Friday, November 30, 2007--- ♥6:24 PM
Don’t matter if I step on the scene, or sneak away to the Philippines.

Hi! =D
My other blog has a new layy!!
And a new URL: theegossipgirl.
Click HERE to view it!

Oh, oh! And hello? Are you forgetting something? Where are thy questions? Haha!!
Ask me something! ( Go to the left side of this page, see the blank box? Type in anything there, and poof.. Make me happy! =P )

I've been here for almost ten months now... and guess what?
I've gained myself some good 'ol 10 pounds too! Pootekkkk!! 1 pound per month!!

I blame You, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!
Why do you have to be sooo heavenly?!? =(

Here's a lil' something I got from my friend, Andrea.
Feel free to answer them too, if you want! ♥

Something I love right now: My newly purchased make-up.
Just 'cause it's new! Haha!=D

Favorite line from a movie:
"She had me at my worst, you had me at my best.. Yet you chose to break my heart."-- John Lloyd "Popoy" Cruz, One More Chance.
Just 'cause it's the most recent one I've seen. Heehee! =D

Style icon: Gossip Girl, Blaire Waldorf.
Just 'cause she's my idol right now. Haha! =P

Closet staple: You can never go wrong with a pair of perfect jeans.
Just 'cause I bought myself a new pair of Skinnies. Haha! =)

Favorite clothing store: H&M, for the win! =)
Just 'cause you can buy something from that store even if you only have 5 bucks in your wallet.

Favorite footwear: Ballet flats and boots. ♥
Just 'cause you can use them in any season.

Describe your own style: I don't have my own style! I'm pathetic! =P
Just 'cause I enjoy copying celebrities! =P

Best beauty buy:
Pink Blush!!!
Just 'cause I never leave home without one. =P

Major fashion booboos: Hmm.. Visible Panty.. and they're not just lines!!! *babybarfs!
Just 'cause it's skanky.

One weird thing about me is...
Whenever I hear something loud, my eyes open and close... non-stop.
Just 'cause I have sensitive eardrums! Heehee. =P

I'm passionate about...
My current aspiration. =)
Just 'cause I wanna be Nadine Kristel C. Arraiza, RN.

My best trait: I smile a lot. =D
Just 'cause I'm at peace with myself now.

I strongly believe that... "With great power, comes great responsibilites." ♥
Just 'cause I love Spiderman. =)

At the end of a really bad day, I...
pray all my worries away. =)
Just 'cause He always listens. =)

I want to be remembered as... The girl who cried wolf. =P
Just 'cause I have no idea on what to answer that question! =P

My favorite line from a song is... "Something in your voice, makes my heart beat fast, hope this feeling lasts.. for the rest of my life."-- Chantal Kreviazuk's, Feels like Home.
Just 'cause it's my most fave song of all time! ♥

What is love? Love is finding the perfections amidst the imperfections.
Just 'cause I'm perfect. LOL! Kidding! =P

The first time I liked a guy, I thought...
He was the one I was gonna marry.
Just 'cause I was dumb back then! Haha! =P

But then I learned... That not all men are "husband material." Especially the most recent. Haha! Tssssss!!! =P
Just 'cause I'm bitter. LOL!! =P Feeling, much?

I would never... ever, ever wear real animal skin. =(
Just 'cause Roberto Cavalli's prints look almost real. Heehee! =P

I can never resist a guy who...
is a comedian. That's why I'll say yes to Adam Sandler just LIKETHAT.
Just 'cause I love jokes and punchlines. =)

I wish I knew in elementary that... it's not embarrassing to wear a bra in fifth grade.
Just 'cause boys back then were stupid. Haha! =P

I hate boys who... are CHEATERS!!! MAMATAY NA KAYOOOO!!!
Just 'cause! Grr!! =P

I hate girls who...
Hmm, I don't hate my sisters! I love all of them! Haha! =D
Just 'cause I'm a girl. =)

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Thursday, November 29, 2007--- ♥12:41 PM
I feel like a hero and you are my heroine. Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

Do you know what I did yesterday?

We got this for $4!
I also got a Cherry-Vanilla lipbalm from Bath and Bodyworks for only 75cents, but I'll just show you the picture some other time. =)

Our school had a mini bazaar. While we were looking around, Pot and I were drawn to this stall that sells cosmetics and perfumes for really cheap prices. Almost all their stuff were branded! I wanted to buy a lot! Makeup removers, bronzers, moisturizers and even an aftershave to give to my friend but I didn't have enough moolah!! Arg arg!! Haha!! =D

I don't know if what I bought was (branded) though... Or even if it had a "name"
because this was my first time to see that brand (Princessa), but I really liked it because it has everything I needed! Plus it came in a cute container so I guess it's fine with me, "named" or not!

