Sunday, April 22, 2007--- ♥2:32 PM
And this day just keeps getting better and better...

Ha, ha! :D
I missed blogging!:D
For the last 2 days, I haven't been able to sit my lazy butt infront of the computer. This is because my mom took a 2-day break from work and we had "bonded together" for the last 48 hours. Fun, fun! :D

>Had facial done, with her ofcourse!
Facial included an upper body massage - *heaven!, and eyebrow plucking. Although the massage was soooper good, I still had a BF-("bitch fit" :D) with the derma person. Kasi naman, she kept on persuading my mom to buy bottles and bottles of anti-acne astringents for me, and guess how much it costs, 132 effin' dollars!!!! I could buy a whole lotta other stuff with that!!! Besides, I wouldn't wanna waste that much on some acne face cream stuff since I don't even have pimples anyways!!! St. Ives' facial wash is already more than enough for me, thankyouverymuch!

>Went at Manhattan Mall to buy spring outfits for me. :D
I didn't pack light clothes kasi nga I arrived here during winter time, so the stuff I brought with me was already inappropriate to use since the weather is getting pretty kinda heavy already. I'm even starting to sweat especially if we walk long distances! The sun's still up even if it's 8 pm already and it's heat is blinding na!!!! And it's not even summer yet! Oh, Philippines, I could already feel you here! :D

>Ate at a Jap Resto!!! YUMYUM!!! SOOPER LAMON!!! :D

>Took the TOEFL exam! I'm telling you, 4 full hours of sitting down taking that stupid exam was not fun!!! My mom and her friend were so sweet though, they just waited for me outside the testing center. Talk about patience! :D

>Since the testing center was at Jersey City, Tito Nestor picked us up and we headed over their house for lunch. New Jersey's environment pala is soo different from New York! It's so quiet over there and there aren't a lot of mixed cultured people, it's just mostly pure white Americans and some Pinoys. Hehe. I liked it there, it's like Cavite for me, a province but not uber-rural naman. I got to buy my favorite Taisan from Red Ribbon too, meron kasing Red Ribbon branch dun! Hehe. Fun pa kasi all the people inside R.R. were Pinoys (from the costumers down to their staff), and when you enter everyone just kind of says "Hello, Kababayan" to you. :D

>Went home and ate Thai food via delivery. Sooper YumYum din!!! :D


I'm not generalizing okay, but I really hate the way MOST, NOT ALL, African Americans talk especially when inside the subway. They're WAY TOOO LOUD! It's like they don't care about the other people inside the cart who are trying to get some sleep. It's really irritating because I think they're just trying to piss people off 'cause they know they can get away with it. Why they can get away with it, you ask? Well, it's because if someone tries to correct them, they'll say it's outright discrimination immediately - Racism. Again, I'm not generalizing, I'm just stating my opinion.


I got to watch GameKNB? and Wowowee over Tito Nestor's place via TFC. Si Edu na pala yung host! Haha! I like him better! Hindi niya pinapahiya yung contestants plus nakakatawa pa yung mga hirit nya, hindi scripted eh, sobrang natural lang! Ha, ha. Katuwa talaga! :D Wowowee is still the same, pero si Mariel ang ikli na ng hair! Sayang, ang pretty pa naman nya nun! Hehe, chismis ba? Sorry ah, miss ko na talaga eh! :D


We got to eat Filipino dishes pala over Tito Nestor's pa rin. Boneless bangus, Spag with shrimp, Fried pusit, Crispy pata, Lumpia, Turon, Mango cake (RedRibbon) and Ginataan. Haha, nostalgic yung feeling! :D


Bati na kami! :D See, YOU can't break us! Wag ka na kasing epal eh! Wag ka ng magulo! Bato-bato-sa-langit! Peace!! :D

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