Saturday, June 2, 2007--- ♥6:35 PM

Sorry for the delayed posts!! My mom has been on leave for work since Wednesday so I didn't have the chance to properly use the computer since she might be checking out what I was writing. Snoopy eh.. Heehee.. :)

Last Wednesday, Mary and Camille (my highschool BFF's.Ü) visited me here in NY! Haha.. :D Actually, Camille and her family went here for vacation since they're gonna be attending Kuya Carl's graduation from West Point! Nice, no?!?

I picked up Mary from the train station and after going at the mall to buy some drinks, we rode the subway to go to Central Park because that was where we would meet Camille. :D


It was actually my first time to go to that part of the Park. When we went there kasi, we just saw the Ice skating rink plus the giant Christmas tree (that's on the other side + it was Christmas season then). I didn't know that the park pala was really biiiiig!!!

It never really occured to me that a lot of movies have had Central Park in some of their settings pala. Like Maid in Manhattan, Spiderman 3 (remember the scene where MJ was breaking up with Peter by the bridge? I saw it, yey!), You've got mail, etc.

Nakakatuwa lang na nakikita ko narin sila pakonti-konti. :D Pero you know what, diba parang sa movies ang ganda ganda nila? Pero pag nandun kana pala, although it's really nice din naman, mukhang ordinary lang din pala. I guess mas gumaganda lang kasi may mga artista?? Haha, ewan! :P

I'm gonna post more pics soon, ok? I only got these from Mary since I didn't bring any camera with me that day! BOOOO!!! :D Hehe, I'm gonna get some more from Camille! :D

This one's my favorite! Ala heroes diba? Hehe. :D

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