Monday, July 9, 2007--- ♥1:02 AM
Voxing time.

VOX: What are five things you take for granted? Submitted by meowkitty.

1. My Faith. :( Sad but true! I dunno why but
lately, I've been finding it so difficult to attend Sunday
masses. I think it was almost 2 months already since I last attended the
Holy Eucharist. :( Though sometimes I just visit the Church to pray,
it's still not the same right? I wish to have my faith back.

2. My studies. I TOOK them for granted. Now I'm
suffering the consequences. :( Really, if only I could turn back the
time... I would. But, reality bites I guess. I just have to
deal with it.

3. My Mom. We always have misunderstandings!
I know she only wants whats best for me, but sometimes it's really hard to fully
comprehend what she's trying to teach me because of pride.

4. My Boyfriend. I know I always make him feel bad with my
constant mood swings and lack of enthusiasm at times. I'm sorry for that,
I'm really just not used to this LDR - it's really sooo eFFFFFin'

5. Myself.

Sooo Bored. Wanna watch Transformers! Come with me?

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