Thursday, May 24, 2007--- ♥4:41 PM
J.T.. :D

And no that's not for Justin Timberlake ah! :P

Rather it's...


Haha... Katamaran is really kicking into my system!!
I have no idea why but I've lost interest in writing! Haha..

Maybe I should change my layout because a friend (Tricia.Ü) of mine said that, "mas gaganahan daw ako magsulat pag bagong layout.."

Hehe, so I'm gonna try to do that.. But then the problem is natatamad nga ako! Haha.. :D

But, I will do that... soon hopefully.. :D


So here's the thing:
Last week my Mom and I were invited by her "suitor"(ewww!!) to join him for dinner tomorrow at a Thai Resto. The problem is, earlier this week, my friend, Marge, also asked me to come with them to bowl.
So, bowling with people my age (plus meeting some of Marge's friends as well!!) vs. being stuck with two lovey-dovey oldies???
Hmm... No questions right?!?
But then mother dearest surely will always have the last say in this. And when she says,
"Hindi pwede, kasi gusto kong makilala mo siyang mabuti!"....
Then I have no choice..

Hay mother talaga!! Sometimes, I love you but sometimes I just wanna strangle you...
Haha, joke lang!! :P


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