Tuesday, September 4, 2007--- ♥1:04 PM
I'm way too cool for you boy, that's why it'll never work!

Hey hey!!!


Haha, anyways, sorry for that "hiatus" (kuno). I was just really busy with a lot of stuff! New York is really becoming a "home" ( not a "house"..gets? ) for me. From meeting a lot of new people --- to being reunited with close friends from way way wayyyyyyy back (YES, thank you CSA at ikaw ang naging alma mater ko!), I can now honestly say that I'm happy to be here! =D

Yeah, nandyan parin yung feeling of nostalgia everytime I get to chat with some of my friends in the Philippines, (which I doubt would ever go away), but it's not as hard dealing with it as before. So yun nga. Pinahaba ko lang when all I'm really trying to say is, I've moved on! =D

I've really missed blogging! Eventhough mas love ko na ang multiply ngayon, nagca-care parin ako sa blogger. Nyahaha! Weirdo! Basta, I want to update this site! But I want a new look!! Naiingit ako kayla Tricia, Shang, Abbie ( to name a few) kasi bago look nila! Haha, I WANT to change my lay too but with all the stuff that's happening now ( lalo na malapit na magstart ang classes ), I doubt if I could still do that! Pero I will try! Someone help me naman oh! Haha! =D

I'm gonna try working on that this week since this will be the last week before classes start! Actually sa Saturday nga eh may classes nako. So maybe tom, maybe on Thurs, or maybe on Fri.. Bahala na! Oh siguro on thurs nalang since dito lang naman ako sa bahay nun! So there. Ciao for now! =D

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