Sunday, April 15, 2007--- ♥9:22 PM


Staying home ALL ALONE led me to do some pampering for myself. I have been feeling down lately 'cause of ALOT of FUDGIN' issues happening around here. I really needed a break!!!
Hence, a makeover!!! Haha, feeling fresh and clean is the best cure for all problems, really! :D

  • Took a looong, loong, long shower. Complete with Loofahs for scrubbing, St. Ives' Apricot body wash, Lavander soap, Ivory shampoo, Bath &Body's Vanilla conditioner, minty toothpaste, mouth wash, St. Ives' facial wash. HEAVEN!!!
  • WAXED: Wahahaha, yes, oh yes, my first time!!!:D It's not so bad after all, the pain is very tolerable! Got rid of all the unwanted hairs on my legs, ____ and _____ (Haha, I'm not telling where!!! I'm sure y'all know that already!!) Now my legs, ____ and ___ are 100% hair-free!!:D I love it, I swear!!!:D I feel soo much lighter, promise!!! Haha.. :D
  • Skin care: Vaseline lotion, Sothys Paris' moisturizer, J&J Lavander & Chamomile baby powder, Cherry Chapstick, Clinique's hand lotion, Infonie's perfume. Now I feel good and smell good. Haha.. :D (Yes, no make-ups whatsoever - I didn't want to put any "foreign" color on my face today. Just all natural for my now soft, smooth skin. Wahaha, landi!)
  • Lit up 3 candles with different scents: Apple, Peach and Vanilla. YumYum smell!! :D
  • Did my nails, but only colored my toenails with Satin White. (Pa-conservative look(",)
  • Plucked eyebrows!! :D I didn't know how to wax them, kasi.
  • Had a nap while listening to the radio.
  • Watched some movies while eating chicken balls dipped with cream cheese. YumYum taste!! :D
  • Is currently doing this. (",)

Haay, nice. I'm loving my zen mood now!!:D It also helps that the weather's with me, bringing slight rain, I am in my own paradise. :D

Some more reviews:

  1. Dead Silence- Scary... I've never been more scared of "silence." :D It's a good thing I was watching it while talking with Mary. She had watched it already and she told me about the story so I wasn't surprised with some of the scenes anymore. We both didn't get the ending though. So if you happen to have watched this and you got it, please do explain it to us. :D
  2. The Pursuit of HappYness- Aww.. I cried.. :( It was soo nice. Since I was feeling down nga, I 'kinda "felt the essence" of the story. It made me miss my Daddy... :( It was based in real life din pala.
  3. Meet the Robinsons- CUTE!!! But, I cried again since it was about families too. :( I'm a real sucker for these family-inspired animations yet, I love watching them. Hay. :(

Waah, hope things turn out better SOON. :(

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