Thursday, October 18, 2007--- ♥8:56 PM

If you were made to choose, which would you rather pick?
Which would you prefer?

A. Finding out something which you know would greatly upset you.
B. Not knowing about that thing and end up looking like a total piece of shit fool?

Well, I don't know about you but I'd rather get the B.

"Same on you if you fool me once, but shame on me if you fool me twice."
Tsk tsk.
"Wala talagang lihim na hindi mabubunyag."


Don't you just love 'em, cheerleaders?
I DO!!!

When we were Juniors.
(We won Best Cheerleaders, right?)
(Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Seniors Hu-Ha-Ha!
(We won again, right?)
(Again, correct me if I'm wrong!)

I miss cheering!
I miss CSA!
I miss our batch!
I miss practicing after school hours and going to G4 after!
I miss winning the Best Band Award! Kastigo, yo! =D
I miss the choreography!
I miss the special effects!
I miss the squad!
I miss the make-up!
I miss the high school drama!
I miss 4J-Cool! SOBRAAAA!! ♥ ♥ ♥
I miss Bedo's! BABIESSSSSSS!!! =)
I miss Highschool to the ENTH Level! Exag!

Hayayay! I miss everything teenager-yyy!

Gotta go, still have an exam tom! Will study, yo! =)
Chika laterrrrr!! =D

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