Friday, February 29, 2008--- ♥11:39 PM
366 Days a Year.

Happy Leap Day everyone! ♥

I didn't want this day to end without me posting anything. Hello, this only happens once every 4 years! Haha! I hope that by 2012 I still get to post something here. Cool nun diba? =)

Okay, that's it! Proper update tomorrow! =P

P.S. Huhu, Atlantic City. =(

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Thursday, February 28, 2008--- ♥12:20 PM

What is your Age?
♥ 21. Read as twenTEEN-one, yo!
What Annoys you?
♥ This person (whom we'll conceal the identity) under the name, King.

Do you live in a Big house?
♥ Well, our apartment IS inside a big building so technically... yes?
When is your Birthday?
♥ October 11!! =D

What's your favorite Chocolate?
♥ Ferrero Rocher and Milka.

Do you Daydream?
♥ Every minute, every second of the day.
What's your favorite kind of Dog?
♥ Poodles maybe? Or anything white and fluffy.
What Day of the week is it?
♥ Thursday. Why?

Have you ever been in the Emergency room?
♥ Never, thank you Lord! =)
Have you had a crush dat starts w/letter E?
♥ Eman! Wahaha.. Wooh, ikaw may crush sakin eh! =P

Favorite Flower?
♥ Tulips and daisies. =)

Do you chew Gum?
♥ Yes, almost everyday.
Are you a Giver or a taker?
♥ Honestly, both. =)

What's your Height?
♥ 5'6 or 5'7? Yey!
what color is your Hair?
♥ Brownish-black. Or blackish-brown.

What's your favorite Ice cream?
♥ Cookies and Cream OR Ben&Jerry's PhishFood. YUMMMMMM!!!
Have you ever Ice skated?
♥ Thrice. Never liked it.
Do you play an Instrument?
♥ Flute.. Haha. Oh, and nag pianolessons ako nung bata. Haha. I wish I knew how to play the guitar or the drums though!

What's your favorite Jelly bean?
♥ Those pink-colored ones.
Have you ever heard a really hilarious Joke?
♥ Yes. A lot. =) Want me to share em?? Hehe!
Do you wear Jewelry?
♥ Yes. Pearl earrings and a silverwatch are my staples.

Who do you want to Kill?
♥ Si "King" parin. Haha.
Do you want Kids?
♥ Yup! 2-3!! Yey!
Where did you have Kindergarten?
♥ CSA! Woohoo!! Loyalty awardee to!

Whats your favorite Movie?
♥ A lot! But if I were made to choose one, it would be any film with AdamSandler on it! =)
Jackie Chan or Jet Li movies?
♥ Neither. Or maybe Jackie.. But just cause I found him funny in Rush Hour 3.
Do you still watch disney Movies?
♥ YESYESYES!!! Guilty!
Do you like Mangoes?
♥ Yessss!!! FAVEEE!!!

Do you have a Nickname?
♥ Yes, it actually starts with an N too,you know! =D
Whats your favorite Number?
♥ Dati __. Pero ngayon, wala, hindi na.
Do you prefer Night over day?
♥ Nights, hands down! Not a morning person, sorry.

Whats your One wish?
♥ It's between me and my God. =)

What's a Personality trait you look for in the opposite sex you like?
♥ I'm a sucker for funny guys. Waa.

Are you Quick to judge people?
♥ No naman. Fine, sometimes.

Do you watch Reality tv?
♥ Yes, I love the drama eventhough Iknow it's scripted! Haha!

Do you prefer sun or rain?
♥ Sun if I'm happy. Rain for emo days. Haha.
Do you like Snow?
♥ Before I came here, yes! Pero ngayon,ayoko na. Haha! I like snowflakes though! And playing with snowballs.
♥ Spring and Fall. =)

What Time is it?
♥ 12:47 pm
What time did you wake up?.
♥ 7 am, I think. Huhu. I'm sleepy.

Whats the worst veggie?
♥ Asparagus. Eek. Go check the color of your pee after eating it!
Where do you want to go on Vacation?
♥ Back home, Pinas.

What's your Worst habit?
♥ Biting on my fingernails.

Have you ever had an X-ray?
♥ Yes. Required nung application nung 1st year eh! =D
Do you own a xylophone?
♥ Nope. What a weird question ah!

