made you cry.

Forget the way he spoke your name, remember things are not the same.

Forget the way he held your hand, forget the sweet things if you can.

Forget he said that he would wait, remember now your love is hate.

Forget the times that went too fast, forget his love that now is past.

Forget he said he'd leave you never, remember now he's gone forever.

Forget you memorized the way he walked, forget you memorized the way he talked.

Forget the things he used to say, remember now he's gone away.

Forget the way he used the phone, forget the nights you were alone.

Forget that he was once your world, remember now he loves another girl.

Forget his gentle, teasing way, forget you saw him yesterday.

Forget the things you used to do, remember now she loves him too.

Edited AGAIN//

And then a while ago, I found this and an invitation coming from him. (In Multiply)
And I quote, "Im sorry but I really love my girlfriend and thanks because of you I've realized how much she mean to me."

Oh, mga english teachers jan? Anong mali dito?

Wow, flattered naman ako, gumawa ka pa talaga ng multiply para sakin? Aww.. TSS!!

My reply? "Okay." Haha. Sino bang nakikipagbalikan? Hindi naman ako diba? Sino bang try ng try makipag communicate ulit? Hindi rin naman ako diba?

But seriously, okay na talaga. Sige na, magsama na kayo. Woohoo!! =D

Yuck nandidiri tuloy ako bat ko pa ginawa tong entry nato eh. Pero nanjan na yan. Oh well. Walang kwenta...

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Thursday, September 20, 2007--- ♥8:58 PM

Too tired to write something. I swear, my muscles are aching! Arg! The bed is calling me already and it's just 9pm! Will post tomorrow! Promise!!!=)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007--- ♥8:00 PM


12:00-2:00 - At the derma
2:00-2:45 - bought 3 shirts at Old Navy! 3 shirts for $5.oo each! STEALLLLL!!! =D
2:45-3:00 - went home, Chel calls...
3:00-3:15 - get ready to go out again..
3:15-4:00 - travel via subway
4:00-6:30 - meet with Chel at Manhattan Mall
- bought skinny jeans! YEY! My very first 2 pairs of skinnies!! LOVESSS IT!!!=) I got them from Sarah Jessica Parker & Amanda Bynes' clothing line ( which by the way I didn't know they had!). Soo happy! Frustrated at the same time because I used my allowance to buy those. So now, I just have 5 bucks left for baon.
- had merienda/dinner at Cinnabon! Holy!!!! I loveeeeee!!=)
6:30-7:15 - train ride going to Lucille Roberts
7:15-7:30 - got my membership card at Lucille...
7:30-7:45 - ride home...
7:45-........ - HOME SHWEET HOME! (cooks dinner, showers, etc etc etc)
- Tired but Happy. =) Sooper Happy. =)

Went at school. God, thank youuuu!!! Classes weren't suspended anymore. Had only 1 subject! Returned book from the lib. Ate lunch with Pot and Karen. Got my Student's Planner. Hang-out with Pot. Went home. Cleaned the house. Cooked dinner. Typing this. Tired but happy=) Sooo happy!!!=)

Gotta go, Beauty and the Geek's starting already! Heehee. How shallow! Will reply to all your tags tomorrow! =)

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Sunday, September 16, 2007--- ♥9:20 PM
You are the music in me. Nananana.


My Mom just told me that she's gonna be going to California during the first week of October to attend her high school reunion. She's gonna be gone for more or less 5 days, I think! =) I'm just sooo excited! Freedom!!! 5 days!! All alone!! PARTY!!! Wohoooooo!!! =)

I'm gonna go to the derma tomorrow! The right part of my chin is full of pimples already, it's not funny anymore! I wanted to take a pic of it to show to you guys, but when I saw it (the pic), nandiri ako! Actually there are only 5 "spots" pero ang lalaki nila! Enormous! Gigantic! Eew! What I don't understand is, bakit sa right side lang? Bakit hindi yung buong chin? Not that I want it to be but nagtataka lang ako. Hmp!

FYI: I'm gonna be having my first class this tuesday! Ayan na naman ako, excited! Sana naman hindi na ma-cancel!

View My Profile!

