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Did you know that once you go black, you never go back? =P

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(According to my planner!)

This week rocked my socks!
ROCKED, I tell you! =P


Watched Saw 4 with.. Hmm.. Let's just call Him/Her/It, "Friend". =P
So yeah, Friend and I watched Saw 4 here --at home. It sucked my socks--the movie! =P
Sucked, I tell you! Haha!! Loser!! Lamest among all the other Saw movies! =( Sayang, one of my faves pa naman yun! =(

Anyways, I had fun getting to know the Friend. =)


I went with Pot at Aphollo.. I met "the brother". Inside joke, okay? Sorry if you can't get it. Basta, I had fun! I always have fun naman whenever I'm with Pot eh! Wushuuuu!! Haha!!=D


Hands down --Best Halloween, Ever!!!

When I was still in the Philippines, we would always "celebrate" the Halloween season by going to the cemetery to visit my Dad. Although yeah, it was fun sleeping there with all the other people visiting their loved ones... and yeah, it was also fun playing hide&seek and exchanging ghost stories with my cousins --Still, I wanted to experience wearing scary costumes and knocking on peoples' doors to ask for treats.

So basically this was my first time to experience such. No, I didn't wear any costumes.. and no, I didn't go "trick or treating" (maybe next year-- No. --Definitely next year!) but I still got to see how things were really like during Halloween. Heehee. And THAT made my year! Seriously! =) It was soo much fun seeing all those little cute kids! I love it! =)

So anyways, we welcomed November 1st at Baryo --Pot had a "surprise" birthday party. FUNFUN! =D Pictures to follow --if I get them from Mark. Here's what happened--

Basement Party, yo!
Dirty/Pole dancing, yo!
Lost IPod, yo!
Kayumanggi Band gig, yo!
Free Smirnoff drinks, yo!
Newfound friends, yo!
Tipsy, yo!
I love it, yo! =D


Pot's Birthday. =)
Friend called. =)
Bus adventure. =)


Cutting classes=MAT subject! =)
Friend SMS-ed. =)
Lunch at Alma's place while watching My Kuya's Wedding --WORST MOVIE, EVER!!! Haha!! =) Laughtrip =)
Gossip =)
Girltalks =)
Sir Blake♥ =)


Migs' surprise phone call! I love you, Migs!!! College friends really are treasures! =) I love them all. Okay, maybe not all. I love them all --except one. =) Figure the odd man out. =P

Pot's post-birhtday party. Costume daw eh, so I went as... Who else...

...Paris. Nyahaha!! I love! ♥
Margarita and Vodka Vanilla overflow. =)
Magic Sing. =)
Train ride with Mila and Yoko. =)


(I've always waited for this and I witnessed it using my cellphone's clock-- 'Stig!)
Who says we can't turn back time?
Yeah we can!
In fact it happens once a year, yo! Daylight Savings Time, I love you!! One more extra hour of sleep!!

I was feeling sad this day though 'coz I watched A Love Story --and it brought back feelings of, mmm, nevermind. =P


KAREN!! Kung nababasa mo to, bigay mo sakin Y!M mo para matulungan kita sa blog mo!! Ha? Ha? Ha?!! Haha!! I missed youuuuuu!!! Where were you????!!! =P

u know you love me, XO XO --Gossip Girl. ♥

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