*I checked it while doing this (over the internet, ofcourse!), and saw that the one I purchased originally costs $28 something. So it must be somewhat good, right? Ayy, whatever! Haha!

Nadine, Smirnoff, Alfred, Jose Cuervo and Pot.

Last night, Alfred and Alex had their "despedida"-- they were going back to Virginia. The invite came in such short notice... As in 30minutes-before-they-came-to-get-us short!!!! Haha!! It's a good thing my Mom allowed me to go, being that it was a school night.

I promised to not make kwento about the things that happened last night 'cause someone might use my blog as evidence because we think someone's spying on someone. Haha. Promise! Sorry, inside joke! =D

Lookie, lookie!!

Pirates of the Caribbean inspired M&M's! Aren't they cute? What's "cute-er" is that if you could only see them closely, you'll find out that some of the pieces, instead of them having the little M&M logos, they have little pictures of skulls, ships, treasures and binoculars instead. Cool, eh? =D

It's also the first time I saw an M&M that was in white chocolate so I immediately bought it! Haha! =D The white choco kinda tastes like Kitkat white. So yeah, it's good, but it's toooo sweet!


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007--- ♥4:16 PM
Me with You, setting in a honeymoon. If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you.


Some of my fave episodes! (Just 'cause I love Will&Grace and Amanda!)♥
I know they're old, but I just love th
em! =D

I love, love, love, love Ellen Degeneres' show!!! She's so full of confidence and she's super super funny! I always end up laughing when watching her-- I even laughed in that episode where she cried about the adopted dog-- I know, that's so mean of me! Sorryyyyy!! But what can I do, I just find her really hilarious! =D

On the week that was.

The first one was taken at my school's bathroom, while the next ones were taken at the Subway on the way to the Pre-Thanksgiving house party we went to at Upper West Manhattan (near Central Park)! =D
Fun, fun! =D

And just 'cause he's soo hot... Here's a Paparazzi-esque shot of my Psych teacher! =D
Haha! I took this right before we had our quiz (which I didn't even know we were having that day-- but I still got a B.. So, not bad!!).


Sweetness!! Look at what my friend gave me for Thanksgiving! Homemade Fudge by Fudgie Wudgie-- which tastes so good, I could die! Haha!! ♥ ♥

Here's our 11-pound turkey! Sooo yummy!! =D

We watched the parade of the balloons at Central Park on television (which by the way I know sounds really childish but is actually not 'cause it's sponsored by Macy's, and it's kind of like their tradition here!), then had a "mini-thanksgiving-dinner-with-salad,wine,karekare,flounder-celebration-fiesta" at our place with some of Mom's friends. =P

It's actually my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving! It was also my first time to eat a turkey THAT big, 'cause yeah I've eaten turkey before-- but just in a sandwich!! Haha! =D


They call the day after Thanksgiving here "Black Friday."
It's the day when almost all the shops/malls here open at midnight and have their "HUGE-EST" sale of the year. It's just sad for me 'cause I didn't have any money to spend so I just stayed at home... bored and jealous! =(
ARG! Haha! I sooo want a job!


We went at this Fil-Am bar, Taste of Asia.

Newfound friends:
Kayumanggi Band-- Maky, Lester, Edward & Arnel,
Our tagasundo at tagahatid-- Alfred and Alex,
YB people outside-- Rusty and Jeric.

Redhorse (Yes, they do have RH here!),
Chicharon Flower! Haha! =D,
Old Skool Ruffa Gutierrez and Gloria Romero TFC Movies! Haha!,
Getting home at 6 in the morning-- and not getting caught!

My head was really hurting because of no sleep but I still had to go at Jack's all the way in Manhattan 'cause my Mom wanted to buy some stuff for our bathroom.

I didn't want to take the Subway going home so I took the bus instead. While sitting there-- ALONE-- I know, Loser! Haha!! I felt like Serena Van Der Woodsen on one of the scenes here.

I know, I know.. Hers is on a train! But it's the same looking-outside-the-window-looking-at-the-sights-feel. =D

I also got to watch ONE MORE CHANCE!
Pootek!! Mahal ko na talaga si John Lloyd!! Haha!! And as expected, naiyak na naman ako! Haha!!!
I hated the ending though! Mas gusto ko kung hindi nalang sila nagkabalikan ulit! Hindi palaging "Happily Ever After" ang ending pag sa totoong buhay no! Sa fairytales lang nangyayari yun! Haha!!! =P
Thank God for pirate people!!
And thank God for!!

