Monday, June 18, 2007--- ♥3:55 PM
It's Morphin' Time! :D

Wahaha. :D The title has no connection whatsoever sa Power Rangers, ha! :D
C'mon, see for yourselves! This is F-U-N! XD

Me morphed with Zhang-Ziyi, hehe. Not bad, eh!:D

Me as the Girl Next Door, Elisha Cuthbert. I like, I like!:D

Me as Heroes star, Hayden Panetierre! Parang hindi nagbago yung mukha niya no? Meaning.. Hehe, feeling ko ba! :D

It's sexy back time! Me and Mr. JT!!! Yehboi!! :D

THAT'S HOT! Me as an heiress!! Wahaha, I love it!! I'm sure y'all know who this is naman! :P

Me as Shrek! Haha! :) "Tricia, we both are pretty ogres' ah!!" Haha. :D

Ay!! This one's my FAV! This is what our child might look like!! Well, what do you expect, magandang genes eh! Haha. :D Love your own kasi!! :D Cute naman siya diba?!! Haha, oo nalang kayo! :D

Haha, I'm warning you though, it's really sooooo addicting!! If you guys wanna try it, just click

Happy Morphing! :D


I'm starting to like this show, Degrassi: The next Generation. Have you guys heard of it?

It's like OC meets OTH, but the characters are more "Real." Well, real in the sense that they really look like typical high school students, I mean kasi naman, both in OC & in OTH, it's either they look hot or gorgeous or hot&gorgeous, I mean, that's not right! Real people don't always look like a million bucks everyday! Haha! :D Diba?!!! Hehe.. :D

Too bad they just air every weekends, but what's good about it is that every weekend they have marathons! As in, marathons talaga! From 6pm to 6am the next day na! I love it kasi hindi ako nabibitin, unlike yung ibang series na 1 hour lang. Ito 12 hours!! Haha! :D

I love Manny Santos' character ( I bet she's Filipina! Her character ah, Santos kasi eh!), she's my fav among all of them.

Basta, she's cool! She's labelled as the "school slut" but what the hey, she can't help it if guys fall for her, diba?!? Aylaveeeet!! :D


Oh, I have permission to use VOX na... Yehey! :)

We can also interact using this so if you want you could also answer the questions! So here it is, my very first QOTD:

1. What time is your alarm clock set for? Do you use the snooze button?
Well, I'm not using one right now since school wouldn't start till September for me. But back then I would always set my alarm 45 minutes before the time. So YES, the snooze button is my bestfriend! Haha, I love the feeling of not being rushed early in the morning that's why I give myself time to just snooze lazily in bed, half-awake while half-asleep. I'm not a morning person so I must always give allowances so as not to wake up looking like a grump! :D

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