Friday, November 30, 2007--- ♥6:24 PM
Don’t matter if I step on the scene, or sneak away to the Philippines.

Hi! =D
My other blog has a new layy!!
And a new URL: theegossipgirl.
Click HERE to view it!

Oh, oh! And hello? Are you forgetting something? Where are thy questions? Haha!!
Ask me something! ( Go to the left side of this page, see the blank box? Type in anything there, and poof.. Make me happy! =P )

I've been here for almost ten months now... and guess what?
I've gained myself some good 'ol 10 pounds too! Pootekkkk!! 1 pound per month!!

I blame You, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!
Why do you have to be sooo heavenly?!? =(

Here's a lil' something I got from my friend, Andrea.
Feel free to answer them too, if you want! ♥

Something I love right now: My newly purchased make-up.
Just 'cause it's new! Haha!=D

Favorite line from a movie:
"She had me at my worst, you had me at my best.. Yet you chose to break my heart."-- John Lloyd "Popoy" Cruz, One More Chance.
Just 'cause it's the most recent one I've seen. Heehee! =D

Style icon: Gossip Girl, Blaire Waldorf.
Just 'cause she's my idol right now. Haha! =P

Closet staple: You can never go wrong with a pair of perfect jeans.
Just 'cause I bought myself a new pair of Skinnies. Haha! =)

Favorite clothing store: H&M, for the win! =)
Just 'cause you can buy something from that store even if you only have 5 bucks in your wallet.

Favorite footwear: Ballet flats and boots. ♥
Just 'cause you can use them in any season.

Describe your own style: I don't have my own style! I'm pathetic! =P
Just 'cause I enjoy copying celebrities! =P

Best beauty buy:
Pink Blush!!!
Just 'cause I never leave home without one. =P

Major fashion booboos: Hmm.. Visible Panty.. and they're not just lines!!! *babybarfs!
Just 'cause it's skanky.

One weird thing about me is...
Whenever I hear something loud, my eyes open and close... non-stop.
Just 'cause I have sensitive eardrums! Heehee. =P

I'm passionate about...
My current aspiration. =)
Just 'cause I wanna be Nadine Kristel C. Arraiza, RN.

My best trait: I smile a lot. =D
Just 'cause I'm at peace with myself now.

I strongly believe that... "With great power, comes great responsibilites." ♥
Just 'cause I love Spiderman. =)

At the end of a really bad day, I...
pray all my worries away. =)
Just 'cause He always listens. =)

I want to be remembered as... The girl who cried wolf. =P
Just 'cause I have no idea on what to answer that question! =P

My favorite line from a song is... "Something in your voice, makes my heart beat fast, hope this feeling lasts.. for the rest of my life."-- Chantal Kreviazuk's, Feels like Home.
Just 'cause it's my most fave song of all time! ♥

What is love? Love is finding the perfections amidst the imperfections.
Just 'cause I'm perfect. LOL! Kidding! =P

The first time I liked a guy, I thought...
He was the one I was gonna marry.
Just 'cause I was dumb back then! Haha! =P

But then I learned... That not all men are "husband material." Especially the most recent. Haha! Tssssss!!! =P
Just 'cause I'm bitter. LOL!! =P Feeling, much?

I would never... ever, ever wear real animal skin. =(
Just 'cause Roberto Cavalli's prints look almost real. Heehee! =P

I can never resist a guy who...
is a comedian. That's why I'll say yes to Adam Sandler just LIKETHAT.
Just 'cause I love jokes and punchlines. =)

I wish I knew in elementary that... it's not embarrassing to wear a bra in fifth grade.
Just 'cause boys back then were stupid. Haha! =P

I hate boys who... are CHEATERS!!! MAMATAY NA KAYOOOO!!!
Just 'cause! Grr!! =P

I hate girls who...
Hmm, I don't hate my sisters! I love all of them! Haha! =D
Just 'cause I'm a girl. =)

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