Wednesday, April 11, 2007--- ♥2:48 PM

Last night, my mom asked me if I already have a boyfriend. I swear, my heart stopped beating talaga.
You see, I'm still illegal to have one. I too don't know why she still wouldn't let me, she doesn't give me any reasons naman.
Oh yeah, I forgot, her reason pala is that she would allow me after I'm done with my school na. Gawd, e I'm turning 21 na nga this October eh.
My gulay, I'm sooo not a minor already, yet she still treats me like a child. Some girls I know have already had kids when they were 21, but I'm still not allowed to have a boyfriend. Eh kung nabuntis pa kaya ako, pano pa? But anyways, I'm not like that. I know my limitations. Okay, that's definitely not part of this topic na.
So the reason why she found out is because someone told her about my cellphone bills. I didn't even know that text messages could be tracked here. I was sanay in the Phil. where the only things listed at the bills were the calls, but apparently, here in America they list down everything!!!. . . Even the games you download!!! GRABE TALAGA!!!!!
Last night when she asked me I easily said "NO, I don't have one." But after waking up, I decided to tell her already- through text... Talk about being duwag!!!
I still haven't heard anything from her since, cause when she called me, I was too scared to answer so I just let the machine pick up. Hahahahay...
Wish me luck everyone! I'm praying that by tonight, when she comes home from work, we could talk, and I could be LEGAL na.
I hope...

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