Tuesday, November 20, 2007--- ♥8:47 PM
And I hate how much I love you boy, I can't stand how much I need you.

Last weekend I was in Atlantic City for 3 days/2 nights.
It was sooo much fun! =D
It was my first time there.. Actually, I've experienced a lot of "firsts" there. First time staying at a Suite AT the Trump Plaza,
First time entering, playing AND winning in casino
and like I said, first time seeing Atlantic City.

I was just disappointed that I wasn't able to take a lot of photos 'cause my batt died out on me! =( Arg!!! But it's okay 'cause I was able to take lots of videos naman.

So, here they are...

Outfit of the Day. From H&M! Heehee. ♥
Fall is the season for tights, warmers and boots! I love it! =D

Now with the TrenchCoat. =D

On the way to Atlantic (Friday night)--
me and Pot at the bus. =D

Where we stayed. =D
Trump Plaza, yo! =P

Our room!
The suite is actually really big-- and I mean, REALLY!
It has 2 bathrooms, a living room, and 1 KingKingKing sized bed (Lol, it's not just King-sized 'cause it's soo big! Haha).
Our room also has a very nice view of the beach (Atlantic Ocean) which I'll show you later. =D

At the 2nd bathroom. Soo Posh! =P
♥ Mi luvs eet!!!! =D

Ooh, take a look at my socks.. Heehee. Hello Kitty love! =D

Here's our window view of the beach.
We weren't able to swim too 'cause the water is freezing!
Pot told me that during the Summer, you can barely see the sand because of all the people.
But as you can see now, there are no people-- 'cause of the cold.
Too bad. =(

Okay, this was also the night we won the $240!! Heehee. But since picture taking weren't allowed inside the casino, we weren't able to take a photo of our lucky Slot Machine! =(

Pot and I split the moolah.. 100 bucks for her and the 140 for me. =P
And then we used it for shopping at the outlet stores! Woohoo!! =P

Strolling at Boardwalk...

I forgot the name of this building, but it was part of the Bally Hotel.

Sights!! Sorry for my voice!! =P

Me being weird! Sorry!!! =P

Resorts and Taj Mahal! =D

Once again, our hotel. Sorry I was crossing the street that time so the camera was dangling in my hand. Haha! =P

And lastly,

Our elevator A.K.A. "Roller Coaster" ride.
There were guys with us inside and one said, "Wanna take my picture?" at the beginning of the video. Haha! Can you here it? Then after I said, "No.", he said, "Why? Am I a loser?", or something to that effect. Listen closely, you can here it! =D

After shopping ( maybe one of these days I'll show you the things we bought with the money ), we played once again at the casino-- but sadly, we lost our 5-dollar bet! Haha! =(

After that we just stayed at our room, ate Sbarro's pizza and salad AND drank Bailey's Caramel while watching Enough, Titanic ( feel na feel namin yung Atlantic setting nung movie!! Haha! ) and A Walk to Remember.

This was our last night. =)


We ate Funnel Cakes (UBER YUMMY!!!!) with hotdogs along the boardwalk and shopped a little more. Then we took the 3:30 bus going back home, and arrived at NY at about 7pm. Tired but happy=)

Some more pics...

Heaven, grabe!!!
Chocolates and Cheese's are my most favorite things in the world! Haha! =P

Before leaving the hotel. Aww, bye! =(

BEAR!!! ♥

Home Sweet home. =)

Pot has more pics in her camera. I'll share some more when she uploads them already, ok? =)

Ooh, this Thursday is gonna be my first Thanksgiving! I'm really looking forward to it! Yey, turkey! =D Haha!!

Bye guys! =D

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