Guys, if you have naman mga kamag anak dito sa NY (pref in Queens, Brooklyn and in the Manhattan area) which are looking for baby-sitters, refer them to me naman! Please! I so want to have a part time job! I wanna have money already! Please! =) Check out my "badge" at and

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007--- ♥6:25 PM

Kung suswertihin ka nga naman! First day na first day ko dapat ngayon eh cancelled naman yung classes!=P Aynako! Pero it was ok. I ate with Pot and Karen at our caf. Pictures to follow. Iipunin ko na muna para mas marami! =D

And then, tomorrow and on Friday wala din kaming classes. Ang saya diba? NOT! But tomorrow I'm still gonna go to school with Pot cause I need to submit my application for my Students' Visa and Pot needs to buy her Psych book at the bookstore.

Keep those questions coming, alright! I'm gonna answer them on the weekends!=D Go, Go, Go! =D

P.S: Uy, boylet alert! Nanay ko kunsintidora! Binigay number namin sa bahay sa officemate niya na may crush sakin! Haha. =D Infairness, may itsura ah! Spanish guy na naka pony ang hair! Hindi naman siya ganun katanda! I think nasa late 20's siguro?! I dunno! Hehe. Pucha, kinilig naman ako, pag tinatanong niya kasi ako kay Mommy ang palagi niyang sinasabi eh, "Como es, mi novia?" Haha! =D

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007--- ♥11:22 AM
Confessions of an Heiress.

(BTW, I've always wanted to buy that book! Heehee.)

Sorry for the nonsense blabbing! I'm just so excited in going back to school again (I know, I know, like I've said that a million times already)! =D

By: Nadine Kristel Arraiza

Most classes had already opened in as early as the last week of August for some of the students here... But for me and my fellow schoolmates, school just started last Monday (and will start tomorrow for me). Well here are some of the things I'm gonna be bringing now that I'm going back to the classrooms again.

There ya go, here's my bag. I love it simply because it's very spacious! It's exactly what I need!

The cluttered mess. These are gonna be the things that I'll literally be carrying on my shoulders. LOL! See the Eclipse gum? Syempre essential yan! You'll never know when you're gonna need to freshen your breath diba? =P Oh, see that blue pig cellphone holder? It's for my Nokia phone which I used for my Globe Roaming Sim before. But now that I'm not on roaming anymore, I just use my Nokia phone as a camera. Heehee. I actually used it to take these pics that's why there are no pics of it there. =)

Theee Books. Oh, the orange one is my notebook! I only have 3 classes! (5 credits all in all)
I still haven't bought my Psych book. I'm still thinking if I should buy it, or I should just borrow from the lib and photocopy the pages. Cheap, I know! =D

My cellphone and my sunglasses which I bought from the Phil pa for only 150 pesos, I think! I know, how cheap right? But I don't really care for sunglasses anyways, as long as it keeps my eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, okay na! I'd rather spend more money on clothes kasi. So there. Although if someone gave me really nice aviators, I wouldn't mind! =D

My Bestfriends! The NY Bus/Subway Map and my house keys.
If you're still quite new here in NY like me, I'm sure you too have this with you (the map, I mean). During the first months that I was here, I always relied on my Mom for directions. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I just consult my map. Hehe. =D

My Organizer! =D I got it from Barnes & Nobles. Cute noh? But I've always wanted the Starbucks' Planner. Hmm, maybe next year? (I don't even know if they have it here!)

The Wallet, "Kikay" (make-up) kit and my most favorite scent of all- VANILLA. =D

There ya have it!
Oh, ikaw? What's inside your school bag? =D
So remember, boys and girls! Stay in school, because


Altogether now! Because SCHOOL IS COOL ( and it really is!!)!
And that is the moral lesson of this days' entry.

Till next time!

