Thursday, April 12, 2007--- ♥6:50 PM
Elle "Nadine" Woods.

I AM LEGALLY...BLONDE!!! Hehe... Errr, LEGALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP pala... :D (nyork,nyork)... :D

Whoop-dee-doo!!! The title says it all. Haha!!! :D My mom already knows and she's A-OK with it. Okay, at first she was yelling and all but in the end, she just accepted it. After all, "it's just normal." And those were her exact words.

But now, I'm feeling weird around her. Like this morning, she wanted me to make kwento about everything! How we met, how he courted me... And my gulay, she never runs out of things to say! She's also asking me all these crazy questions like, "did we have sex already" or "bakit mo tinago sakin, kung ikaw nabuntis nun ano nalang mangyayari ngayon sayo?" Oh mommy dearest, don't you worry... After all, I'm a good girl... (*wink*) :D

During lunch, Chel and her boyfriend, James, asked me to eat with them. It was super fun! It was my first time to meet James, whose sooper cute by the way.. Haha.. Blue eyes mehn!:D
So we went at the Queens Mall, which is sooper near our house pala!!! I swear, I will go there everyday na!!! (Or, everytime I have money that is.. :D ) We ate at Applebee's - my first time to eat there!!! - and James ordered, ehem, alcoholic drinks for us. I know, it's lunch right, but he wanted to celebrate, I guess... Haha..Ü And since he was past 21, we got them! Haha, so Chel and I split the Mudslide and James got 2 drinks, one was beer and the other one was... (methinks)...oooh I forgot the name but it had strawberries on them.
So while eating, James chipped his tooth!!! Haha.. It was funny but then, he looked kawawa too. :c He had to go to the dentist immediately and so he left Chel and me.... And then we shopped!!!! :D

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