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It's raining and I'm B-O-R-E-D!!!

So here I am browsing through other people's blogs and I came across this... :D

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Fashion Fix 01 - Backviews the World Can Do Without.

How you look from the front is only as good as how you look from behind. Imagine walking in a mall turning heads with your stylish look only to be laughed at by people you’ve passed by as they see tissue paper stuck to your behind.
Let’s make the world a better place by ridding it of unwanted sights.

1. If you’ve got love handles, please avoid wearing tight, dark coloured belts with low-waisted pants. The area above and beneath the belt will look huge and accentuate your lovehandles. It will also help if you wear pants that’s not 2 sizes smaller than your correct size. Also avoid tight, tummy-baring shirts.
2. Choose the right bra size. Bra sizes usually have this standard format: width followed by cup size. Example: 75B where 75 is your torso’s width and B is your cup size. Wearing ill-fitting bras are not only a sure-fire way of showing off ugly bulges, it prevents proper blood circulation, too.
3. If you are blessed with an unusually padded behind, avoid wearing tight-fitting pants with loud patterns and colours. They will not disguise your lumps and bulges, as you hoped they would. They will only draw attention to your hips and make it seem even wider. Your best bet would be either dark, solid coloured trousers or jeans. If you really like colour, go for stripes.

4. There’s nothing that catches more unwanted attention than visible panty lines. When wearing anything remotely fitting, wear a thong. If you can’t do thongs, boyshorts will do. Those “seamless” knickers advertised today only work for very slim women. If you’re a bit on the chubby side, those “seamless” knickers would still give you unwanted bulges.

5. Seeing one of these makes me want to stick a pen right where it’s asking to be stuck in. It’s not sexy, it’s trashy. It’s not “in,” it’s bad taste. If you have seen Britney Spears display her coinslot, it’s because she’s Britney Spears and you’re most definitely not. It’s bad enough when it’s intentional, it’s even worse when you don’t mean it to happen. So when you have really low-rise pants, wear one of those hip belts. you can tuck it in the pants so whenever you sit or lean over, the hipbelt will show and no one would have to see what isn’t meant to be seen.

6. No one needs to know you’ve just bought new underwear. This one is similar to #5. If you’ve seen Lil’ Kim don this style, it’s because she’s Lil’ Kim and you’re not. If you’re not a hooker, a strip dancer, trailer trash or anything along the lines of that, and if you’re not walking on a fashion runway or posing for a spread in a fashion magazine, this style isn’t for you. Wear low-rise knickers with your low-rise jeans. Knickers with a v-shape rather than an even round curve shape will be better since it will stay under your jeans where it should be.

Remember, your mirror isn’t there for nothing. Check your behind before going out. Ask for a second opinion if you’re unsure. And remember that trashy is not fashionable.

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