Sunday, October 21, 2007--- ♥3:57 PM
It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose.


This is just gonna be soo very "short-version(ed)" 'cause I'm afraid that if I go into details, I'd fill up my whole blog page. Teehee. =)

Random, just the way I like it.

This is just the best week, Ever!

Love, Foot-injury, Sweet, Bitter, Hate, Betrayal, Lies, Drama, Bitching, Fashion, Beauty, Hot, Drugs, Party and Indians all rolled into one.
You think you know, but you have no idea. =)

The start of the week rocked, you know!
A surprise call from the Philippines --now an EXperson (you'll get to know why in a bit), AND a visit from a friend --Pot, really made my day. Pot and I ate Domino's (delivered, yo!) and from this point on, Mondays are now our "Phone Day!" =D

***See, I wasn't feeling very well that day (actually, I wasn't feeling so good the week before
pa!), because I sprained my right foot and I couldn't walk like a normal person. Haha! Oh you should have seen my walk. It looked weird, very weird! I looked like an old person. But I'm okay now and thank God I can walk like a normal person again --even without the ankle brace. =D

My sad foot.

Was a bit boring. I was still stuck at home. Bedridden. Just ate Ben and Jerry's YUMMY Half-Baked Ice Cream. ♥

What sucked though was some beeyotch person sent me PM's. I hate her! I hate her so so so much.
(I wanna put a picture of a screencap of her messages here, but then I opted not to 'cause I don't wanna spill everything out naman. This is still being viewed by the public, so wag nalang. It's too personal and it would be better if it would be left betwe
en me and her, AND the other person involed nalang.)


Drama was more juicy than an episode of Gossip Girl. I found out THINGS that I wasn't supposed to know. Things which were kept hidden from me.


That's what you call a, "HULI KA BALBON!" moment. Swear! Thanks to that stranger! Whoever you are, you just did the right thing.
Soo disappointing, soo frustrating.
No details nalang.


Highlight of the day were the calls!! Arg! OhmyOhmy!! The effin' non-stop calls from the EXPerson. Tsktsk. (Dude, I don't need your explanations anymore 'yknow!)

My FSM classes were canceled so I just ate lunch with Pot.--
Chika chika.
Subway tripping.
Library fun.

Dinner with Mom and Tita Aggie at Ihawan --Filipino resto.

Summary= Hate. Fun. Yum. Sleep.

Look what I got!! Chic Lit/Fashion books! I LOVEEEE!!

Was quick! Our MAT classes were cut-short because right after the test, we were dismissed immediately. (45 minute speed test, yo! I hope I do well though! Haha!)
Pot and Karen stayed here.
Ate lunch.

Sleep. (Sinong natulog, Mommy??Ü)
Fun Fun! ♥ ♥ I really love my girls!

Psychology was weird. I think some of my classmates are users. Yes, drug users. All they talk about are Shrooms, Poppy-Seeds, MJ's, Coc, Heroine, Crack, and the list goes on and on.. I don't get them. I don't even know some of those! What th
e hell are Poppy-Seeds? Can someone please teach them to me? Just for experience? =D
No, just kidding!

***OMG! I heard about the Glorietta bombing!!
Why oh why?

Of all places naman, bakit G4 pa!!
a is like my second home-- okay no, make that 3rd home because my 2nd home is CSA. But still.... I love G4! I have a lot of memories there! HMPH!!! Damn those people who did it! May your souls rot in hell.
Let's just pray for those who died. Tsktsk. It's just so disappointing that innocent lives were wasted again. Hayayayay.

Indian Party VS Perlas' Gig with Pot.

I was supposed to go to Perlas ng Silanganan because some of Pots' friends had a gig. We were supposed to meet up at 9:30pm cause I thought the Indian party of my Mom's officemate had ended by that time. I was wrong pala. A typical Indian party lasts till midnight pala! With all their Punjabi dancing and 3-course meal eating.
My stomach got really upset after eating all of the spicy food! Goodness!
It was fun though! New experience atleast!
Bailey's overflow! YUM!
Cell # getting person! LOL! =)
Funfun! =D

I missed my Indian friend from back home tuloy! HI VINAY!!! (If ever you get to read this, I remembered you when I was with your kababayans! Haha!)


Is PinoyBigBrother Celebrity Edition2 Addiction Day!

"I can't believe this! I knew it! I'm gonna die!"
"I don't have clothes eh!"
"I'm seriously having a nervous breakdown.."
"Praning, much!"

Mariel is so kikay, so OA, so arte! I love her!! She's so cute!! Only she can act that way and get away with it looking cute. I love her!! I love her talaga!!!

Mariel, let's be best friends! Let's shop together and exchange clothes and keep saying, "Kamusta naman yun!" all the time! It wouldn't hurt too if you introduce me to
Zanjoe!! Haha! =D

Ay, I LOVE IT!!! =D

(P.S. The Riza girl is hot no? Diba, diba? I think I like her too!
Riza, you'll be my sidekick ok! Haha!)

Okay enough of that blonde moment! After PBB, I started watching KevJumba's videos naman. He's a funny, funny guy! And I love that he's Asian! Yey! Hooray to our race! =D

Last One:
I'm gonna be answering the questions right after I post this so you better ask me new ones ok, ok, ok??? =D
Click THIS after, hmm, about 15 minutes? I guess I'll be done by then. =)

Okay, randomness ends here!
I have to-- NEED to study already!
Buh-bye! ♥

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