Saturday, May 26, 2007--- ♥2:06 PM
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Slash That!!
I'm already done (with the new layout, that is).
That will do... for now.. :)
Well, comments naman... Okay lang ba? :D
OH, some updates:
1. The dinner went well. It wasn't as bad as I expected it would be. Although it still sucks that I wasn't able to go bowling with the others, atleast my intestines were happy... :D
2. Monday is Memorial Day here. HOLIDAY!! Yey!! We're planning to go at Coney Islands'. I don't exactly know what I'll see there, but they told me that there's gonna be some beaches and some theme parks there... We'll see!! I'll post some pictures after!! :D
3. Since there's gonna be a holiday coming up, all stores are going on a SALE!!! YEHEEYYY!!! Time to swipe some credit cards again!! :D
4. It is really getting HOT IN HERRRRE!!!! I'm not liking it anymore!! Sheesh!! :S
PLUS: Girls (and guys as well), advice lang! Pag daw bibili kayo ng bagong undies (panties, bras, briefs) or bagong clothes, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WASH THEM FIRST!!! Kahit branded pa yang mga yan, i-wash niyo parin daw! Meron kasing kumakalat na article na meron daw girl na "binahayan" ng maggots yung breast niya (specifically in the nipple area). Kadiri talaga yung itsura, hindi ko kayang i-post yung pic here eh kasi nandidiri talaga ako, pero if you wanna see it, i-search niyo nalang. Mas better pa pala if you iron the part of the underwear where us girls put our napkins. Gets niyo kung saan? Para daw mapatay lahat organisms or germs na nandun. Eeekkk!! Natakot talaga ko dito kasi although ginagawa ko yun sa mga undies na bagong bili ko, hindi ko siya ginagawa sa mga clothes eh! Yung minsan sinusuot ko na agad yung mga damit kahit bagong bili palang, hindi pala dapat ganun. So be aware people!! :)

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