Friday, October 5, 2007--- ♥1:30 PM

Hey you! I'm in school right now!
My schedule every Friday reallllly sucks!! And I mean, REALLY!!

A 5-hour interval in between classes = !%@(#)_&^!$_^!# !!!!!!!!

Oh well.. Guess I'm just gonna study for my Psych quiz. It's a good thing my prof there is Mr. Yummy! Atleast may motivation and inspiration para hindi tamarin sa pagpasok sa klase niya!

P.S. Click this!
I have answered the questions already! Actually kagabi pa! Bago din lay nyan!
Pero hoy, ano yun? Bakit 4 lang?! Dagdagan niyo! More questions=LOVE!
I love you! =)

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