Saturday, April 14, 2007--- ♥11:36 AM
Ms. Culkin =P

Home Alone.
Yup, yup.
Weekends = Home Alone days for me!
A. I don't fix the bed for 2 nights.
B. I don't have to cook "healthy" meals: I can eat anything I want.
C. I don't have to do the dishes: I just use our paper/plastic utensils.
D. I can use the computer the WWWHHHOOOLLLEE day.
E. I get to sleep with the radio turned on. (my mom can't sleep with noise).
F. No adult supervision for 2 days. * Woot-Woot! !
G. Weekends are "quality time" with Earl. ♥
A. I have to sleep with the lights turned on. (I can't sleep in the dark alone).
B. Our next door Mexican neighbor always, ALWAYS plays Mexican songs IN FULL VOLUME!!!! I can bear with that, yes. What I can't stand is why they play it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Yes, the freakin CD for over two months now! I swear, I got LSS with one song already, yet I can't even understand what the song is about, 'cause I can't understand the 'effin language. Goodness!
Well, 7 beats 2... So, I STILL LOVE IT! :D
You know how kids today have those rubber shoes which has little wheels on them? I like those! I wanna try them. I wanna know how it feels like to glide!!!! I swear, kids nowadays are just soo lucky.
In my "younger days", ehem, I'm 20 (twen-teen.Ü) palang ha! But yeah, when I was younger, cool kana if you have those shoes that light up when you walk. Now, it's baduy na. Haha. How time flies. :D

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