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Something's Gotta Give

We didn't have classes last Thursday because there was something going on in our school. I went to the gym with Marge. We attended some classes.. I forgot the name of the first one but we used these exercise balls. It was soo fun! That was my first time to use those. The next class was Salsa, which was fun-ner. =P Haha! I love it! We were there for almost 3 hours! Now you know why my muscles were sore! It was because of that.

I'm looking forward to this coming Monday because the classes are gonna be Yoga and Belly Dancing. I bet they're gonna be cool! ♥

So after the gym, I went to Marge's house to get the Psychology book I borrowed from her. It was a good thing that she had the exact book I needed for my Psych class 'coz I didn't wanna spend $120+ for that one book! I'd rather use the money for shopping, no! =D Haha. We ate lunch (Chinese food delivered), watched Norbit-- (funny!), and played with Almira and Ivory (dogs-I don't know their breed, sorry!).

World, meet Ivory! Isn't she a darling! Soooo cute!!
=D I wasn't able to take Almira's pic because I'm scared of her. She didn't wanna come near me AND she kept on barking at me.. She looks just like Ivory though, but she's black.

I wanna have a dog too!! =) I'm gonna get one and name her Tinkerbell. Yes, just like Paris'! Haha. =D

FudgeDarnIt, you know what else happened? I got my period that afternoon! I didn't know that it was my time of the month already so I wasn't ready! When I became "aware" that I had it, it was too late cause blood was all over my undies already (Eeep, sorry, too much info na ba? Hehe) . It was so nice of Marge to lend, I mean give me one of her undies! I said give cause I wouldn't wanna return it to her again! I'll just buy her a new one in exchange. Haha. It was soo embarrassing, really!!!! But well, what could I do? It's not like I could fight Mother Nature, right! So there. Effing period!


Friday was fun! I had 2 classes that day AND a 5-hour break(interval) in between. It was okay though because the break was fun! I ate lunch with Pot and Karen.

BTW, they're my classmates in my first class--MAT:Math Medical Dosage. Our teacher is Indian (I think!). At first I had a hard time understanding what he was saying because he kept on speaking softly AND I wasn't familiar with his accent. But towards the end, I got the hang of it.
The class was okay. My seatmate was really annoying though! Feeling gwapo! He kept on shouting the answers when our prof asked us to compute for something! Geez, some of us weren't even done with our solutions yet! How rude was that! Hello, sige na, matalino ka na!

My second class--Psychology101 was the bomb! And can I just say, my teacher, Mr. Blake Eastman, is da*n HOTTTTT!!!! I looked for his profile in Facebook and I found it! Haha. Stalker much? I didn't add him though, that would be retarded! But, look at him! That pic doesn't do him justice! He's soo much yummier in person! =D He's a great teacher too! But what I really love is he's only 4 years older than I am. Someone asked him how old he was but he didn't wanna say his exact age. He told us he was younger than 25 though so... Pwede naaaaa!!=D Haha! Ayayayay! I love it!! =D

Oh, so going back.. I had lunch with Pot and Karen at our caf. We saw Kim and Nercida there too and they sat with us. FUN! =D After eating we stayed at the "garden", the garden's where students can smoke (it's still inside the school).. No, I'm not a smoker now (Pot is!), we just stayed there because it was too cold inside! Going to the garden turned out to be a great idea afterall because apparently, that's the place where most of our Filipino schoolmates went to. We met some new "potential" friends there. Hehe. Yoko, Adrian, Emil Carlos(the guy I met during orientation), Shimmy and there was another guy--I forgot his name though cause he was the only one who wasn't a Filipino. I saw Chel there too! Chel is my cousin, btw, but she didn't stay that long because she only had a 10-minute break.

The nicest one was Adrian because when Pot and Karen had to go to their next class (I only had them as classmates for 1 subject), he stayed with me. He also went with us when I had to go to the other building for my Psych class. Bait. =)


I'm really loving school right now!!! It keeps my mind (and heart) off USELESS things (AND PEOPLE). I love it, love it, love it! =D

Kisses everywhere!*

P.S. It's the first day of Fall today!=D

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