Wednesday, March 28, 2007--- ♥3:41 PM
a blondie day. . .


Ah, PARDON ALL the nonsense talk! I'm just so efffffff'n bored lang kasi! :D

I have recently discovered the fun of Ebay-ing. Haha! It's fun to browse through some really great finds, like designer bags and jeans in very affordable prices! It's fun watching people outbid each other too. Try nio rin! Haha. Or not. :D

I am also sooo loving the makeover show, WHAT NOT TO WEAR! It's so funny/entertaining. Plus, it's very educational too. Errr, education in the fashion world that is. :D
Here are the hosts Stacey and Clinton. It's aired here on TLC, but I dunno if it's being shown in the Phil na.

I have also just finished reading THIS. I recommend it, if your the vain-arte-obsessed-with-shopping kind of person. But if your more into the serious-scifi-hardcore-ekek kind of reading, then this isn't for you.

I am also currently addicted to these babies! Gawd, ang SARAP nila! I'm literally drooling here just talking 'bout them. :P Haha. Basta, they're really good talaga! I could eat like the whole pack in just one sitting, (while watching What Not to Wear ofcourse. . .heehee), I could eat them for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and midnight snacks. I could eat them everyday, every month, for a whole year! Basta, addict na ko dito! :D AY, I LOVE IT TALAGA!

Ewan. Heehee.

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