Sunday, April 8, 2007--- ♥9:11 PM


(Get it? Cause of the EASTER BUNNY, and


Anyhoo... Update Update!!!:D

It so feels like Christmas today! I swear, I got A LOT of gifts, not A LOT lot, but it's A LOT-considering that it's not even my birthday...

1. CLINIQUE make-up kit from my Aunt. (HOP-HOP-HAPPY!!!!!:D)

2. An Easter Card from my Uncle.

3. Easter Eggs and chocolates from my Ninang. (YUMYUMYUM!!!)

4.Dinner + take home food from Tita Charo and her anak, my new friend, Kyle. Ü

5. M&Ms Easter pack from myself-HAHA, I can't help not buying them, their colors are sooo cute! PLUS, no BROWNS!!!! Haha-cause I hate the BROWN colored ones!!Ü

6. Bagel, muffins and churros(spelling?) from my Mom...Aww... Haha, atleast we got to spend Easter together-eventhough it was only for 2 hours.Ü
7. Cashmere scarf with matching gloves from Tita Charo again. Whatta sweet woman!Ü

HAHA!!! All in all, it can be summed up as Cholesterol Galore!!! Haha!!:D


And yeah, as us Catholics know, during Easter masses, we get to renew our baptismal vows right? For every question, we answer with an "I DO." I dunno, cause while saying the I Do's, the image of my wedding just popped out of my mind... Heehee.. Ü

Also, Tita Charo rented Shake Rattle & Roll today. So, I got to watch a Pinoy film. Hehe. I miss the Pinoy artistas!!! :D I also got to watch THE BUZZ at Kyle's room while Tita was preparing dinner for us. Haha! Got updated with the chismis at the Phil! It was nice! I miss Tito Boy!! Haha..:D It's just too bad for us since our building doesn't allow TFC... Unfair!!!

Will go to the mall tomorrow with Kyle, since tomorrow's gonna be the last day of their Spring Break.

Must return DVDs to the Lib tomorrow, or else get a $6 fine!!!! Gawd!!!

Must get the package from the Post Office tom. It's my Grandmas video of her burial. SAD.


And since it's Monday in the Phil already, I must do this...


My baby's all grown up already. Dalaga ka na loka!!!:D

Happy Debut!!! :D

I miss you so much!!!!

I really hope she gets to see this since I can't text her. Hay.

I love you dear!:D


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