Tuesday, April 17, 2007--- ♥1:22 PM

What is your problem?
Why can't you just accept THE FACT na, "TAPOS NA KAYO!"
MOVE ON, girl!
There are a lot of other FISHES IN THE SEA, I'm sure you'll find yourself another one, no punintended.
Don't blame me for him breaking up with you! First of all, I wasn't theone who flirted with me. I wasn't theone who said he had feelings for me.Lastly, I wasn't the one who broke up with you. He did!
So why don't YOU talk to HIM!!!!
I REALLY appreciate you adding mehere. Thank you for spending time to look for, not ONE, but all my three other accounts as well. But really,why'd you have to do that? Do you really believe that were FRIENDS now for YOU to ADD ME on YOUR FRIENDS' list?
Seriously, I don't want anything to do with you, and seriously, he doesn't either.
I'm not fighting with you okay, I just think that it's improper naman that you judge our feelings for each other.
Do you know what we've been through all this time?
I don't think so.
Don't you believe that love can still work despite the distance?
Thats what we call LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS, my dear. So please, just stop your bickering!
After all, you're not part of our relationship.
God is good!
I totally agree with you, and I know that HE has other plans for you. I'm sure HE wants you to be happy and spend your time over some other things more important rather than you mopping over your FINISHED relationship with him.
AND YES, just like you, I believe in KARMA too.
I wish you find your happiness soon, I still believe that you can have your own FAIRYTALE ending if you just learn to LET GO.
Go find your rightful PRINCE ERIC, I'm sure with him you can have your own HAPPILY EVER AFTER ending.
Good Luck!

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