Tuesday, September 18, 2007--- ♥8:00 PM


12:00-2:00 - At the derma
2:00-2:45 - bought 3 shirts at Old Navy! 3 shirts for $5.oo each! STEALLLLL!!! =D
2:45-3:00 - went home, Chel calls...
3:00-3:15 - get ready to go out again..
3:15-4:00 - travel via subway
4:00-6:30 - meet with Chel at Manhattan Mall
- bought skinny jeans! YEY! My very first 2 pairs of skinnies!! LOVESSS IT!!!=) I got them from Sarah Jessica Parker & Amanda Bynes' clothing line ( which by the way I didn't know they had!). Soo happy! Frustrated at the same time because I used my allowance to buy those. So now, I just have 5 bucks left for baon.
- had merienda/dinner at Cinnabon! Holy!!!! I loveeeeee!!=)
6:30-7:15 - train ride going to Lucille Roberts
7:15-7:30 - got my membership card at Lucille...
7:30-7:45 - ride home...
7:45-........ - HOME SHWEET HOME! (cooks dinner, showers, etc etc etc)
- Tired but Happy. =) Sooper Happy. =)

Went at school. God, thank youuuu!!! Classes weren't suspended anymore. Had only 1 subject! Returned book from the lib. Ate lunch with Pot and Karen. Got my Student's Planner. Hang-out with Pot. Went home. Cleaned the house. Cooked dinner. Typing this. Tired but happy=) Sooo happy!!!=)

Gotta go, Beauty and the Geek's starting already! Heehee. How shallow! Will reply to all your tags tomorrow! =)

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