Do you like the color yellow?
♥ Yes. =)
What Year were you born in?
♥ Nineteen eighty-six

Whats your Zodiac sign?
♥ Libra, love!
Do you believe in ZODIACS?
♥ Nope.

(I posted this on my Friendster bulletin board a few days ago with the title, "Missed my period." Ofcourse I didn't really miss my period.-- Infact I had it while I was answering this survey then.-- Bwahaha, info overload ba? Natawa lang ako kasi may mga nagmessage sakin nagtatanong kung buntis daw ba ako kasi nakita nila yung post ko. Wala lang, crazyyy!)

*Edited some answers: sa Friendster kasi naka private eh, friends ko lang talaga makakabasa. Eh pag dito public, baka mabasa (at sigurado akong babasahin) nung hindi dapat makabasa. Haha.

Kasi naman, I'm at my school's library right now (may Bio Seminar nga pala kami ngayon!) and I still have, hmm, roughly about an hour and a half before I have to leave for work. Magtatagalog ako ha kasi baka mabasa nung mga katabi, kalikod at kagilid ko tong sinusulat ko. Haha. Dapat naglulunch ako ngayon eh, kaso natamad nako kumain kasi nagbigay naman sila ng free breakfast kanina. Yum, bagel and cream cheese! Bwahaha. Pero sa totoo lang gutom na ko, nagtatago lang ako dito sa lib kasi ang kulit nung isa kong schoolmate. Classmate ko kasi siya last sem sa Psych101, eh tapos naging ka-table ko siya kanina. So parang unwritten rule na na dapat isabay/kasabay ko siya sa breaks namin kasi nga magkakilala kami diba? Eh ayoko siyang kasama kasi ang weird niya. Basta ewan, okay naman siya kaso ang weird nung mga topics na tinatanong niya sakin. Eh buntot siya ng buntot sakin. Kahapon pa siya eh! Buti nga kahapon sa ibang table ako kaya may iba nakong katabi kaya hindi siya nakalipat sa table namin. Eh kanina late ako dumating, eh yung mga late usually sa likod na umuupo. Eh per table 4 people and kasya, so isa nalang kulang sa table namin. Bigla ba namang dumating siya. Ayan tuloy naging ka-table ko siya. Hindi lang ka-table, katabi pa. Arg! Ewan ko ba, he's nice naman. Pero wala lang, irita lang ako sa mga tao ngayon. Haha. Kasi naman tama bang samahan ako pati sa restroom nung break? Kaya kanina ang ginawa ko, nagpretend akong naiwan ko yung cellphone ko sa CR, so kunwari ng panic-panican ako. Naglakad nako ng mabilis tapos sabi ko 'I'll see you later at the room" nalang. Wahaha. Edi hindi na siya nakahabol. Pero sayang hindi ko tuloy nakuha yung free lunch namin. Huhu. Oh well, at wala narin naman talaga akong balak bumalik sa afternoon session later kasi boring naman nung topics na dinidiscuss. Bahala na next week, hindi naman graded yung seminar ngayon tsaka naka sign nako sa attendance kaya okay na yun.

Anyways, sige ikikwento ko nalang yung nangyari sakin. Yun ngang stalker experience ko last week. Game? Haha.

So ayun nga, pauwi nako galing sa job ko. Ay hindi pala, actually pupunta muna akong Strawberry kasi ipapa exchange ko yung nabili kong top nung isang araw bago ako umuwi. Nasa bus stop na ko, ako lang mag-isa yung nagaantay tapos medyo madilim na. Yung bus stop na inaantayan ko, intersection yung kaharap niya. So ayun nga. May cab na nag busina sakin from across the street (Busina = Asking if gusto mo sumakay), so shinake ko yung head ko (meaning NO).