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Monday, September 10, 2007--- ♥4:09 PM

Last Saturday I went at Jamaica to buy rain boots, bags and hoodies with Marge, Kim and Ana. Jamaica is kinda Brooklyn-ish and Bronx-ish. In short, it has sort of like a bad "reputation" because the locals there mostly belong to the black community. (I'm not being a racist. I just described the place so you could imagine what it looked like.) So there. We had lunch at Barrio, a Filipino restaurant. We three Filipinas had Crispy Pata (OMG, YUM!!!!!=P), while Ana (she's Ecuadorian, BTW) wanted to try Sisig because she had fun pronouncing the name. Haha! T'was funny! At first she kept on saying Sea-sick. So cute! Haha!=D

I just realized, we do just about everything with pork no? Haha! Even the blood, OMG which we make into Dinuguan. I remember when I was younger I'd always like Dinuguan, I'd even put it as "soup" for my rice and make fun of my teeth after eating. But when I got older, and learned that it was made from pig's blood pala. Ay, I never ate it again. I guess it's like a psychological thing or something. Haha. Whatever.

Yesterday I was supposed to go with Marge, Kim, Riko and Nercida to shop for more clothes, and eat dinner at Applebee's ( it was Marge & Riko's monthsary!Ü). But my Mom wanted me to come with her at 3rd Ave because they had a street fair there. 3rd Ave is like in Upper Manhattan (correct me if I'm wrong), and it's where the "uptown boys and uptown girls" live -----yes, just like the song! Haha! There were a lot of food! Sooper! I ate the Nutella Crepe! Jeez, it was soooo good!! I missed Nutella!! My cousins & I used to eat it straight from the bottle using our fingers. Back then Nutella still wasn't available in the Phil so my Dad's twin bro who lived in Australia always sent a bottle everytime he wrote to me. =D Aww, now I miss being a kid!

Today, I went at Queens Mall to return something. I wasn't supposed to buy anything because I wanted to start saving already, but, damn me, I couldn't control myself! Ruff, ruff! I ended up paying for the clothes using my credit card 'cause my Mom's card is already nearing it's limit!

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna go at 2nd Ave to check out the shop Karla, my kabarkada from the Phil, told me to visit. I hope I won't get lost! Haha! Just doing some last minute shopping before school starts! Gosh darn it, basta pag damit, I just can't fight the urgeeeee!! =D

OMG!!! 1 more day to go and classroom, here I come!! Eeepppp!!! =D

I love watching VH1 shows especially the series, Fabulous Life Of ____. Imagine, si Ivanka Trump pala doesn't wear her clothes twice! Lucky, much!!! That it the life!

Ako, okay na sakin kahit konti lang pera ko basta araw araw bago damit ko! Swear! O ayan ha, may clue ka na kung anong reregalo mo sakin sa bday ko! Haha! Joke lang!

Okay, bye for now!=D

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Sunday, September 9, 2007--- ♥6:21 PM

I did something dangerous yesterday. A REALLY Stupid thing, infact!

I was planning on sharing it with you guys, complete with pictures pa! Actually, I was already halfway writing the entry but then I got really scared 'cause like if my Mom accidentally reads this post, OMG, I'm soo dead! SERIOUSLY! So, for now, I'm not gonna share anything nalang. It shall remain as my deepest-darkest-most secret-secret. Don't worry though, I'm gonna tell it to you guys if I get busted (which I pray wouldn't happen). Pray for me din, ok? Please please! Because my conscience is really bugging me! Hay! Ruff, ruff!

This is my school ID! I wish it was Wednesday already!! I'm really just giddy about starting school! I have already gotten all my school essentials and have spent a lot of my Mom's money because of clothes ( no more uniforms, finally)! But I still want more! Tomorrow, after I do the laundry, I'm gonna go shopping again!

Yo, I'm planning on doing some retarded entries! They're gonna be entitled, "What's inside your _____. " I'm really excited about this one cause it's gonna be sort of like an interactive activity for all the "readers." ( LOL! if there are any.. I HOPE!! =D )

So watch out for it, ok! But for now, keep those questions coming! Ask me anything! Anything! Anythingggggg!! =D

Love ya!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007--- ♥9:13 PM

This site is undergoing construction! Catch ya later! =D

I'm done! Yahoo!! =D
So?? Is it ok? Is it still readable? Some parts kasi are black and I don't know how to change them! Help?!?

BTW, I already have my own question box! At long last! Yipee!! (Bulag ka nalang kung ndi mo pa makita kung nasan yun!) Haha! So please!! Feel free to ask me anything! Anything, really!! I'll be waiting ha! =D

Shall blog about the things I did today, tomorrow. I'm too tired to type! It's already 1 am here! Need. Some. Sleep.

