Saturday, July 14, 2007--- ♥7:21 PM
Check. Check.

Check out Yahoo's "avatar", hehe, soo cute right?!

Anyways, Mozilla Firefox is the bomb! Nyahaha!! Sorry na, it's better late than never diba?! I've finally switched to MF and said bye bye to IE! :D Yey!

What's not A-OK is HP5!!! Argh!! If I were J.K. Rowling, I would be so disappointed!! Ok, I know it's impossible to fit all the pages of the book into a movie, but, I know they would've done better if they atleast tried! For crying out loud, it's the 5th movie already! Ron & Hermione's being prefects weren't even mentioned!! The portrait of Sirius' mother wasn't even shown! If I hadn't even read the book myself, I knew I would've not understood some parts. The effects were good, but the storyline was, well, oh I dunno! Harry's fight scene with Voldemort was so short!! I think Harry & Cho's kissing scene lasted longer!! Argh!! Sayang, sayang talaga!! I feel bad cause HP5 is such a great book!! Actually, it's one of my fav among the series (and HP6)!! Sayang talaga! They could've done better. 3 stars for you, Order of the Phoenix! :P

I also watched License to Wed! Nice, nice! I missed Mandy Moore! Last time I've seen her in the big screen was "A Walk to Remember - days" pa! Hehe. If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry, this isn't a spoiler. But, just watch for what the guy will do to get Moore back. Soo Sweet! :D

NBC's new show, The Singing Bee, is funny!! Haha!! For those who have seen the pilot episode, would you agree with me if I say that it's gay-ish?!
"It's the finaaal countdown!"
Nyahaha!! I love it!! Soo gay!!!

I can't wait for the Gossip Girl series!! But it's gonna start on fall pa!! I thought it was airing this week already!! Argh!! So annoying, I was expecting to see it already!! Summer, summer, go away!

Hence, the original gossip girl...


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