A few minutes after, may cab naman na pumara na sa harap ko tapos tinanong ulit ako kung gusto ko sumakay. Pero this time hindi na siya nagbusina, binaba na niya yung window niya sa passenger seat. Espanyol siya, kasi nung tinanong niya ko, may accent yung English niya. Remember yung bus stop kung nasan ako, nasa intersection, so kanina nandun siya sa kabilang lane, pero ngayon nandun na siya sa lane kung san papunta yung bus ko. Nun ko lang napag-connect na siya rin yung nagtanong sakin nung una. So ayun nga. Tinanong niya ko bakit daw hindi nalang ako mag-cab, wala daw ba akong pera? So ako naman naki-ride nalang. Sabi ko, oo wala nga akong pera, meron lang ako yung Metrocard (yun yung ginagamit dito pagsasakay ng bus or subway). Tapos tinanong niya ko kung ilang taon na ko. Kung 19 ba daw or 18? Dun ko na naisip na, ahh, iba na to, may ibang balak to. So hindi ko na siya sinagot. Tapos siguro nakita niyang asar nako, nagstop na siyang ngumisi. Tapos tinanong niya ko kung san daw ba ko pupunta. Sabi ko naman sa Steinway (yun yung name nung avenue kung san nandun yung store). Tapos sabi niya sige sakay nalang ako, libre na. Sabi ko, hindi, thank you nalang. Pero paulit ulit parin siya... Hangang may couple na palakad papunta samin, magaantay din ng bus. Medyo matanda na sila. Pagkadating nila nagdrive na ng dahan-dahan yung cab driver, akala ko paalis na siya pero hindi pala, tinigil niya yung kotse niya sa tapat ng isa sa mga restaurants malapit dun sa bus stop.

Wait, OMGosh, 1:30 na.. Kailangan ko na umalis! Haha!! Tutuloy ko nalang later or baka tomorrow, okie?? Sorry! =P


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Monday, February 25, 2008--- ♥12:11 AM

(Multiply people, click here!)

Hey!! Noticed changes? Haha! Do you like, do you like? =)

I know I haven't been updating that much lately and I'm really sorry about that. I haven't even been visiting your blogs! Huhu. Bad, Nadine, bad! But it's just because of a lot of things (namely)-- work, household chores and ofcourse, social life. Wahaha! I'm really just enjoying my break 'cause Session 2's gonna start on the first week of March already.
So there.
Oh, and a few days ago I caught the coughs and the sniffles. Since Friday I've been getting high on Nyquil's and Vicks'. Woohoo. Not. And my throat is really sore and dry right now but I'm loving it 'cause it gave me thee "bedroom voice." Haha. Jokeee. But really, mee is not liking the weather right now ha! It's so erratic. One minute it's 40degF, the next it's negative; one minute it's very sunny, the next it's snowing and raining. Tsktsk. Now people, can you feel the Global Warming? Say Cheeseeee!! =P

So yeah, I better sleep now. I still need to get up early tomorrow and do the laundry, then go to work after (I know, CHILD LABORRRR!! LOL! Nah, it's all good!). Whopdee-doo.

Oh, and yeah. Maybe my next entry will be about the thing that happened to me last Wednesday. Soo freaky, really. *gets goosebumps* Joke lang! I didn't get goosebumps. It's not scary-"monster"-scary... It's scary-"stalker-maniac"-scary.
Hay, only in New York... Only in New York.


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Friday, February 22, 2008--- ♥1:16 PM
Just a friend, Peter Parker?

Now what the flying F is this?

Not wanting to sound like I think I'm all that, but I know some people Google my name and my blog ( I KNOW, I have a tracker!).
But this?
One word:--
P.S. How can you make yourself un-googable? Can you give me some tips?

Anyways, I think I wanna change my layy! I have a concept in mind already and I'm excited about it. Think Jawbreaker (actually one of my fave movies when I was younger). You likey, you likey? Heehee. Maybe sometime next week.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008--- ♥11:37 AM
Reflected Shadows.

A Babysitters' Secret--

While waiting at the school's park.
Make that thee perfect time to make good use of your IPod!

I got sick of playing pretend Hannah Montana
so Poof!, I turned Michelle into a flower.

While doing homework, act as if you care.

But at the end of the day, you know she still loves you.
Proof A: When asked to write a sentence with the word "BEST" on it, she wrote--
"My baby-sitter is the best."

Proof B: Whenever you have to leave, she starts giving you kisses and tells her dad, "Why can't you come home at 6?", and then baby cries.

Aww. ♥

OMGosh LiLo!! What have you done? Haha!!

Although I gotta admit, I do love the shots. Hmm, but the freckles? Not really a fan. =P

There’s this girl,
I know I see her everyday.--

She's miserable from head to toe;
She's not as happy as she says.
Outside she puts on a smile,
But she's crying inside.

All the while she pretends what they say doesn't bother her,
So she just laughs...
But her eyes are pouring out invisible tears.

