Monday, May 28, 2007--- ♥1:24 PM

Well, I’m really typing this Today (Offline: May 29, 2007), but since my entry is gonna be about the things that happened yesterday, I might as well just change the date, right? :D

So yeah, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s Memorial Day here today!!


Our morning started with this situation though: My Tita asked us if we wanted to come with them to Atlantic City cause they were told that there are gonna be Filipino artists performing. So of course we wanted to see our artistas, diba! But after a couple of minutes, my Tita called again and told us that the only Filipino artist performing is Ara Mina lang pala (uy, no offense sa mga fans ni Ara jan ha!). So we decided to just go to where we originally planned to go and that is in Coney Island! Yey!!!

Well, we actually didn’t go in Coney Island (theme park). Rather we went at Brighton Beach. But, it’s like this kasi, Coney Island is connected to Brighton Beach, so we still saw Coney Island, but only from afar (well all I could see were the rides!).

See for yourself!!!

Perfect weather + Nice place = Wish that it was Earl whom I was with. :(

Sorry ang gulo, pause pause kasi yan eh!! Iba iba pa yung humahawak nung cam… Did you see me?? Haha!! Hanapin niyo ko!!

Pauwi na...

Sorry for my ugly voice!! Haha, pero it’s cute no? The way the guy was sunbathing through his window!! Haha, I guess he was just too timid to go out… :)

We ate lunch there!!! So ang shushal diba, lunch by the beach. :P Haha! The food was great!!! Sobra! SARAP SARAP!!! We literally pigged out! We were so full afterwards though! So full that hindi na kami kumain ng dinner nung gabi! Haha! :D

After the beach, we went at Lord & Taylor’s (it’s like Rustans’.) to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!

Bummer though, so many SALEs, so LITTLE time (and MONEY too)!!! Haha!

I only bought 1 shirt…


My mom bought me THIS BAG!!!! AYLAVEEETT!!!! Ang mahal nga lang, it’s price is almost the same as the Tokidoki bags (Le Sportsac Bags which I also LOVE!!!). I wanted to get the Tokidoki bags too but I think this is much nicer! Looks more chic! Tokidoki prints kasi are mukang pambata diba, (BUT CUTE!).

So yeah, my Mom was the one who reallyyyy shopped! Andaming binili grabe! Tapos nung pauwi na kami, reklamo naman ng reklamo! Haha. :P

*Off to do another entry.. :)

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