Saturday, March 10, 2007--- ♥3:17 PM
subways and man-pigs


The easiest way to travel through the outskirts of New York is via riding the subway.
The subways here are the equivalent of the MRT's and LRT's that we have in Manila.
Yes, it's very accessible and very useful indeed. The fare rates are really cheap too, there are tickets which you can buy for only $7/day,and that's unlimited riding na (meaning: kahit ilang sakay, kahit pabalik balik pa, basta in one day lang).

There are a lot of really scary stories about the subways here. Examples are the muggers who literally push you off the track upon incoming trains. So ofcourse mamamatay ka nun, gutay gutay pa yung katawan mo. Though I've never believed these "urban legends", napatunayan ko nga na they really are true when I saw them on the news a few days ago. So natakot na nga ko... But last Wednesday, something happened that made me realize na may mas nakakatakot pa pala kaysa sa mga muggers. And those are the MANYAK jerks that literally takes advantage of people, especially during rush hours when the trains are so full/siksikan na.
So my mom and I were on the way home na. 1 stop nalang before we get off and here comes this short-Espanol/Mexican-looking guy. . . Since siksikan na nga, ofcourse, everyone was standing close to each other. As the train started to move I feel something "feeling" my butt. SO ofcourse i didn't mind it naman, hindi ko naman naisip na someone was trying na manghipo, and kasi nga siksikan, akala ko it was a bag of someone close to me lang. Pero naman, nung gumalaw na yung kamay niya, then it was confirmed. . .nanghihipo nga siya. Grabe, I really didn't know what to do. I just froze from where I was standing. Tapos gumalaw galaw nalang ako and I turned to look at him. Hindi naman siya makatingin, pero atleast tumigil siya. Hindi ko din naman siya masumbong sa mom ko kasi I didn't want to make a scene out of it naman, and I know pag sinumbong ko siya, nako, mata lang niya walang latay. So ending is I let it go nalang.
I swear if something like this ever happens again, nako, I won't keep my mouth shut anymore. Lalaban na ko. I now know my rights here. I can sue him right away for doing something like that. Nabigla lang ako, I was caught off guard kasi e, pero next time talaga, humanda na sila. They might say America has a liberated culture anyways. . .But I don't give a fcuk! Panghihipo will always fall in the same category as rape- which then falls into the category of sexual abuse.
And to that maniac, whoever the hell you are. . . may araw ka rin! Makakarma ka rin! If not you, maybe someone close to you. . .your mother, your wife, or even your daugher. Only then will you realize the kababuyan you did to me, or to the other girls that you took advantage of. I swear, babalik yang ginawa mo sayo, you disgusting pig!

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