She acts as though she loves life,
But really she feels like, "Why not? It's not like it would matter!"

I know this girl well!
I even know her thoughts.

She tries so hard to be perfect...
But at the end of the day,
She feels like she's not good enough...
Like life is sometimes too tough.--

This girl is part of me.
She’s always there.

Because I see her whenever I look in the mirror.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008--- ♥9:10 PM
I still feel the butterflies whenever we have those "hang-up, no you hang-up first" moments.

[Belated Happy V day everyone! =D]
Hello old friend, I'm back! =)

I have been itching to write here since last week but tamaditis got the better of me.

Anyhoo, I bet this is gonna be really short 'cause while writing this, I'm also on the phone talking to my friend. I know, I AM the multi-tasking Queen! =D

So yeah, update? Update?--

Now this came straight from the horse's (or Kitty Minky's!) mouth:

Writer's Strike, OVER! GG, Back in business!

Leighton (uyy, close!) and I just spent the entire afternoon watching Breakfast at Tiffany's over her place and that was where she told me the good news.

Wahaha. Don't mind the schizophrenic me.

Session 2 just ended! Woohoo! Spring Semester, here I come!
Gulp, Anatomy.. we meet again. =(

Joseph and I spent Vday night at Thee Madison Square Garden (LOL, Sorry first-timer! Haha!) with Thee Rob Thomas and his entourage. Haha! =P

And here are some videos. These are only snippets. If you wanna watch all of them, visit my YTube account HERE. =D

(OMGosh, I can never show my face to you guys again after you hear me singing along to them. My voice is definitely something only my mother could love. =P )

It's Alanis Morisette in the house, yo!!!

We didn't even know that she was gonna be there! There was this new band called Mude Math or Duth Math (I don't remember!) which played first. We thought they were front acting Matchbox so her presence was really unexpected.-- Plus, her name wasn't even on the promos so it was really a "double treat" for us. Haha! =D

Her last song. Ironic. =)

My gahd, I'm really sorry about my voice. I didn't know that the camera would pick up on it that loud. Arr!
(Never mind the captions in YTube, I'll edit those later!)
She was sooo good! The voice, man! And it was sooper funny 'cause she did her "My Humps" version. Haha!! Hilarious! Too bad I wasn't able to take a video of it.

AND for the MAIN COURSE...

I was doing the countdown 'cause they had this big timer at the stage (which you couldn't see because of the lights!)

We didn't even know it was his birthday! Aww, we got to celebrate it with him! =)

Their last song. Push. =)
Kawawa naman yung boses ko jan, naghihingalo na.

And whatever okay, I know that the videos are in very bad condition. But it's not my camera's fault okay! It's only because we were seated at the farthest end because all the good seats were already sold out. And it's cause they didn't have that big white screen. So there! Haha.Our section was the one on the left (the 2 orange sections together) at the topmost right.

And I can't believe it! I checked the Madison Garden's official website (HERE), and found out that the Spice Girls are gonna be performing there tomorrow. Oh noessss!!! =(

Anyways, that's it. My friend is kinda getting irritated with the sound of my clacking keyboard already. Haha! =P

P.S. Oh yeah, I got my hair cut. I was going for the Asian Mullet (CINDYYY!!! Hindi man lang nila tiningnan yung pic mo!! Huhu!) look but FORTUNATELY for me (SARCASTIC MODE: ON!), the Chinese stylist didn't understand a word I was saying. Oh well.

And these, my friend, are how you're eyes might look like when you spend the whole night crying yourself to sleep. Haha. Not.

P.P.S. President's Day tomorrow. HOLIDAYYY!! Woohoo!! SALEEEE!!! Woohoo!! Laptop, ITouch or IPhone, that is the question! Helpppp!! =)

P.P.P.S. It was soo effin cold this week that it snowed for 2 days. A blizzard even came the day before that!
And what do you do when it snows and it's really, really cold and the roads are slippery?
You let the kiddos play AND you JOIN THEM!
I really am a very good babysitter!!

After playtime...
Haha. Tiredddd.

Till Tuesday!
('Cause I'm very sure I wouldn't be able to make an entry tomorrow since my Mom's gonna be here!)


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Wednesday, February 6, 2008--- ♥3:12 PM
Strike 3, you're out!


For Strike One, click HERE.

