Saturday, May 12, 2007--- ♥2:36 PM
Naming names...:D



Sabi ni Red, kamuka ko daw si Hilary Duff! Diba, Red? Oo ka nalang... :D
(LAKI MATA!! - Di na ko chinita, Eman! Haha)
Haha... This is kyoooot... I just got this from another blog.... :D

If you call me _____, you must probably be _____:

  • "Nadine"- You're someone I just met or you were probably my classmate back in CSA.

  • "Nadz/s"- We're close but hindi mo pa alam na I hate being called as Nadz/s. Haha. :D (ngayon alam mo na ha, kaya tigilan na ha!!! LOL)

  • "Nadzie"- You're my college friend or blockmate.. :D

  • "Nadine Kristel"- You're one of my relatives and you only call me this pag dumadating sila Ate Nadine, ( my cousin-we have the same name!)

  • "NADINE" or "ikaw babae ka"- You're my mom when she's mad at me... :D

  • "Nadine pronounced as Neydeeeen"- You have an American accent which is probably because you were born/raised here!!! :D

  • "Nadinesky/Nadinetot"- We are friends and we're close!!!!!

  • "Kristel"- You're definitely my "hellokitty"!!!! :D

  • "ARRAIZA"- You're one of my classmates in 7B or in 1E... Or you're probably my CSA teacher taking the class attendance. :P

  • "B/Piglet/Nerd/Lola/Lahat na ng pambobola"- You are EARL, the loving boyfriend!!! I ♥ YOU!!!

  • "HunnyBunny"- You're my mom when we're not fighting...

  • "Baby/Piggy"- You're my ka-BEDO's CLAN.. :D

  • "ChiChi"- You're Eman, my Crinkles! :P

  • "Nina"- You're my ka-PBB barkada in college!! Haha...

  • "Loveteam/Yema"- You are Migs, aka, Bam!!! :P

  • "Loka"- You are Fae Loka!!! :P

  • "Dear"- You're either Fae, Jhegie, Kyle, Red, Eman, Migs or Jerome...

  • "something obscene"- You are NONO or NORRIS!!!!! Hahahaha!!! :P

  • "Ganda"- You're my Tita Jackie.. :P

  • "Din"- You're my Tita Lizzie or basta ka-family kita and I LOVE YOU!!! :)

  • "Ate Nadine"- You're one of my cousins or my busmates!!.. :D

  • "Damie"- You're my Tito Bong.. :P

  • "Mami"- You're Kath, my anak! :D

  • "Sexy, hot, angel"- You saw me for the first time and you couldn't think of anything but those 3 adjectives to describe me...*woot woot* LOL!!! Joke Lang!! :D

  • "Nadine Samonte"- Gusto mong magpatawa pero sa totoo lang, ilang beses ko na yang narinig at hindi na ko natatawa! At isa pa, mas nauna kong pinanganak kay Nadine Samonte, so siya ang nanggaya sakin at hindi ako!!! Heehee.. :P

  • "Ms. Nadine"- Nagpapakilala ka sakin, pero weird ang tingin ko sayo...

Hmmm... Ano pa ba? Basta, will update this pag naisip ko pa yung iba.. Haha.. Fun diba? Try nio rin!!!! :D

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