Sunday, September 16, 2007--- ♥9:20 PM
You are the music in me. Nananana.


My Mom just told me that she's gonna be going to California during the first week of October to attend her high school reunion. She's gonna be gone for more or less 5 days, I think! =) I'm just sooo excited! Freedom!!! 5 days!! All alone!! PARTY!!! Wohoooooo!!! =)

I'm gonna go to the derma tomorrow! The right part of my chin is full of pimples already, it's not funny anymore! I wanted to take a pic of it to show to you guys, but when I saw it (the pic), nandiri ako! Actually there are only 5 "spots" pero ang lalaki nila! Enormous! Gigantic! Eew! What I don't understand is, bakit sa right side lang? Bakit hindi yung buong chin? Not that I want it to be but nagtataka lang ako. Hmp!

FYI: I'm gonna be having my first class this tuesday! Ayan na naman ako, excited! Sana naman hindi na ma-cancel!

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Guys, if you have naman mga kamag anak dito sa NY (pref in Queens, Brooklyn and in the Manhattan area) which are looking for baby-sitters, refer them to me naman! Please! I so want to have a part time job! I wanna have money already! Please! =) Check out my "badge" at and

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