Instead of PHil., my part will now be played by BWal. =P

SBG: "Have you ever lived in a farm?"
Blaire: (confused look) "Huh, no. Why?"
SBG: "Cause you sure know how to raise cocks!"

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008--- ♥2:15 PM
Here's to us, LL!

It has been exactly 365 days since we first got together and although I'm happy that until now, we still are... I'm sorry but I just have to say this...
I still miss him.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

But please. Just try to understand.

We have known each other since forever. He was literally with me when I was being "pushed"out of this world. We grew up together. We were there for each other.

For 20 years he has been my home, and although yes, I am madly in love with you, I will not deny the fact that if he asks me to get back together with him again, I would.

Wooshoo.. Chikka lang yan! Haha! =D Pero oo, sine-celebrate namin ngayon ni Lady Liberty ang annibersaryo namin. Grabe, isang taon na kami!! Isang taon na ko dito!! Haha! =D

P.S. Pero hindi ka mawawala dito sa puso ko, Juan dela Cruz.
Poreber ka na dito... poreber, pramis! =D

P.P.S. After all the NY talk, you must, must, must check this video out.
I love, love!!!

Cool, huh? =D

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Monday, February 4, 2008--- ♥1:39 PM
Eventhough the gods are crazy, eventhough the stars are blind.

I just realized that I had watched a lot of movies this past week.-- First there's P.S.I Love You, then Cloverfield.. then Untraceable.. and 27 Dresses.. and finally, Meet the Spartans-- which really sucked! And this week we're planning to watch some more.. How She Move, Over Her Dead Body, The Eye and Fool's Gold (Yey, Matthew and Kate!♥).

I can't believe I missed Atonement though! Too bad.

But I'm definitely waiting for Jumper! Woohoo! That hottie Hayden Christensen can walk in my sky anytime. Haha! =D


I am proud to announce that I'm officially done with my Paris Hilton phase! Haha! I'm over her!!! I don't even know why I idolized her in the first place anyways. Maybe it's because of her clothes.. or her love for the color pink.. But it's most definitely not because of her stupid dog.. or her sex video! Hmm.. I guess I just was young back then.. Yeah, young and stupid. Haha! She's not even pretty.. and she has horrendous knees!

And now she's ruining Elisha Cuthbert!

Why Elisha, why?? I've always liked you eversince your Girl Next Door days. Don't ruin your life!! Stop hanging out with the Queen of Herpes. Haha, jokee!! =D

Ugh! Fugly.

Anyways, I have my Blair-bear with me for the meantime.

There's always going to be that one guy.. That no matter what happens between you two, no matter how long you go without talking, you never stop loving him. :X

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Sunday, February 3, 2008--- ♥11:43 AM
The Nanny Diaries.

A very freaky-looking ("TIYANAK"-like) mannequin.
(Because just so you know, eventhough I like KIDS, I've always been secretly afraid of BABIES. I think all infants are TIYANAKS (thanks to Shake, Rattle and Roll movies when I was younger!).


I wasn't able to update because I got really busy with a lot of things! For those of you who still don't know, yes, I am now a baby-sitter! =D Haha! I have been "working" (NOTE: "Working" because all I need to do is help her do her homework... after that, we just watch TV, play computer/Wii/PS3/DS/"princess-princess" and eat. Man, that's the LIFEEE!!) for Michelle for 5 days now (for 3 hours a day-- 2:30 to 5:30 pm), and last Friday I got my very first pay! Haha! $150, babyyy!! I'm gonna use that and my pay next week to treat my Mom to the salon cause she's gonna be celebrating her (GASP!) 54th birthday! =P


Anyways, I got my facial done last Friday at Chinatown, ALONE. Yey, claps for me for quickly learning the twists and turns there! Man, I needed that break. They gave me free upper body massages and eyebrow tweezing. Painful? Yes! But don't you agree that with pain comes pleasure? Haha! Bastossss!! =D


Anyways, that's it for now. I still need to re-do my paper 'cause my professor said it lacks theory. Ugh. I hate!! Oh, and I'm really excited 'cause Mary and some of her friends are planning to come over here (they're from Philadelphia) on the 16th to watch Phantom of the Opera. Sana matuloy!!! Mary, pilitin mo silaaaaaa!! =D

"I am just the one he loves... not the one he's committed to."

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