Thursday, November 8, 2007--- ♥6:59 PM
Throw it away, forget yesterday. We'll make the great escape.

By: Nadine Kristel C. Arraiza

Here's my 2nd installment on the "What's inside your..." entries. Heehee! To view the first one (it's about my schoolbag), click THIS.

Show and tell starts... Now... =)

My wallet. =) I call her Fifi. Heehee.. =D Well, she has been with me for almost 3 years now. My Mom gave her to me the last time I came to visit her here for Christmas. Fifi is sooo old and dirty now so I'm thinking of, *gulp, replacing her already (Sorry Fifi, I just have to do it! =C ). And so before I finally let go of her, I'm making her this "special tribute" first... Hehe! =P

Here are Fifi's internal organs! Haha =) Things inside my wallet! Haha!! =D (Spot-an ang picture ni Romeboy!! Haha!! He gave that to me during my despedida, remembrance eh!=P)

My Cards. =) The golden yellow one is my Queens Library Card-- for all the libraries here at Queens. The blue and red card is my New York Library Card-- it's for the big Library located at Manhattan (it's soo nice there)! Then there are my Insurance Cards (the 2 white ones), my School I.D and my Credit Card. And oh, look, I still have my Privilege Card from Asian Hospital (the white one with green thingies!) =) Yey! =P

My New York State I.D. and my Republika ng Pilipinas Driver's License. Heehee! I miss driving! =( Wala kaming kotse dito eh! Huhu, commute forever lang ako dito! Haha! =P
(If you're wondering why both the pictures look alike, it's because I just placed it over the original pics. I don't wanna show the original ones 'cause they're FUGLY! Haha!) =P

Our Family Tree. This is just the small version of it 'cause the really big version of it is placed on our living room wall back home. =) Spot me!! =P

The pictures behind the plastic thingy. The first one's with me and my BFF forever--ChooChooPuffVow--Crinkles--Baluga--Ex(Wushu!)-- EMAN. =P It was taken during our first "date" --when we watched The Da Vinci Code ( May 20, 2006 yo!) at ATC. Hindi pa kami mashadong close nyan! Haha! =P Weirdie!! =P
The second one's with me, my cousin and my tita! =)


This one's our Lucky Charm! The Condom (kasi daw pag may meron ka nito sa wallet, hindi ka daw mauubusan ng pera-- sabi nila, ewan ko lang kung totoo). Haha! Back during College Sophomore Year, me and my friends made this like a "symbol" of our barkada. Haha! So all of us have this. Same brand, same size! Haha! =) EMAN, PASIMUNO!!!! =P
(Cute nung Monkey no? I love monkeys!)

So that's basically it! Say bye-bye now, Fifi! =)
(Ooh, check out my new key holder! Cute, eh! Bear!!!)

Okay, bye for now! Off to school already! =)

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