Sunday, September 9, 2007--- ♥6:21 PM

I did something dangerous yesterday. A REALLY Stupid thing, infact!

I was planning on sharing it with you guys, complete with pictures pa! Actually, I was already halfway writing the entry but then I got really scared 'cause like if my Mom accidentally reads this post, OMG, I'm soo dead! SERIOUSLY! So, for now, I'm not gonna share anything nalang. It shall remain as my deepest-darkest-most secret-secret. Don't worry though, I'm gonna tell it to you guys if I get busted (which I pray wouldn't happen). Pray for me din, ok? Please please! Because my conscience is really bugging me! Hay! Ruff, ruff!

This is my school ID! I wish it was Wednesday already!! I'm really just giddy about starting school! I have already gotten all my school essentials and have spent a lot of my Mom's money because of clothes ( no more uniforms, finally)! But I still want more! Tomorrow, after I do the laundry, I'm gonna go shopping again!

Yo, I'm planning on doing some retarded entries! They're gonna be entitled, "What's inside your _____. " I'm really excited about this one cause it's gonna be sort of like an interactive activity for all the "readers." ( LOL! if there are any.. I HOPE!! =D )

So watch out for it, ok! But for now, keep those questions coming! Ask me anything! Anything! Anythingggggg!! =D

Love ya!

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