Saturday, April 28, 2007--- ♥7:42 PM

Everyone, meet MY MAN, Tobey Maguire! :P

Isn't he the cutest? Oh, and he's so sweet too, saying "I love you N.K." infront of y'all (Take note: N.K. for NADINE KRISTEL and not M.J!!! Grr!!! I HATE that poser missy!!! Haha)

- Oh, you know I love you too my Itsy-Bitsy-Spidey! :D -

Haha, OKAY, enough!! Sit, Stay... Good Nadine! :D

I just can't help it! I have been sooo looking forward for the next installment of Spiderman! And now, I can't believe that it's only just a few days away (it opens here on the 4th). Please, someone come watch it with me!!!! :D It's sad enough as it is that it's our monthsary that day and we can't even watch it together! Rawr. I really, really, really wanna see it, WITH YOU, B! I know I've mentioned it to you a lot of times already but grrr, walang magagawa eh! Kung may web ka lang ba ala Spiderman edi pwede ka sanang maka swing-swing mula Phil. hanggang dito. Haha. I WISH!!!! ♥

I dunno why but I really, really, really like Spiderman! He's the super-kadooper-bestest-best Superhero of all, for me ha! :D

Superman, nah, Gwapo lang un! :P

Wolverine, BALBON, eww much! HAHA :D

Batman, BAT-MAN? Okay, a superhero based from a BAT, no thanks! :P

Sino pa bang iba? Hmmm...

BASTA, Okay! FOR ME, He's #1! If you have other questions, opinions or snide remarks whatsoever, I will respect them... So please respect mine also. :D

Oh, here we are! :D Support my Hunny's film ok? :P

Haha. OO na! Desperada! Haha. Hindi kasi ako marunong mag edit via Photoshop, so, no choice- Paint nalang! Haha. Sorry ah! Gawd, sa sobrang poor ng resolution, hindi na makita yung mukha ko! Haha. Basta, ok na yan, pagbigyan nyo nalang ako! :D

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