Later! Ciao! =D

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Friday, September 7, 2007--- ♥4:39 PM

I wish we could go back to the time when our only man was our DAD, and any pain could be healed by just a bandaid and a lollipop.

Bitter? Soooo NOT! =D

Ehem ehem. Anyways. This week has been sooo fun! Woohoo!! I think, no slash that, I'm sure I'm gonna have a lot of fun this coming sem! People here are
so opinionated! Nakakahawa! So ako naman, nagiging little Ms. Know it all narin! Pero ang saya! College here is so different! Mixed races, mixed genders, mixed sizes (LOL!) and even mixed ages! I swear, may freshman kanina na mag-60 years old na yata!

We were given this book, The Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore. It's for our FSM subject and kanina we had a discussion and we were separated into small groups. They really jumbled us up because Karen, Pot and I were assigned to different classrooms. Nung maghihiwa-hiwalay na kami, this Filipino guy came up to us and "nangamusta". UNluckily for me, same pa kami nang na-assign na room! So yun nga, edi magkatabi kami sa seats. So kwentuhan-kwentuhan until dumating yung prof. So discuss-discuss.. 15 minutes after we started, nag start din maghilik ang mokong! I swear, yung hilik na malakas! Eh tapos since katabi ko nga siya, and kami lang dalawa yung magkakilala (since naguusap kami ng sarili naming language-TAGALOG-duh), people assumed na boyfriend ko siya. Nakakahiya aynako! Tapos nung campus tour na ang kulit nila nung mga kasama niya. Sinusundan kami sa group nung tour eh pwede namang sa ibang group sila pumunta. May nagtanong pa na, "Pilipino kayo?", eh he
llo, nagtatagalog nga eh, hindi ba obvious! Haha, may nalalaman pang, "Mall tayo, tara!" Aynako ha! Haha.

Oh btw, here's my sched! Good no? Haha. I only need to take three subjects since may mga subjects naman na credit sakin. So there. And come Session 2, 1 class nalang kailangan ko i-take. Kaya nga I want to look for a job eh! What do you think, babysitter or Dunkin Donut Girl? Hmm.. Part time lang naman yun no!

And, here's my transcript! See the credited subjects? Diba diba, 2 A's and a B naman diba? Not bad! Haha! =D

That's all! I feel so sleepy na kahit 5 pm palang! Haha.. So tired! Oh and if hindi ako nakakareply sa comments and messages niyo, it's not that I'm snobbing them ha! Kasi lang talaga madaming ginagawa, pero I will reply to them on Sunday! Tomorrow kasi lalabas kami nila Marge. Ok ok??

Toodles! =D

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007--- ♥1:04 PM
I'm way too cool for you boy, that's why it'll never work!

Hey hey!!!


Haha, anyways, sorry for that "hiatus" (kuno). I was just really busy with a lot of stuff! New York is really becoming a "home" ( not a "house"..gets? ) for me. From meeting a lot of new people --- to being reunited with close friends from way way wayyyyyyy back (YES, thank you CSA at ikaw ang naging alma mater ko!), I can now honestly say that I'm happy to be here! =D

Yeah, nandyan parin yung feeling of nostalgia everytime I get to chat with some of my friends in the Philippines, (which I doubt would ever go away), but it's not as hard dealing with it as before. So yun nga. Pinahaba ko lang when all I'm really trying to say is, I've moved on! =D

I've really missed blogging! Eventhough mas love ko na ang multiply ngayon, nagca-care parin ako sa blogger. Nyahaha! Weirdo! Basta, I want to update this site! But I want a new look!! Naiingit ako kayla Tricia, Shang, Abbie ( to name a few) kasi bago look nila! Haha, I WANT to change my lay too but with all the stuff that's happening now ( lalo na malapit na magstart ang classes ), I doubt if I could still do that! Pero I will try! Someone help me naman oh! Haha! =D

I'm gonna try working on that this week since this will be the last week before classes start! Actually sa Saturday nga eh may classes nako. So maybe tom, maybe on Thurs, or maybe on Fri.. Bahala na! Oh siguro on thurs nalang since dito lang naman ako sa bahay nun! So there. Ciao for now! =D

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