Saturday, July 14, 2007--- ♥7:21 PM
Check. Check.

Check out Yahoo's "avatar", hehe, soo cute right?!

Anyways, Mozilla Firefox is the bomb! Nyahaha!! Sorry na, it's better late than never diba?! I've finally switched to MF and said bye bye to IE! :D Yey!

What's not A-OK is HP5!!! Argh!! If I were J.K. Rowling, I would be so disappointed!! Ok, I know it's impossible to fit all the pages of the book into a movie, but, I know they would've done better if they atleast tried! For crying out loud, it's the 5th movie already! Ron & Hermione's being prefects weren't even mentioned!! The portrait of Sirius' mother wasn't even shown! If I hadn't even read the book myself, I knew I would've not understood some parts. The effects were good, but the storyline was, well, oh I dunno! Harry's fight scene with Voldemort was so short!! I think Harry & Cho's kissing scene lasted longer!! Argh!! Sayang, sayang talaga!! I feel bad cause HP5 is such a great book!! Actually, it's one of my fav among the series (and HP6)!! Sayang talaga! They could've done better. 3 stars for you, Order of the Phoenix! :P

I also watched License to Wed! Nice, nice! I missed Mandy Moore! Last time I've seen her in the big screen was "A Walk to Remember - days" pa! Hehe. If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry, this isn't a spoiler. But, just watch for what the guy will do to get Moore back. Soo Sweet! :D

NBC's new show, The Singing Bee, is funny!! Haha!! For those who have seen the pilot episode, would you agree with me if I say that it's gay-ish?!
"It's the finaaal countdown!"
Nyahaha!! I love it!! Soo gay!!!

I can't wait for the Gossip Girl series!! But it's gonna start on fall pa!! I thought it was airing this week already!! Argh!! So annoying, I was expecting to see it already!! Summer, summer, go away!

Hence, the original gossip girl...


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Monday, July 9, 2007--- ♥1:02 AM
Voxing time.

VOX: What are five things you take for granted? Submitted by meowkitty.

1. My Faith. :( Sad but true! I dunno why but
lately, I've been finding it so difficult to attend Sunday
masses. I think it was almost 2 months already since I last attended the
Holy Eucharist. :( Though sometimes I just visit the Church to pray,
it's still not the same right? I wish to have my faith back.

2. My studies. I TOOK them for granted. Now I'm
suffering the consequences. :( Really, if only I could turn back the
time... I would. But, reality bites I guess. I just have to
deal with it.

3. My Mom. We always have misunderstandings!
I know she only wants whats best for me, but sometimes it's really hard to fully
comprehend what she's trying to teach me because of pride.

4. My Boyfriend. I know I always make him feel bad with my
constant mood swings and lack of enthusiasm at times. I'm sorry for that,
I'm really just not used to this LDR - it's really sooo eFFFFFin'

5. Myself.

Sooo Bored. Wanna watch Transformers! Come with me?

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Saturday, July 7, 2007--- ♥10:24 PM
Oops, I did it again...


Its been like what?!! More or less two weeks since my last post?!! Haha!! Gawd, has it been that long?! =P
I missed blogging! I've been online too almost everyday the past weeks but I dunno, I'm just not it the mood to compose entries! Haha! But right now, oh , I'm soo hyper! Nyahaha!

(BTW, FIRST OF ALL, A sooper kadooper big thanks to everyone who left a comment or a tag regarding my previous note. Taos-puso po akong nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat! Hehe. Promise, sobrang thank you talaga! Kahit hindi ako nagblog nung mga nakaraang araw, chinicheck ko parin yung mga iniwan niyong messages, and promise, nakakagaan talaga siya ng loob! Sa lahat ng advices, and to all those who cared enough to leave comments/messages, SHANG, YCHEL, TRICIA-HOTNESS, PATTY, TINAPAY, JAKE, NELO & JANNA, thank you talaga! :D I heart you all!! Hehe. And just to update you guys, ok na kami ngayon. Haha! Masaya na ulit! =P Basta, yun nga, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TALAGA!!!! * kiss, kiss *)

Hehe, so updates, updates!!
Last July 4, we celebrated USA's Independence Day (+ 6TH MONTHSARY YO! Haha!) T'was fun simply because my Mom and I got the chance to bond! Nyahaha!! Yes, you heard it right! We bonded! My Mom and I, we're BFF's now! Haha!

We went at Central Park (again for me), and I think we circled almost half the park- WALKING! Goodness, our feet and legs were super sore my by the time we finished! I got so jealous over those who rode their bikes and rode their skates!! Oh, if only I knew how to!! Haha, but the long walk was def worth the pain! It was indeed a WALK TO REMEMBER for me and my Mom! Haha!

Because it was a holiday, most shops were on sales too!! After the walk, we ate at a Chinese resto ( buffet ), BUSOG sobra! Hehe, then we shopped around! Bakit ganun no? Pag shopping, maski buong araw ka maglakad, parang hindi sumasakit yung paa mo! Haha!! So there, we went at FAO Schwarz, Macy's, Zara, Lord&Taylor and some other stores which I forgot already! Haha, from all that walk, I ended up only getting 1 jacket and some brownies! Haha, while my Mom, AYNAKO, I don't even wanna go there! Haha! =P

And then that night, something happened! It was really scary! I swear it was my first time to encounter such! We were sleeping, it was almost 2 am that time and then I woke up because I heard my Mom talking loudly! She was saying that she heard some gunshots from outside and saw a woman running and a man hiding himself by standing against the wall (she peeked through the window). I told her that maybe it was just the fireworks because it's tradition that during July 4th, there would be pyro shows. But then after a few minutes, I heard it too!! It was really scary cause you never know right, I mean stray bullets could easily penetrate through the windows! Goodness, I was already asking my Mom to call 911 but she didn't want to do it! Thankfully, after sometime, the ambulance and the police arrived (we saw the lights from their cars). I didn't know what the "crime scene" looked like though because I was too afraid to look outside! I just hope they catch the bad guy! Eeep!!

Hmm.. What else? Um, I did something today! Nyahaha!! It's very private though! Si Earl lang may alam kung ano yun! Secret nalang kung ano yun! Nyahaha!! It's not what you think ha! Wholesome ako! Haha!! =P Basta, it's nice! New experience! I feel soo, umm, renewed?! Nyahaha! =D

I wanna watch Transformers!! And Harry Potter!! And License to Wed!! And Hairspray!! And Adam Sandler's new movie!! And and, oh, have you watched Ratatouille already??!! GO see it, it's nice!!! It's from Pixar, and I believe it's their funniest movie yet!! Go, go!!

Have you heard?! Nicole Richie is pregnant!! It's confirmed! Gawd, I'm wonderin how the hell can she give the baby the nutrients it needs to grow if she's thin as a pin! I hope Paris gets pregnant next! Nyahaha! =P

Well then, I guess that's it! Haha.. Gosh darn it, I haven't updated my VOX too!! I'm goin Cuckoo Bananas here already!! I will visit all you blogs after this pa! Haha!!


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