Sunday, May 6, 2007--- ♥6:42 PM
Mother's Day Tribute..I Guess?????


You know how sometimes you get irritated with someone even if there's really no concrete reason to feel that way because the person hasn't done anything mean to you? Anyways, I'm like that with my, gulp, mom.

It's sad, right?

I can't help it though, sometimes, even just hearing her voice over the phone makes me wanna go scream at her and bang the phone on her ears!

I dunno why!

It's not that I hate her, infact, I really love her and I'm thankful for everything she has done for me... for putting up with me even after me doing things that made her feel bad.. for all the patience, love and understanding she has given, and is continually giving me... for simply being an epitome of a good - no, a Great Mom.

So why does my blood boil considering all those things?

Maybe it's because after having been seperated from her for almost 3 years, (I lived with my grandparents at our house in the Phil while she was working here), I guess I just kinda forgot what it felt like to have her around again. Yung maging "anak" ka ulit after trying--learning and BEING independent already.

(It wouldn't hurt too if she could just stop screaming practically everything she wants me to do like, "PATAYIN MO YUNG KANDILA, BAKA MAKALIMUTAN MO NA NAMAN!" or "GAMITIN MO NAMAN YUNG MATA MO, MAGLINIS KA NAMAN, WALA KA NAMANG GINAGAWA EH!"... Geez!! I can still hear you without you needing to raise your voice like that, you know! It's not like I'm deaf, Mom!!!

Oops, Outrage! :P



It's been a week since my last post! I'm toooo lazy to list down everything I did these past days and so I'm just gonna go do the "bulleted style"
  • Monday & Tuesday @ Manhattan Mall. Shop, shop, shop for Spring clothes! :P I can now actually say that I have enough clothes for this season (though it wouldn't hurt to get more! * wink *).
  • After 3 months of "Mcdo Abstinence", my taste buds welcomed Mr. Burger and Mrs. Fries once again! Halelooooyah!!! :P
  • Watched Spiderman 3!!!! I LOOOOVEEEE!!!! Most definitely will watch it again! :D
  • Celebrated 4th month during the 4th! <3xoxo
  • Forgot some other stuff na!!! Waah! Alzheimers(spell?)!!!


I hate her! Ikaw! Ang layo layo ko na nga sayo ginagaya mo parin ako? Naman! It's not even cute! Imitation is definitely not a form of flattery, in your case it's a form of unoriginality! Ewan ko SAYO!!!

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