Thursday, June 14, 2007--- ♥10:51 AM
After 8456786458 YEARS!!:D

Hello, Nadine! Welcome come to the blogging world!! Haha, kamusta naman yun!! :D

Tomorrow's gonna be fun! Marge invited me to go out again, yey! Thankfully, this time I could really go na!! Nothing big though, we're just gonna go watch a movie then eat but, I'm happy narin cause it's been a loooong time since I went out with friends. Last pa yata is when Camille and Mary went here eh! That was nung start of June pa!! Haha. :D I'm excited for tomorrow!!

Comedy: ^_^

A few nights ago, my Mom and I were watching Mean Girls over a local channel. She has a thing for L. Lohan kasi eh, I dunno why but she likes her. So there. The scene was, um remember when the four were having this conference over the phone? Basta, the scene was with Rachel McAdams(QueenBee) and the Stupid Girl(the one who claims she could tell when it's raining using her boobs). The conversation pala went like:

StupidGirl: *fakes cough * "I can't go out, I'm sick" *fakes cough again*
RachelMcAdams: "Boo, you whore!"

So there, after about 30 or so minutes, this happens to us... Haha:

Me: *coughs* (not fake, ha!!)
Mom: "Blow your horn!"
Me: "Huh?"
Mom: "Kasi diba kanina nung umubo siya (referring to the Stupid Girl) sinabihan niya (QueenBee) ng 'Blow your horn!'"
Me: Bwahahaha!!! *LMAO here* "Ano ba yan Mommy, sabi kaya niya, 'Boo, you whore!'"

Wahahaha, I'm still laughing right now just writing about it! :D Nako naman kasi eh, si Mother, nakikisabay pa sa mga "teenager words" eh, eh mali-mali naman! Haha. :D Haynako, Mother talaga! :D

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