Wednesday, June 20, 2007--- ♥7:30 PM
KISS. Because I'm a Girl.

Have you guys seen this?

This is my most favorite music video of all time! Actually, this is the only video I liked and the only video that I can watch over and over AND over without me getting sick of it. Eventhough I can't understand the lyrics of the song, I would always end up crying after I've watched it. True love. ♥


3. Who's the most annoying person on TV?
ALL THE GIRLS FEATURED IN MTV's, MY SWEET SIXTEEN!! OMG they are just soo effin' whiny!! Spoiled bitchesess who thinks having a great party can brand them for life! They're shallow, pathetic, wannabees' who thinks they're larger than life when in reality they're just nothing! I hate girls like that!

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