Thursday, November 29, 2007--- ♥12:41 PM
I feel like a hero and you are my heroine. Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

Do you know what I did yesterday?

We got this for $4!
I also got a Cherry-Vanilla lipbalm from Bath and Bodyworks for only 75cents, but I'll just show you the picture some other time. =)

Our school had a mini bazaar. While we were looking around, Pot and I were drawn to this stall that sells cosmetics and perfumes for really cheap prices. Almost all their stuff were branded! I wanted to buy a lot! Makeup removers, bronzers, moisturizers and even an aftershave to give to my friend but I didn't have enough moolah!! Arg arg!! Haha!! =D

I don't know if what I bought was (branded) though... Or even if it had a "name"
because this was my first time to see that brand (Princessa), but I really liked it because it has everything I needed! Plus it came in a cute container so I guess it's fine with me, "named" or not!

*I checked it while doing this (over the internet, ofcourse!), and saw that the one I purchased originally costs $28 something. So it must be somewhat good, right? Ayy, whatever! Haha!

Nadine, Smirnoff, Alfred, Jose Cuervo and Pot.

Last night, Alfred and Alex had their "despedida"-- they were going back to Virginia. The invite came in such short notice... As in 30minutes-before-they-came-to-get-us short!!!! Haha!! It's a good thing my Mom allowed me to go, being that it was a school night.

I promised to not make kwento about the things that happened last night 'cause someone might use my blog as evidence because we think someone's spying on someone. Haha. Promise! Sorry, inside joke! =D

Lookie, lookie!!

Pirates of the Caribbean inspired M&M's! Aren't they cute? What's "cute-er" is that if you could only see them closely, you'll find out that some of the pieces, instead of them having the little M&M logos, they have little pictures of skulls, ships, treasures and binoculars instead. Cool, eh? =D

It's also the first time I saw an M&M that was in white chocolate so I immediately bought it! Haha! =D The white choco kinda tastes like Kitkat white. So yeah, it's good, but it's toooo sweet!


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