Just 'cause skulls are pretty! =P


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007--- ♥8:47 PM
And I hate how much I love you boy, I can't stand how much I need you.

Last weekend I was in Atlantic City for 3 days/2 nights.
It was sooo much fun! =D
It was my first time there.. Actually, I've experienced a lot of "firsts" there. First time staying at a Suite AT the Trump Plaza,
First time entering, playing AND winning in casino
and like I said, first time seeing Atlantic City.

I was just disappointed that I wasn't able to take a lot of photos 'cause my batt died out on me! =( Arg!!! But it's okay 'cause I was able to take lots of videos naman.

So, here they are...

Outfit of the Day. From H&M! Heehee. ♥
Fall is the season for tights, warmers and boots! I love it! =D

Now with the TrenchCoat. =D

On the way to Atlantic (Friday night)--
me and Pot at the bus. =D

Where we stayed. =D
Trump Plaza, yo! =P

Our room!
The suite is actually really big-- and I mean, REALLY!
It has 2 bathrooms, a living room, and 1 KingKingKing sized bed (Lol, it's not just King-sized 'cause it's soo big! Haha).
Our room also has a very nice view of the beach (Atlantic Ocean) which I'll show you later. =D

At the 2nd bathroom. Soo Posh! =P
♥ Mi luvs eet!!!! =D

Ooh, take a look at my socks.. Heehee. Hello Kitty love! =D

Here's our window view of the beach.
We weren't able to swim too 'cause the water is freezing!
Pot told me that during the Summer, you can barely see the sand because of all the people.
But as you can see now, there are no people-- 'cause of the cold.
Too bad. =(

Okay, this was also the night we won the $240!! Heehee. But since picture taking weren't allowed inside the casino, we weren't able to take a photo of our lucky Slot Machine! =(

Pot and I split the moolah.. 100 bucks for her and the 140 for me. =P
And then we used it for shopping at the outlet stores! Woohoo!! =P

Strolling at Boardwalk...

I forgot the name of this building, but it was part of the Bally Hotel.

Sights!! Sorry for my voice!! =P

Me being weird! Sorry!!! =P

Resorts and Taj Mahal! =D

Once again, our hotel. Sorry I was crossing the street that time so the camera was dangling in my hand. Haha! =P

And lastly,

Our elevator A.K.A. "Roller Coaster" ride.
There were guys with us inside and one said, "Wanna take my picture?" at the beginning of the video. Haha! Can you here it? Then after I said, "No.", he said, "Why? Am I a loser?", or something to that effect. Listen closely, you can here it! =D

After shopping ( maybe one of these days I'll show you the things we bought with the money ), we played once again at the casino-- but sadly, we lost our 5-dollar bet! Haha! =(

After that we just stayed at our room, ate Sbarro's pizza and salad AND drank Bailey's Caramel while watching Enough, Titanic ( feel na feel namin yung Atlantic setting nung movie!! Haha! ) and A Walk to Remember.

This was our last night. =)


We ate Funnel Cakes (UBER YUMMY!!!!) with hotdogs along the boardwalk and shopped a little more. Then we took the 3:30 bus going back home, and arrived at NY at about 7pm. Tired but happy=)

Some more pics...

Heaven, grabe!!!
Chocolates and Cheese's are my most favorite things in the world! Haha! =P

Before leaving the hotel. Aww, bye! =(

BEAR!!! ♥

Home Sweet home. =)

Pot has more pics in her camera. I'll share some more when she uploads them already, ok? =)

Ooh, this Thursday is gonna be my first Thanksgiving! I'm really looking forward to it! Yey, turkey! =D Haha!!

Bye guys! =D

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Sunday, November 18, 2007--- ♥9:29 PM

I just got home and I'm dead tired! =P

Will update tomorrow!

And yes, the highlight of my weekend was winning the 240 bucks at the Slot Machine! =P

Nice one!! Beginner's Luck, eh!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007--- ♥10:01 PM

Monday was super fun! Movie-marathoning to the maxx!!! Haha!! =P

First we watched 30 Days of Night-- Badooy!!! I didn't even flinch a little! Mas kadiri parin Hills Have Eyes 1 and Saw!!

Next was No Reservations, then Sidney White, and then The Prestige, then Freddy Got Fingered (OMG, Old school-- Laughtrip!=P ), and then lastly, Goodluck Chuck.

