Tuesday, May 20, 2008--- ♥4:37 PM
No, Oompaloompas didn't kidnap me!---

Where in the world, where in the world is Nadine Arraiza?
(Sing to the tune of: Where in the world is Matt Lauer?)

---I'm still breathing, you guys! And I will update soon!

School (Spring Session I) ends in 2-3 weeks and I'll be back by then! =)
Pray that I get into the Nursing program as they'll be giving out the results by early June already. So please, please, please.. I need all the help I can get! =)

I miss you guys, and I lavlavlav you all! Haha! =)



OMGosh, GG just had their finale. I'm soo sad! No more Monday nights to look forward to! =(

And if you think Spiderman is just a fictional character, well then booyaa, you're wrong! Haha! We saw our friendliest neighbor IN THE FLESH!! Woohoo!!

Too bad we didn't have any spare change to give (alam niyo naman shushal ako, puro buo dolyares ko, LOL!) that time, so we weren't able to take a picture with him. Huhu! =(
(I was thinking nga na kung okay nalang kaya na i-frenchie ko nalang siya in the pabaliktad position as tip para lang makapagpapicture with him, kaso naisip ko rin baka mainlove naman siya sakin at hindi na niya ma-save yung mundo kaya hindi nalang!)

And, and, OMGosh, I have a new baby! Haha! And it's not what you might think he/she/it is!

And, and, and, OMGosh! I have been all over the city this past month! Haha!

-Ellis Island-- Le Estatua de Libertad (???? LOL! Pardon my blonde Spanish moment),
-Central Park,
-Brooklyn (Coney Island), and many, many, many more.

Basta, basta! I'm soo excited to share with you guys all the kwento's! Haha! Kaya wait for me ha! I'll vee vack faster than you can say,
--which, as Wiki says is, "the longest word coined by a major author"!

Vye-vye!!! =)

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