Tuesday, June 19, 2007--- ♥6:12 PM
Baby Hazel. =D

My Mom wants me to study English! Not because I don't know how to (obviously!) but because she wants me to have an accent, a "twang." Hehe! :D

Well, at first I didn't want to, but because I have nothing else better to do until school starts in Sept., I decided to give it a try!:D

Tomorrow's gonna be my interview, so they could determine what level I should belong to. The class is gonna be for 2 hours, every weekdays from 2-4pm. Not bad. Atleast I'll get do something productive! :P

Oooh!! Next time you talk to me in tagalog, I'm gonna have Sam Milby's baluktot tagalog accent na! Wahaha!! Feeling!! :D


World, meet my "newest" cousin! :D

Isn't she a beauty? This was taken moments after she came to this world! :D

With the new Mom, my Tita Lizzie! :D

Guys, prepare yourselves! The following might come as a shock! Wehehe! :D Joke lang! :D Pero, here she is, after only ONE MONTH, this is what she looks like now!! :D

Ang tabaaaaaaa!!! :D
Ang kyooot! :D

Ang sarap kagatin, kurutin, pisilin, halikan, kainin!!! Rawr!! :D

Haha, after only 1 month, biglang laki na niya!! Hehe, I really wanna see her!! Ninang ako niyan!! Hehe, isn't she adorable? Laki ng mata!! Eeeekkk!! :D

(P.S. Tingnan nyo yung may hawak sa kanya, si Yaya Shirley ko yan! Hehe. She has been with us since before I was born pa! Alam niyo, she's slightly deaf ang bisaya pero loyal talaga yan, love ko yan eh, yan nagpalaki sakin! Kakamiss nga eh! ♥)

Another one... While taking a bath...

Her name is Glori Heizel. Glori because she was named after my Lola (Gloria), which unfortunately passed away 2 months before she was born. Sad, ei? Heizel, because her parents' names are Hector and Liezl. Nice, noh? :)
♥ ♥ ♥

2. What other names did your parents consider for you?
Oooh, I haven't asked (them) my Mom this yet. As far as I've known, I think they've always seen me as a "Nadine." I don't think there was another name, I'm not sure about this though. Besides, I love my name! I wouldn't want to change it
for any other. Nadine Kristel... :D

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