Wednesday, October 3, 2007--- ♥10:49 AM
Best service in town!

It's my party, I can cry if I want to.
Well what'ya know, it's October already!=)
And we all know what that means..

We have to wake up the guy who sang, "Wake me up when September ends" already.. LOL!?! =) Kidding, kidding!!
Not funny??
BOO YOU!!!=)

Haha, well, kidding aside.. It's October already!! In 7 days, I'll be turning 21! Yes, 21!! The LEGAL Age!=)
Hello, drugs!
Hello, booze!
Hello, Hooters!=)


So for all the kind souls out there: Money-orders, Post-dated checks, Zara hoodies, Sidekick4's, Macbook Pro's, Domino's Oreo Pizza, Tokidoki wallets and a Roundtrip ticket (to the Philippines and back) are now being accepted by who else??? ME!
Please? =)
And I wasn't kidding there! =)

Birthday Shoutout:
To one of my very first Pinay friend here in Nueva York, GINA... este, KAREN pala. Nyahaha! (I kid again!LOL)
Happy Birthday, sweets! =) Thanks for the Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare and Kaldereta! Mas masarap talaga kumain pag libre habang nanonood ng TFC no? Haha!=)

Cheers to us!
And to all October babies out there, hugs and kisses to you too! =)
Libra love! =)

Mamma Mia, here I go again!
Last Friday, we celebrated Tito Nilo's birthday! We ate at Bubba Gump (OMG! I LOVE YOU, SHRIMPS!!!) and watched the Mamma Mia Musical.

Here's NY in all it's lights and glory! Sorry my cam ran out of batt so that was all I could record!

This naman was the glass I got from Bubba! It's so cool kasi it has lights under it! I just wish the battery doesn't die out on me cause I'm still enjoying myself while drinking on it! Kahit na masakit na sa mata dahil sa lakas ng ilaw, sige parin! Haha! I swear, I'm such a kid at heart! =)

The other one is the Playbill from the Musical. Why Mamma Mia? It's because all the songs in the play were from Abba.

Can you believe that after 4 days, I'm still on an Abba high? Haha! I still can't get over their songs! I am inlove with it! I sing them everywhere! In the showers, in the kitchen, while taking a poop.. Haha.. Joke lang! Hell, I'm even humming Chiquitita now while typing this!

Parang Hairspray lang eh! I remember having LSS's to You Can't Stop the Beat and Good Morning Baltimore! =)

Oh how I love HAPPY Musicals! =) (Cause I hate the "serious" ones like Miss Saigon and The Fiddler on the Roof--- I swear, when my Mom and I watched those, 10 minutes into the scenes and I was snoring already! Haha. Joke, exag naman yung snoring.. snoozing lang. =)

A View From the Top.
What in the world is happening here? A while ago, while I was looking outside the window, I saw this..
Haha! What are those men in uniforms doing riding horses? Shouldn't they roam around the city using their patrol cars? Weird much! =)

And so I took a pic of this too..
Our window view. The 7th train. The station kasi is like 2 streets away from our apartment. You can just imagine the noise the subway makes especially during the evenings when everything is quiet already. Nung bago palang ako dito, hindi ako makatulog dahil sa ingay na yun, but now, nasanay narin. =) Besides, it's not that bad din naman... when we close the windows, you can barely here it narin. =) I guess hindi lang ako sanay noon kaya ganun.

Gotta go..
Still need to "Study, Study, Study" (and yes, I'm quoting my DLSU-HSC Dean there)! =)

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