Wow, 6 movies eh? Beat that! Haha! =D

Then last Tuesday, we went at Manhattan.

McDonalds' study 'Psychology' date (heehee!),
Steve & Barry's = Bitten Skinny Jeans,
Modern day serenading. ("aww!")
I ♥ it!
(Pictures soon, I promise!)

Big news people! =D
I'm going to Atlantic City on Friday! Woohoo!!
Sorry, I'm just so excited 'cause it's my first time! Lol! =P
Trump Hotel, baby..
Here I come! =P


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007--- ♥3:34 PM

Walking at 6th Ave, Manhattan...

Guy pulls girl towards the sidewalk, just beside the stoplight post.
Gets hold of the girls' left hand.
Silently places it near his heart.
Sweetly serenades her in front of all the people waiting for the red to turn green.
Girls' heart is happy.


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Sunday, November 11, 2007--- ♥10:17 PM
Now that I've tasted chocolate, I'm never going back!

The N: Media Player: Cassie Steele at Your Ultimate Degrassi Party
CLICK!CLICK! To see the pic! (Sorry, I don't know why but I couldn't upload pics!)

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!
Cassie Steele isn't just Half-Filipina in the character she plays at Degrassi (Manny Santos)-- She's Half-Filipina in real life too!!
I love it, I love it, I love it!! =)

She also has been the first choice for the role of Gabriela Montez (Vanessa Hudgens' character in HSM), but unfortunately she couldn't do it 'cause she still had to do shoots for Degrassi's upcoming new season then. Tsk, too bad! =(


So basically, that's all I did this day. Watched re-runs of my all time favey show, Degrassi!
Couch Potato-ing really is my best talent! =P


Guess who's gonna have a breakfast date with the chocolate man this Tuesday? =)
♥! =P

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Thursday, November 8, 2007--- ♥6:59 PM
Throw it away, forget yesterday. We'll make the great escape.

By: Nadine Kristel C. Arraiza

Here's my 2nd installment on the "What's inside your..." entries. Heehee! To view the first one (it's about my schoolbag), click THIS.

Show and tell starts... Now... =)

My wallet. =) I call her Fifi. Heehee.. =D Well, she has been with me for almost 3 years now. My Mom gave her to me the last time I came to visit her here for Christmas. Fifi is sooo old and dirty now so I'm thinking of, *gulp, replacing her already (Sorry Fifi, I just have to do it! =C ). And so before I finally let go of her, I'm making her this "special tribute" first... Hehe! =P

Here are Fifi's internal organs! Haha =) Things inside my wallet! Haha!! =D (Spot-an ang picture ni Romeboy!! Haha!! He gave that to me during my despedida, remembrance eh!=P)

My Cards. =) The golden yellow one is my Queens Library Card-- for all the libraries here at Queens. The blue and red card is my New York Library Card-- it's for the big Library located at Manhattan (it's soo nice there)! Then there are my Insurance Cards (the 2 white ones), my School I.D and my Credit Card. And oh, look, I still have my Privilege Card from Asian Hospital (the white one with green thingies!) =) Yey! =P

My New York State I.D. and my Republika ng Pilipinas Driver's License. Heehee! I miss driving! =( Wala kaming kotse dito eh! Huhu, commute forever lang ako dito! Haha! =P
(If you're wondering why both the pictures look alike, it's because I just placed it over the original pics. I don't wanna show the original ones 'cause they're FUGLY! Haha!) =P

Our Family Tree. This is just the small version of it 'cause the really big version of it is placed on our living room wall back home. =) Spot me!! =P

The pictures behind the plastic thingy. The first one's with me and my BFF forever--ChooChooPuffVow--Crinkles--Baluga--Ex(Wushu!)-- EMAN. =P It was taken during our first "date" --when we watched The Da Vinci Code ( May 20, 2006 yo!) at ATC. Hindi pa kami mashadong close nyan! Haha! =P Weirdie!! =P
The second one's with me, my cousin and my tita! =)


This one's our Lucky Charm! The Condom (kasi daw pag may meron ka nito sa wallet, hindi ka daw mauubusan ng pera-- sabi nila, ewan ko lang kung totoo). Haha! Back during College Sophomore Year, me and my friends made this like a "symbol" of our barkada. Haha! So all of us have this. Same brand, same size! Haha! =) EMAN, PASIMUNO!!!! =P
(Cute nung Monkey no? I love monkeys!)

So that's basically it! Say bye-bye now, Fifi! =)
(Ooh, check out my new key holder! Cute, eh! Bear!!!)

Okay, bye for now! Off to school already! =)

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