Sunday, June 17, 2007--- ♥12:51 AM

(I sure am not a big fan of Fathers' Day, frankly because I don't have "him" anymore to celebrate it with). But, what the heck...

For all the proud Dads, the soon-to-be-first-time fathers, the Priests (they're Fathers too!), the bungi Lolo's and even the FAFA's out there. Hehe.. :D

May it be Daddy, Papa, Itay, Lolo or "Pops", I greet you all a





...we sure are lucky to have you!

And to my dearest Dad,
We may not have celebrated the last 11 Fathers' Day day together, but I know for certain that when that day comes, the DAY when we would finally see each other again... I promise you that we would make everyday a Fathers' Day celebration for us. =D
I love you Daddy and I miss you sooo much. :'D
I want to try the VOX thing that Tricia has on her blog. Kasi naman, it's for days na wala akong masusulat na entry or for days na natatamad ako gumawa ng post! Pag wala akong maisip, I'll just use the VOX-QOTD thing, then poof, instant entry na! Diba!!! :D
I want to TRY to write everyday kasi eh, wala lang for "memories sake", but pano if I have nothing to write about? Kaya naisip ko yung VOX. Hehe, but I will ask for permission first! :D
"Tricia, pwede ba???!!!!"

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