Monday, September 10, 2007--- ♥4:09 PM

Last Saturday I went at Jamaica to buy rain boots, bags and hoodies with Marge, Kim and Ana. Jamaica is kinda Brooklyn-ish and Bronx-ish. In short, it has sort of like a bad "reputation" because the locals there mostly belong to the black community. (I'm not being a racist. I just described the place so you could imagine what it looked like.) So there. We had lunch at Barrio, a Filipino restaurant. We three Filipinas had Crispy Pata (OMG, YUM!!!!!=P), while Ana (she's Ecuadorian, BTW) wanted to try Sisig because she had fun pronouncing the name. Haha! T'was funny! At first she kept on saying Sea-sick. So cute! Haha!=D

I just realized, we do just about everything with pork no? Haha! Even the blood, OMG which we make into Dinuguan. I remember when I was younger I'd always like Dinuguan, I'd even put it as "soup" for my rice and make fun of my teeth after eating. But when I got older, and learned that it was made from pig's blood pala. Ay, I never ate it again. I guess it's like a psychological thing or something. Haha. Whatever.

Yesterday I was supposed to go with Marge, Kim, Riko and Nercida to shop for more clothes, and eat dinner at Applebee's ( it was Marge & Riko's monthsary!Ü). But my Mom wanted me to come with her at 3rd Ave because they had a street fair there. 3rd Ave is like in Upper Manhattan (correct me if I'm wrong), and it's where the "uptown boys and uptown girls" live -----yes, just like the song! Haha! There were a lot of food! Sooper! I ate the Nutella Crepe! Jeez, it was soooo good!! I missed Nutella!! My cousins & I used to eat it straight from the bottle using our fingers. Back then Nutella still wasn't available in the Phil so my Dad's twin bro who lived in Australia always sent a bottle everytime he wrote to me. =D Aww, now I miss being a kid!

Today, I went at Queens Mall to return something. I wasn't supposed to buy anything because I wanted to start saving already, but, damn me, I couldn't control myself! Ruff, ruff! I ended up paying for the clothes using my credit card 'cause my Mom's card is already nearing it's limit!

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna go at 2nd Ave to check out the shop Karla, my kabarkada from the Phil, told me to visit. I hope I won't get lost! Haha! Just doing some last minute shopping before school starts! Gosh darn it, basta pag damit, I just can't fight the urgeeeee!! =D

OMG!!! 1 more day to go and classroom, here I come!! Eeepppp!!! =D

I love watching VH1 shows especially the series, Fabulous Life Of ____. Imagine, si Ivanka Trump pala doesn't wear her clothes twice! Lucky, much!!! That it the life!

Ako, okay na sakin kahit konti lang pera ko basta araw araw bago damit ko! Swear! O ayan ha, may clue ka na kung anong reregalo mo sakin sa bday ko! Haha! Joke lang!

Okay, bye for now!=D

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